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The New Kolb Aircraft

Web Site:
Address: 8375 Russell Dyche Highway
City: London, KY 40741 USA
Phone: (606) 862-9692
Fax: (606) 862-9622

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Flyer SS    Add to favorites list
  SPLOG Coming Together Globally; Kolb's Flyer SS, 09/22/2008
SPLOG begins: A Canadian design -- the Pelican 700 -- was reengineered into a SLSA by an American company -- New Kolb Aircraft -- and is being manufactured by a Brazilian company -- Flyer Industria Aeronautica. Such international collaboration is becoming common. ***
Mark III Xtra    Add to favorites list
  $8.95 Kolb Mark III Xtra
"Refined Kolb Mark III Xtra" by Dan Johnson. Published in Light Sport and Ultralight Flying, March, 2004.
Pilot Report begins: "Xtra" ­- a word to make a computer spell-checker stumble - is an appropriate name for this month's pilot's report, The New Kolb Aircraft Company Mark III Xtra side-by-side 2-seater. It literally offers extra in several ways pilots will like. The venerable Mark III has been through a series of changes since original company founder Homer Kolb first brought out a 2-seater called the TwinStar. The latest change does a lot to alter the appearance of the older design. Kolb designs have narrow noses
Sport 600    Add to favorites list
  $4.95 Kolb Sport 600
"A Civilized Kolb Sport 600" by Dan Johnson. Published in Experimenter Magazine, August, 2003.
Pilot Report begins: My first thought when I exited the Kolb Sport 600 after flying it was, "This is a very civilized aircraft." Is that typical of what we can expect when light-sport aircraft (LSA) become the law of the land? I sure hope so|though I also hope Part 103 ultralights and kit aircraft continue to enjoy a solid share of the overall market. With its sleek composite exterior, all-metal wing, custom interior, international (Canadian) design heritage, and cross-country performance, the Sport 600 from New Kolb
FireStar    Add to favorites list
  $8.95 Kolb FireStar
"New Kolb's FireStar, Flyer and Sport 600" by Dan Johnson. Published in Light Sport and Ultralight Flying, August, 2002.
Pilot Report begins: Once Kolb’s FireStar was a new design; a second-generation evolution for the company then headquartered in Pennsylvania. The first Kolb single-seaters were later joined by the TwinStar, the company’s original 2-seater, all of which preceded the FireStar series. Under the direction of Homer Kolb and Dennis Souder, the original Kolb Company followed their success with the FireStar by creating the Mark III 2-seater, FireFly single-seater, and SlingShot tandem 2-seater. They also worked on
FireStar II    Add to favorites list
Slingshot    Add to favorites list
  R Slingshot
"Kolb Aircraft — Slingshot" by Dan Johnson.
Mini Report begins: Hot, hot!, HOT! Those three words sum up the impressive new machine from the fertile mind of Kolb Aircraft president, Dennis Souder. What happens when you blend all of a company’s planes together? If the company is Kolb, you get the Slingshot. Start with the most obvious and note the short span. Borrowed from their Firefly, 22 feet shows up clearly. Form the wings around the streamlined FireStar cockpit. Add the beefy structure of the two-seat Mk III and you lack only one thing. Slap on a 582 engine
FireStar I    Add to favorites list
FireFly    Add to favorites list
  R Firefly
"Kolb Aircraft — FireFly" by Dan Johnson.
Mini Report begins: Kolb aircraft surprised the ultralight community by debuting in their FireFly in the spring of ‘95. The newest Kolb is also the lightest. It shares the familiar lines of the company’s popular planes, but represents quite a departure as well. The FireFly was carefully crafted to fit the definition of FAR Part 103, yet still provide an ultralight that many aviator’s want. Few manufacturers offer of fixed wing ultralight that can fit Part 103 and used the powerful 40-hp Rotax 447. With the larger, smoother-running
Kolb Tug    Add to favorites list
  Kolb Tug
"Kolb Aircraft’s upcoming air tug" by Dan Johnson.
Other - MUST be free begins: Keep an eye out for the Kolb Aircraft’s upcoming air tug. Do ultralights need a “reason” to fly? Or are they, as many enthusiasts feel, “just for fun?” The answer is perhaps most often the latter, but among ultralights, a few are given a real purpose. Industry mainstay Kolb Aircraft offers a broad line of very popular ultralights that are flown in most states by thousands of pilots. The for-fun argument applies to most Kolb models (except those used as trainers) but a new one is coming that is all
Mark III    Add to favorites list
  $4.95 Mark III
"Kolb Mk III" by Dan Johnson.
Pilot Report begins: In 1980, market leader Quicksilver sold complete ultralights for $3,495, including engine. Twenty years later, ultralight engines alone can cost three times as much. Is that progress? Actually, it is. For around $10,000 you get four-stroke power and 80 horses for reliability and performance. With that kind of configuration, general aviation pilots who are accustomed to reliable powerplants may want to consider an ultralight. This issue’s test plane, a Kolb Mk III with Rotax 912, does not make the
  R Mark III
"Kolb Aircraft — Mark III" by Dan Johnson. Published in Fly and Glide Magazine, June, 1995.
Mini Report begins: A powerhouse of the industry, Kolb continues to move upward in the chart of market share in the USA. Over several Ultralight Flying! surveys, Kolb has steadily increased its piece of the ultralight aviation pie and now holds second place with an 11.3 percent share. More than one in every nine ultralights in America are Kolb designs! Kolb is a popular choice of ultralight pilots for several good reasons. The company is one of the older companies earning the trust of buyers. Company employees are experienced
Kolbra    Add to favorites list
  $8.95 Kolb Kolbra
"New Kolbra ULT" by Dan Johnson. Published in Light Sport and Ultralight Flying, November, 2000.
Pilot Report begins: For ultralight enthusiasts, the focus of this pilot report is on the Kolbra model that I flew in late summer 2000, fitted with the 66-hp Rotax 582. A King Kolbra version is also available, but because it is equipped with the 80-hp 4-stroke, 4-cylinder Jabiru engine, it cannot make FAR Part 103 trainer exemption weight limits. The two new Kolbra offerings give The New Kolb Aircraft Company a better footing in the 2-seat market. Until now, of the five models New Kolb offered for sale, the Mark III
  Sidebar King and Kolbra, 11/01/2000
Sidebar begins: The King and Kolbra The New Kolb Aircraft Company didn't make a new model. They made two. But don't judge by the photos accompanying this sidebar. The red Kolbra was built by Lite Speed Aviation, a group based only an hour away from The New Kolb Aircraft
Mk III + 912    Add to favorites list
  R Mark III 912
"New Kolb Aircraft — Mk III + 912 Engine" by Dan Johnson.
Mini Report begins: The New Aircraft Kolb Company gets the new name for a good reason: it has new owners, Bruce Chesnut and Brian Blackwood. These successful businessmen from Kentucky bought the company that produced the ultralights they've flown for years. Under its third owner, Kolb appears well poised to remain the prolific supplier it has long been. Following Homer Kolb and Dennis Sounder, Chesnut and Blackwood have a hard act to follow, but they seem well suited to the task. After acquiring the prestigious name,
  $8.95 Kolb Mk III
"New Kolb Aircraft" by Dan Johnson. Published in Light Sport and Ultralight Flying, June, 1999.
Pilot Report begins: Sometimes I'm amazed that we've now got ultralight pilots buying engines that cost more than $10,000. Twenty years ago, Eipper Formance (Quicksilver) sold complete ultralights that cost $3,499. Even in the '90s, many complete ultralights - engine and all - cost less than the price of a Rotax 912 4-stroke engine on its own. One that meets that description is Kolb Aircraft's Mark III with a 50-hp Rotax 503 dual carb 2-cycle engine. Nonetheless, the 81-hp Rotax 912 has invaded the realm of what is loosely


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