Light-Sport, Light Kit Aircraft and Ultralights at Sun ‘n Fun 2017

The big show at Lakeland, Florida is open and happening. Today (Tuesday April 4th) is opening day; the event runs through Sunday, April 9th. Along with┬áVideoman Dave, we’ve already starting making the rounds and we’ve found plenty to see.
As you see in the photos, Evolution Trikes made a dramatic announcement of a new weight shift trike model called Revolt. In communications, they’ve spelled it RevoLT, which you could interpret to mean Revo (their super deluxe model) Light. Yet it’s probably more correct to call it a different Revo without the fancy pants but with some cool new features.
Among them, Revolt has giant tundra tires not often seen on trikes. Paired with that long shock absorber legs worthy of a SuperSTOL or Outback Shock. Like their lower priced single seater, Rev, Revolt does away with the forward strut, sometimes called a compression strut, which leaves both occupants but particularly the front occupant or solo pilot with an enormous unobstructed view.