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Aeropilot USA

Web Site:
Address: 3915 W. Commonwealth Avenue
City: Fullerton, CA 92833 USA
Phone: (949) 283-9041

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Legend 600    Add to favorites list
  SPLOG Sebring...Aeropilot Debuts L600 to American Market, 01/27/2017
SPLOG begins: News from Sebring Expo 2017 ... "Looks like a Cessna 182 Skylane." I heard that comment from several others and I thought it myself. The only difference is that I got that impression when I first saw this aircraft in Europe a few years ago where those
  SPLOG Aeropilot Legend 600 Is Newest Special LSA (#143), 12/30/2016
SPLOG begins: Doesn't the newest SLSA resemble an aircraft you know? Can you place it? Welcome Aeropilot Legend 600 imported by U.S. representative Aeropilot USA , which received a Special LSA Airworthiness Certificate from FAA on September 21st, 2016. After a bit


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