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How to use the search feature

This web site is extensively indexed and cross-referenced, which makes all of the information available to you through a simple search.

There are three types of searches that you can initiate:

Full-text - Searches the entire site for your exact word or phrase.

Aircraft - Searches our Aircraft database and displays all available articles, videos and Pilot Reports for the aircraft you queried.

Company - Searches our Company database and displays Company contact information along with all the articles, videos and Pilot Reports related to that Company's aircraft or products.

Aircraft and Company searches are case-insensitive, and do not honor "and" and "or". Enter just the part of the name you know. Mark I will find the Fk9 B Mark IV, the Mark III and the Mark III Xtra.

Chose your search engine wisely.

If you're looking for a specific aircraft, use the Aircraft Search function. If you like a certain Company, use the Company search engine. If you're looking for something more specific, use the Full Text search engine.

Full-Text Search Tips

Type in one or more descriptive words to search For the best results, choose keywords that will best narrow your search. Try these tips:

cAsE maTTers.

To perform a case-sensitive Full-text search, include the upper case characters in the search term, for example, Fuel tank (2 hits). To perform a case-insensitive Full-text search, use all lower case characters in the search term, for example, fuel tank (~100 hits)

Search for specifics.

For example, air creation trike will return better results than three wheeled ultralight.

Use Quotations (" ")

Link words into exact phrases to filter your search results. For example, "australian trikes" will only return results with this exact phrase. This is a great way to limit your search.


Using an asterisk for 0 to many characters or a question mark for exactly one character is allowed. For example, skyleader, *yleader and ???leader all find the articles referencing the Skyleader.

Use 'Or' in your search

Typing 'or' between two different words in the same search string will return results containing either word. For example, trikes or kits will return results for both Trikes and Kits.

Use 'And' in your search

Typing 'and' between words allows you to search for multiple words in a document without searching for an exact phrase. The more words you use, the better your search results will be.


All search queries will generate a list of links to the associated articles, aircraft, products and companies you are looking for. If your search does not return a desired result, try searching again using different keywords or phrases.


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