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Silvaire LSA-8 from Luscombe    Add to favorites list
  $4.95 Luscombe LSA-8 (08/08)
"New Old Planes -- Luscombe & Champ " by Dan Johnson. Published in EAA Sport Pilot & Light Sport Aircraft Magazine, August, 2008.
Pilot Report begins: Luscombes and Champs with a New Lease on Life Pilots of the world, meet American know-how building American airframes powered by American powerplants. This month, we offer not one but two such airplanes, the Luscombe Silvaire LSA-8, and the American Champion Aircraft Champ. These flying machines offer not only homeland availability but homeland pricing as well. Neither is subject to constant price increases from a soaring euro, and when Europe finalizes acceptance of ASTM standards (see "Europe,
  Sidebar True American Champ, 08/01/2008
Sidebar begins: Are you uncertain about the certification used for LSA? Do you find imported S-LSA too expensive? Are you struggling to accept an engine such as Rotax, with its liquid cooling, 5500 max rpm range, and gear-driven prop? If you ask yourself these questions,
  SPLOG Silvery LSA-8 Has a Great Tradition, Now Built New, 06/05/2008
SPLOG begins: Clyde Cessna. William Piper. Walter Beech. Al Mooney. William Boeing. You knew all that. But do you recall the name Donald Luscombe ? You probably should. The Luscombe Aircraft Company built some 8,000 aircraft, 6,000 of them the Silvaire model alone.
  SPLOG Luscombe Silvaire is Newest "Oldie" to Go SLSA, 11/07/2006
SPLOG begins: Luscombe Silvaire Airplane Company recently announced winning SLSA approval for their Silvaire LSA-8 entry in the Sport Pilot sweepstakes. Silvaire is model 43 to earn its Special LSA airworthiness certificate. Luscombe Silvaire set the base price at


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