Here is an early, quick look at Skytrek SLSA
by Triton... China's first FAA approval.
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Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) Video Reviews

Some of the most popular content on are videos, made available to you thanks to a collaboration with the Light Sport and Ultralight Flyer. We add new videos all the time and our library holds is approaching 500 LSA and light aircraft videos. Shot at major airshows, these aircraft reviews and interviews provide info for the majority of all Special Light-Sport Aircraft plus many other light aircraft that Sport Pilots may fly. The best news... LSA Videos are free.

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We hope you enjoy watching our videos as much as we enjoy creating them!

Golden Avio -- F30 (04/13)

Get an update on the very handsome F30 from Golden Avio, the very last design from aviation design legend Stelio Frati. To hear the latest we again interviewed Italian compmany representative Luca Ferragatta in the new and improved Paradise City of Sun 'n Fun 2013. He tells of U.S. distribution, some changes for the American market, plans to gain SLSA approval and more. Come on along and hear more about an airplane that generates strong reviews.

1 Is LSA dead?! -- Our Reply: NO!Recently some aviation industry leaders -- people who reach pilots through magazines, websites, and videos -- have suggested the LSA industry is "in critical condition." We could not disagree more and have assembled this video to confront these unworthy negative messages. Our preferred message: Is it not better to work together as aviators to share the joy we find in flight? Fisher Flying Products -- Whole Line Review (04/13)If you're looking for an airplane that carries a modest cost, you search can be challenging. However, one company almost singlehandedly can solve that dilemma and they can do so with a surprisingly wide range of choices. We spoke with the Sun 'n Fun, Florida (Lakeland Linder airport)-based distributor for their line and learn about other services provided to light aircraft enthusiasts. You can get flying for less than $10,000 with Fisher. Progressive Aerodyne -- SeaRey SLSA (2013)We've known the SeaRey for more than 20 years (the design began in 1991) but now it is available as a fully manufactured SLSA. More than 500 are flying but all were built as kits; now those who don't relish that task can buy and fly. We speak with CEO Adam Yang and designer Kerry Richter at the Sebring LSA Expo to hear more of the details.
Zlin Aviation -- Outback Shock (Sportair USA)Here's an airplane almost certain to grab your attention. It has huge power (180 horse Titan X340); a "hyper"STOL wing; double Fowler flaps; tremendous shock absorption, including on the tailwheel; and enormous tires. It's also finished extremely well and has every little detail done just right. Outback Shock, the U.S. name for this model from longtime producer, Zlin, has entered a sub-sector of the LSA world with some stiff competition but Outback Shock meets the bet and raises the others one or two. Video shot at Aero 2016 at its debut. 2 LSA Brands -- Very Low CostPrice is important; no surprise. But you also want an aircraft that will deliver the enjoyment of flight. Lucky us; we have two models to show you that provide plenty of flying fun but do so at very modest cost. They're simpler, sure. But these airplanes cost today what we thought LSA were going to cost back in 2003... and that's pretty amazing. Come with us and take a look at the X-Air LS and the Rainbow Aircraft Cheetah.
Fisher Flying Products LineFisher Flying Products is one of the most prolific kit manufacturers in the industry, certainly as measured by the sheer number of models available. The former U.S. company was sold to Canadian ownership in 2009 to allow continued production of these highly affordable kits. For less money and less work than you might expect, Fisher probably has an aircraft you could enjoy. Quad City -- Challenger II Light-Sport SpecialQuad City Ultralights of Iowa is one of the oldest suppliers of light aircraft, having celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2008. With more than 3,500 aircraft flying, Quad City is also one of the most successful. We examine their Challenger II Light-Sport Special model at AirVenture 2011 and speak with company founder, Dave Goulet, who remains in charge of the company since its founding.
3Xtrim -- Navigator 600Here's another SLSA that looks so small, you'd think it might be cramped inside. But it isn't and it flies very comfortably as well. The brand comes from Poland but is sold in the USA from Niagra Falls, New York. The composite airplane was well received at the Sun 'n Fun 2009 LSA Mall. FK Lightplanes -- FK 51 70% MustangFK Lightplanes longtime designer Peter Funk once again grabbed the attention of many attendees of Aero Friedrichshafen 2013. His all-composite 70%-scale replica created a sensation with its exquisite attention to "fake" detail. Though built entirely of carbon fiber, FK 51 Mustang has more than 100,000 simulated rivets or screwheads. FK manufacturer Rolland Hallam tells us how it was done. Quad City Ultralights -- Challenger (0912)MIDWEST LSA EXPO 2012 -- One of our series of many short videos from the fall show, this one on the Challenger. Producer Quad City Ultralights is one of the most successful light aircraft kit producers in aviation with more than 2,500 aircraft flying and stable leadership of more almost 30 years of the same ownership. In this short video, we speak to one of their good local dealers, Jim Robinson, proprietor of Erie Airpark.
4 LSA Brands -- Low Wing All-MetalAt the 2010 Midwest LSA Expo we did something new. We picked several aircraft of a similar description and pointed out their similarities and differences. This time we look at four all-metal high wing LSA: Rans Aircraft S-19 Venterra; Evektor Sportstar Max IFR, Van's Aircraft RV-12, and the Breezer Aircraft Breezer II. If you're searching for a high wing LSA, this video may help show your choices and help you make a purchase decision. Fk Lightplanes -- Fk12 Comet (01/11)Germany's Fk Lightplanes is an unusually versatile supplier of Light-Sport Aircraft. This well established producer has a high wing (the Fk9), a low wing (the Fk14, with another one in development) and a biplane. The latter, called the Fk12 Comet is the focus of this video and the model has just landed on American shores. Get updated on the plans of importer Hansen Air Group as we speak with Mitch Hansen about a biplane available in various configurations. Quicksilver -- Bever Borne of Air-Tech (04/16)If you want to know any and everything about Quicksilver, one man knows it all. He is even more knowledgeable about the aircraft than the company(ies) that have owned the brand as he's been associated with Quicksilver for 40 years, through every owner of the California company. His Lousiana company, Air-Tech, now possesses all inventory and tooling for every part the manufacturer made. He and his team can and will support all parts needed for any model... a great thing. Hear from this interesting fellow in this video.
5 LSA Brands -- High Wing CompositeAt the Midwest LSA Expo 2010, we started something new using multiple aircraft and offering their differences and similarities. Here we look at five composite high wing LSA: Sirius TL-3000; Jabiru J-230; CTLS; FK-9 Mark IV; and Navigator 600. If you're in the market for a high wing, this video may help show your choices and help you make a purchase decision. FK Lightplanes -- FK12 Comet (08/11)FK Lightplanes is known to Americans for its foldable high wing, the FK9. Now the German company and its importer Hansen Air Group is offering their unique folding biplane, the FK12 Comet. Popular in Europe for years, the FK12 offers aerobatic flying capability... but only after the Lycoming O-233 engine is installed. Catch the details on this video. Quicksilver -- MX II (wire braced)Quicksilver has a simple enough product line composed of single seaters and two seaters for an MX line and GT line. Each has been highly successful and all have an enviable safety record. They also don't cost much. All are kit aircraft like this one built by Steve Watt. The hours are low as the build manuals are some of the very best in the business. More than 15,000 Quicksilver models have been sold.
5 LSA TaildraggersVideo viewers like collections of LSA where we look at several different models and review their differences. In this edition shot at the 2011 Midwest LSA Expo, we bring in representatives from each company to help with the details as we tour five models in a circle: Zlin Savage iCub; FK12 Comet; Rans S-7 Courier; CubCrafters CarbonCub SS; and American Legend Cub. Note that this video runs 25 minutes. FK Lightplanes -- Fk12 Comet (mini review 09/11)MINI REVIEW -- In what we expect to be the first of many more, we offer our first mini review of an aircraft. Longer reviews are available here on ...just click on the link above any video still image to see what content is available. Plus, we'll add more full-length video reports over time. Meanwhile, enjoy this short take on the much-admired Fk12 Comet biplane with aerobatic potential. Quicksilver -- MX IIS 04/11Quicksilver is arguably THE most successful light plane manufacturer of all time. More than 15,000 have been delivered to more countries than any brand. Still available for around $20,000 the 40-80 hour kit may be the best organized of any kitplane. The company also makes the GT series and the GT-500 was the first-ever Primary Aircraft to be certified. For open cockpit fun flying at a low cost, Quicksilver is nearly impossible to beat.
A Top-20+ LSA Review (2013)We cover the Top-20 LSA in the USA and more in this video adaptation of Jim Lawrence's article appearing in the LSA-friendly Plane & Pilot magazine. Join us as we run through all the top-selling models as well as highlighting some up and comers. Thanks to Jim and P&P for allowing us to use their work. We'll show you video on most models to accent the narrative. -- TRT: 46 minutes FK Lightplanes -- Fk9The FK Lightplanes company has released its new Fk9 ELA that more closely meets U.S. LSA regulations but its Mark IV version of the Fk9 is one of Germany's most popular light aircraft. See it in this video atop straight Baumann floats made in Minnesota. Quicksilver -- MX Sprint (customized)Here's a bright Quicksilver Sprint you may want to tour with us. Owner/pilot Jason Pearson bought this very new-looking airplane ten years ago (the kit had been delivered ten years before that). Shortly after he bought it he took it all apart down to every single bolt. As he rebuilt, he made some customizations and additions. You can see it all as we have a close look at this 42-mph-cruising, open-cockpit light aircraft. still photo by James Lawrence
Adventure Aircraft -- Electric Motor GliderAdventure Aircraft may be a new name but you may know the man behind it. He's Brian Carpenter and with his wife and partner Carol has become the primary source for classes leading to attendees becoming LSA Repairman. In whatever spare time that allows, Brian has been working on the aircraft featured in this video. This is a pure-electric-powered motorglider in one and two seat options. As a one-place EMG it can qualify as a Part 103 ultralight vehicle; with two seats it must be Experimental Amateur Built. Watch for more info. FK Lightplanes -- Fk9 ELAGermany's popular Fk9 from FK lightplanes is one of that country's most popular models, often flown in flight schools and by hundreds of recreational pilots. Around since the 1990s, the Fk9 has been continuously updated. In fact, this would be the Mark 5 version had not the company renamed it the Fk9 ELA, for European Light Aircaft. In the USA, FK Lightplanes is well represented by Hansen Air Group. Come on along as we look throughout this new version of a well proven light aircraft. Quicksilver -- MX Sprint (homebuilt)MIDWEST LSA EXPO 2012 -- One of our series of many short videos from the fall show, this one on the MX Sprint. We look at an homebuilt version and that means it can be modified by the owner as this one was. This short video (3 min) give you some basic info and leads you to more about Quicksilver Aeronautics, now under new, motivated management. Take a part of the Midwest LSA Expo tour.
Aero -- AT (formerly Gobosh 700E)You already know this airplane with the handsome interior, clean lines, and the sexy wingtips. However, you know it as the Gobosh 700E, which billed itself as a Luxury Sport Aircraft. Now with a new U.S. representative, this European aircraft is back in the market after a short hiatus. Built very conventionally in all metal, general aviation pilots will especially like the deluxe Garmin avionics in the panel. Flaeming -- Peregrine FP-04Hansen Air Group has long been a supplier of interesting light aircraft. Today this Atlanta, Georgia based importer offers three different airplanes: the Sky Arrow from Italy, the FK-9 from Germany, and the Peregrine from Germany. In this video review of the FP-04 Peregrine, we look at the airplane which set a record 17-hour flight from east to west coast in the USA. Quicksilver Aeronautics -- GT 500 Restore (0715)In this video, we think you will see something unusual. This is a 1991 Quicksilver GT500 that looks as though it just rolled off the assembly line. That may be common in vintage aircraft but here's one you can afford and which nearly anyone can fly. Longtime Quicksilver expert, Todd Eleffson went through this particular GT500 from nose to tail beautifully restoring it. A friend who asked me about it bought the plane before AirVenture 2015 ended because it was an excellent value. More of this is coming as Quicksilver are common around the world.
Aero -- Gobosh G700SGobosh is an all-American company that imports European aircraft but U.S.-based managers have carefully reconfigured the G700S and G800 to better fine tune them for American buyers. The result is their Luxury Sport Aircraft. Every pilot I've asked seemed to love flying the all-metal G700S. Flaeming Air -- Peregrine FP-04 (0912)MIDWEST LSA EXPO 2012 -- One of our series of many short videos from the fall show, this one on the Flaeming Peregrine. This handsome low wing composite aircraft has been used to achieve a fast cross-the-USA flight in about 17 hours. This was done by some young pilots, one of whom benefited from the Able Flight schlolarship for disabled persons, a great project generously supported by Hansen Air Group, which sells the Peregrine and several other LSA. Quicksilver Aeronautics -- GT500Quicksilver is one of light aviation's strongest brands, and also one of the biggest with more than 15,000 delivered since the early 1970s. In this video we speak with national sales guru Todd Ellefson about the company's plans to achieve Special Light-Sport Aircraft status meaning you will be able to buy a ready-to-fly GT500 or Sport 2S model. Kits will remain available and you can hear about other operations to provide models to enthusiasts.
Aero 2013 -- Quick Tour Part 1Do you wish you could have gone to Aero like we did? Are you interested in light aircraft you may not see in the USA? This first of several part Quick Tour of Aero 2013 will take you around just one of several gynasium-sized halls where we'll give you a glimpse of some intriguing designs. We'll provide a few facts and a web address so you can learn more if you wish. Come on along ... these videos are fast and fun; we think you'll like them. Flight Design -- CTLE (Law Enforcement)Perhaps it's to be expected that the leading seller of Light-Sport Aircraft in the USA has now entered the public service aviation market with their CTLE, the "LE" standing for Law Enforcement. This specially fitted LSA has a high-tech wing mounted camera system that is controlled from the right seat where a Tactical Flight Officer sits. He can send and receive with ground units. CTLE is leading the way to a promising new market for Light-Sport Aircraft. Quicksilver Aeronautics -- New owners and aircraftIn this video we meet the new owners of Quicksilver, now called Quicksilver Aeronautics. This storied company based in southern California, has built more than 15,000 aircraft and in 2002 and 2003 delivered more aircraft than Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft combined! Such an achievement suggests this company is around for the long haul and we'll hear more about their plans and aircraft in this video. (We recommend you turn up your sound volume due to background noises.)
Aero Adventure -- New owners of Aventura amphibiansWe all know the Aventura line of formerly ultralight-based amphibious light aircraft, dating back 20 years. Recently, Alex Rolinksi took over the company as the new owner and he details some plans as the company becomes re-enegized. Alex, an A&P and longtime pilot, gives us some general ideas about prices and they are to be celebrated as the costs are about as low as an seaplane can be. Hear and see the line on this video. Flight Design -- CTLSThe leading seller of Light-Sport Aircraft is Flight Design and CTLS is their third-generation of the popular CT series. Not only geared to American pilot interest, CTLS added many new features including a more spacious cabin with greater visibility (though it was already huge). CTLS comes standard with a full glass panel, ballistic parachute and more. Quicksilver Aeronautics -- Sport 2S as SLSA (2013)Quicksilver has now completed all the flight testing for the most popular kit to qualify it for Special Light-Sport Aircraft acceptance by FAA. In this summer 2013 video, we speak with Daniel Perez, the Chief Operating Officer for Quicksilver about the challenges in taking an already-successful airplane through the ASTM standards. Daniel gives a review of what all they did and why. This will be one of the most affordable aircraft in the SLSA space and the Quick 2S may meet the need.
Aero Friedrichshafen 2013 -- Preview of 30 videosYour friendly Light-Sport and light kitbuilt aircraft video crew trekked to Europe for the 2013 running of Aero Friedrichshafen, arguably the most important aircraft show in the European Union. In this video we give you a preview of some 30 videos we created while attending the four day event. Check this one out and keep clicking back until you've seen them all. Flight Design -- CTLS (Illinois dealer-0414)At the Midwest LSA Expo, we had a chance to speak with one of market leader Flight Design's midwestern dealer, Tom Baker. We wanted to hear Tom's comparison of the non-fuel-injected CTLS and the new Rotax iS 912 engine. So, we went flying and asked him for his thoughts ... about Flight Design and his history with it as well as the new CTLS and the latest in 912 engine technology. Tom provides a deeper view of this popular LSA that may help pilots in shopping mode. Quicksilver Aeronautics -- Sport 2S on Puddle Jumper amphib floatsQuicksilver is an iconic brand, having sold more than 15,000 aircraft in its history. Pilots around the world have flown Quicksilvers and many are flying in the USA to include flight schools. In this video we speak with sales director Todd Ellefson about the strutted Quicksilver Sport 2S mated to Puddle Jumper amphibious floats. We speak about the experience of flying the float-equipped 2S model. You can build it in 100 hours, but the company is nearing completion of an fully manufactured SLSA version of this popular aircraft.
Aeroalcool -- Quasar LiteAll the way from Brazil comes a sharp little airplane called the Quasar, which will remind some visitors of an earlier American design of a similar name. Designers are creating carbon surfaces to replace dope & fabric coverings and will then complete their SLSA approval. Powered by the HKS four-stroke engine, Quasar Lite feels like a sports car. Flight Design -- CTLS FloatplaneIf you've tried flying with floats (or in a boat-hulled aircraft) you already know the appeal. Those who haven't should check out the experience. You can do that by going to, the website of Airtime Aviation in Tulsa Oklahoma where the CTLS Floatplane has been developed. Proprietors Tom Gutmann Sr. and Jr. offer seaplane instruction and sign-offs. Amphibious floats are fabricated by Claymar of Canada. Quicksilver Aeronautics -- Sprint / Max 103 (2015)Quicksilver's Sprint has long been a great little airplane. Versions of it have sold many, many thousands of units and they consistently deliver good flying qualities with an excellent safety record. However, some may seem a bit underpowered. Not any more! With Hirth's 50-horsepower F23 twin cylinder engine, Max 103 is highly energetic. Here how it was done on this video.
Aeromomentum -- Suzuki Auto Engine ConversionMost pilots seem to love engines. Well, no surprise as (except for gliders) it is a powerplant that allows us to go aloft and see the world from our unique perspective. In this video we look into the Suzuki engine conversion to an aircraft engine. Speaking with Aeromomentum proprietor Mark Kettering, we learn more about this Japanese auto engine and how you can use it on your kit-built aircraft. Lots of info here and we tell you how you can get even more. Flight Design -- CTLS in Flight School UseAt Sebring 2013, we made the rounds speaking to sellers of various Light-Sport Aircraft. We asked how their aircraft holds up in flight school instruction use. Some aviation journalists and some general aviation pilots believe LSA cannot withstand the rigors of training. Flight Design USA sales manager John Gilmore assures us the CTLS does very well in flight schools and one has accumulated more than 13,000 landings! Here the rest of the story in this video. Race Around Sebring 2017Following the good reception to the earlier "Race Around DeLand 2016" video, I repeated for the Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2017. If you cannot attend these shows, this gives you a quick, basic view of what the layout and booth spaces look like. It's better if you can attend, of course, but if not, then... well, Race Around with me at these events. Perhaps more will follow. Meanwhile, I hope you can enjoy this 13:45-minute video. Thanks to Videoman Dave for the edit clean-up.
Aeroprakt -- A22 (2011)From Aeroprakt in Kiev, Ukraine comes this Light-Sport Aircraft with the hugest visibility you'll find... large clear areas allow you to see almost any direction. Aligned with their Florida assembler, Aeroprakt America, the international company that has designed many practical aircraft offers direct U.S. representation in addition to other outlets. Come have a look around the A-22 with us in this video. Flight Design -- CTswWhile Flight Design has released two newer models (the CTLS and all-metal MC), it was the CTsw that helped the German Flight Design company continue to be the market leader, even after four years and nearly 100 new models followed the CT series into the American market. CTsw is one of the fastest and longest flying LSA in the U.S. fleet. Raceair -- Ed Fisher Designs (2012)Ed Fisher, proprietor and principal designer of Raceair, has created several intriguing yet highly affordable designs. Here we speak with Ed about his Skylite (which can be bought as a complete kit for less than $10,000 and ready-to-fly, test flown for $20,000, in 2012 dollars) plus his Lil' Bitts, a lightweight and more user-friendly version of the famous Pitts Special.
Aerospool -- DynamicThe sleek Dynamic... it turns heads where ever it shows up and Sebring 2010 was no exception. First appearing in the USA as a retractable aircraft, this video review looks at the straight-legged SLSA model that appears to lose none of its speedy lines. Beautifully finished, the all-composite Light-Sport deserves a closer look but we'll show you around the basics. Flight Design -- MC (2011)Flight Design has lead the Light-Sport Aircraft market since Day One, selling variations of its all-carbon fiber CT series including the present-day CTLS. The MC is the German company's new all-metal airplane. MC stands for Metal Concept. With conventional construction, repairs are easier and many mechanics are familiar with working in aluminum. This brings flight schools to look at MC, but a lower price attracts everyone. Rainbow -- CheetahOne of the simpler yet distinctive airplanes in the LSA category is the Rainbow Aircraft Cheetah XLS, which won SLSA approval in September 2009. Manufacturered in South Africa, Cheetah is sold in the USA by Midwest Sport Aviation of Wisconsin. The lightweight LSA offers eye-catching styling and unique features like fold-down armrests with a throttle handle at the end.
Aerotrek -- A220 & A240 (0912)MIDWEST LSA EXPO 2012 -- One of our series of many short videos from the fall show, this one on the Aerotrek A240. We'll also consider the A220, the taildragger. Both these two Light-Sport Aircraft are selling well and no wonder. They have an excellent price (around $80,000 in 2012) yet they are made very well with quality evident with a close inspection. Join us for a few details. Fly Hard Trikes -- Skycycle (2012)Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Fly Hard Trikes makes a line of lightweight trikes, one of which is the Skycycle that can qualify as a Part 103 ultralight vehicle. In production for 13 years at the time our video was recorded. Proprietor Mike Theeke installs several engines according to a customer's wishes. On this particular example, we see the Vernor V4 four stroke, electric start engine that produces 35 horsepower. See and hear more in this video. Rainbow Aircraft -- Cheetah (taildragger)Rainbow Aviation hails from South Africa, a long ways away. But in Wisconsin, Midwest Sport Aviation represents the far-off brand with local service. At the Midwest LSA Expo 2011 they announced a new dealer (Aero Sport Planes) and we discussed kits and fully built plus taildragger options for this remarkably low-priced LSA ($35,000 to $60,000).
Aerotrek -- A220 and A240 (04/13)Aerotrek and their dual models -- the A220 taildragger and the A240 trigear -- have been an impressive performer in the market share race, steadily moving up our chart. At Sebring 2013, we spoke with U.S. importer Rob Rollison about how these handsome, very well priced Special Light-Sport Aircraft can work in a flight school environment. Having acquired more than 1,500 hours in a training environment, Rob said the Aerotrek still looks and flies great and some European models have more than 4,000 hours. Hear more in this video. FlyCool Air Conditioning -- by AMTSome said it could never be done. How could you add air conditioning to Light-Sport Aircraft? It's too heavy, too expensive, too bulky, said many. They're wrong. The folks at Air Management Technologies or AMT have built the FlyCool system that works excellently on LSA and does not cost an arm and a leg nor does the system take up much room or add much weight. This video (with other installations to follow) explains how it works. Rans -- Raven S-20 PILOT REPORT (2014)In our continuing series of Video Pilot Reports (VPRs), we review the latest Rans, designer Randy Schlitter's S-20 Raven. This is a delicious combination of the sweet-flying S-7 Courier and the S-6. The Courier is tandem and not everybody wants that plus the new model incorporates many new features that Schlitter knows his customers will enjoy. Come on along for a flight in the newest and greatest from the Hays, Kansas kit and SLSA builder. This a most enjoyable flying machine and we hope you like our perspective.
Aerotrek -- A240 & A220Aerotrek is the new name for a pair of Special Light-Sport Aircraft, the tricycle gear A240 and the taildragger A220. These reasonably priced aircraft (mid-$60,000 range) offer a good cruise in a lightweight, quick handling aircraft. The wings fold easily so you can make a trailer your hangar. FlyCool Air Conditioning -- in DirectFly Alto 100 (Corbi)The Direct Fly Alto 100 sold by Corbi Air has something different and very cool installed. In this case, "very cool" means literally air conditioning, the first ever system for a Light-Sport Aircraft. Additional video reviews describe the FlyCool system in other Light-Sport Aircraft. Here we examine the Alto 100 from Corbi Aviation. The airplane is a cool design; now it's cool inside even on hot days. Rans -- S-19 VenterraOne of the sweetest flying Light-Sport Aircraft is the S-19 Venterra, the third ASTM-standards-meeting LSA from longtime kit producer, Rans. Available in kit or ready-to-fly form, S-19 is a low wing all-metal side-by-side design that will please any owner but can also work well as a flight school trainer. Designer Randy Schlitter has developed a strong and loyal following for his creations, of which this is (you guessed it) #19.
Aerotrek -- A240 & trailer (0414)Aerotrek supplies a popular and well-priced everything but, you know, having a nice airplane isn't enough. Why not have a traveling hangar and home to go with your great Light-Sport Aircraft? With the money you save buying Aerotrek (half as much as some high-end LSA), you'll have money left over for other great toys, like a custom trailer. Your savings might not also cover the motorhome in this video, but watching may motivate you to work harder to acquire such a nice rig. Come have a look. FlyCool Air Conditioning -- in Flight Design CTLSWe've seen AMT's FlyCool light weight, low power draw air conditioning system before in other Light-Sport Aircraft but it had not yet been done in the CTLS. Now US Aviation in Texas has made it happen. They brought the hardware to Sun 'n Fun and quickly made an installation which we got to experience. Come hear how it was done and how it works. In warm climates the FlyCool system can be a big benefit. Rans -- S-19 with Jabiru powerLots of folks saw a vaguely familiar airplane at the Midwest LSA Expo 2010... but, like myself, we looked and looked again and couldn't quite place the airplane. It turns out what fooled all of us initially was the installation of a 120-hp Jabiru 3300 under a new more aggressive cowling. Flying this airplane at the event, I came away a believer. I've always loved the S-19 (like most Rans models) and with this smooth-running powerplant, I found even more to enjoy. Come hear more details in our video.
AIR Aviation Insurance -- Coverage for LSANearly everyone who owns an airplane seeks insurance. Financing to buy a new aircraft makes insurance mandatory. Basically, you cannot fly an airplane without insurance any more than you can fly it without fuel. We spoke with longtime LSA insurance supplier Gregg Ellsworth, who gives us the positive message that he has more than a dozen insurance carriers and three new companies have entered the LSA insurance business recently. For more info, go to FlyCool Air Conditioning -- in SportCruiserAir Management Technology makes the FlyCool, a lightweight, low power draw, surprisingly effective air conditioning system for Light-Sport Aircraft or light kit aircraft. Formerly air conditioning for a GA airplane was fearsomely expensive (unaffordable, really), weighed a lot, consumed too much engine power and ... well, no surprise it didn't take off. However AMT changed all that with their all electric system. In this video hear how it works on the popular SportCruiser from U.S. Sport Aircraft. Rans -- S-20 Raven (01/14)Rans designer and leader Randy Schlitter brought his complete and flying S-20 Raven to Sebring and we spoke with him updating our earlier video from last summer when the airplane was in "bare bones" mode. Randy describes what they learned as they finished Raven and what elements on this interesting design meld the popular S-7 Courier with the best selling S-6. He notes that he and his team really answered the requests of customers over recent years.
AirBorne -- XT 912 (2011)AirBorne is one of the world's most established and successful light aircraft producers. They build a top-selling line of weight shift aircraft commonly known as trikes. They also build a line of well respected hang gliders. At the lower-speed end of the spectrum, AirBorne is a major player. However, their XT 912 is no slow poke, achieving nearly 90 mph of speed. AirBorne builds a solid, secure aircraft; let's have a look. FlyEco "Smart" Diesel TurboThe FlyEco "smart diesel" engine from Europe attracted plenty of attention at Aero Friedrichshafen in Germany. We visited with the designer of the engine as asked him numerous questions we though you might ask. Please bear with the audio amid the chatter of many visitors and keep in mind that English is not his native language. We helped by repeating and translating some metric to U.S. measurements. Rans -- S-20 Raven (07/13)The 20th design from Rans, one of the light aircraft industry's most prolific innovators, is basically a side-by-side version of the company's very popular S-7 Courier. As designers and company owner Randy Schlitter explains, their newest model is a combination of several of their models including the highly successful S-6. One of LSA's most interesting folks, you'll want to hear Randy talk about the design goals for the new S-20.
AirBorne Trikes & TrikeFestAirBorne has emerged as the leader of the weight shift control ("trike") manufacturers serving the U.S. market. From Australia, the brand has earned both Aussie certification and Special LSA status for multiple models. To tell us more and to describe his TrikeFest fly-in right before Oshkosh each year, we spoke with Mike Hudetz at the Midwest LSA Expo 2010. Flying Aviation Expo -- Interview with Robert GoyerFor the second year, Flying magazine is the main sponsor of the Flying Aviation Expo. This show follows on many events held in the desert city of Palm Springs by AOPA, whose organizers often said it was the most popular venue of their annual conventions. Starting off with a bang -- dozens of airplanes literally taxi down city streets to ring the convention center -- the Flying Expo offer lots of exhibitors, airplanes, forums, and more. Produced by Lift Management, the show was expertly organized and Palm Springs is gorgeous in October. Join us! Rans -- S-6LS (2010)The S-6 is one of the best-proven and most familiar airplanes among all SLSA and it comes from one of the very top American kit producers, Rans, Inc. Available as a kit or ready-to-fly, the S-6LS is also highly affordable starting at $63,000 reasonably well equipped. A kit starts at $20,000 so Rans can offer something for almost everyone.
AirCam -- Twin Engine Kit AircraftThis unusual looking aircraft is a twin engine taildragger. While fascinating, those two characteristics might make you wonder if you can handle it. I believe anyone can, with proper training of course. Get by those uncertainties, I advise, because once you fly AirCam you may start thinking that any other aircraft simply won't do. For low level flying over interesting terrain or water, this is one of the safest aircaft ever. Flying the open cockpit aircraft is such a marvelous experience, I consider AirCam one of my all-time favorites. You might, too. FPNA -- Valor A-22FPNA stands for Floatplanes and Amphibians and they're into water flying, as the name implies. However, they also build an increasingly popular landplane called the Valor. Put that on their own straight or amphibious float system and you have the Cape Town. Land or sea, the A-22 model is a fun flying machine with terrific visibility. RANS -- S-7LS CourierRANS is one of America's largest light aircraft producers, and has been so since 1983. Among their many designs are no less than three Special Light-Sport Aircraft and the S-7LS is one them. Also available as a kit, the ready-to-fly S-7 is a joy to fly. A tandem seater with huge wide doors on both sides, S-7 works well as a floatplane. Other RANS SLSAs include the S-19 low wing and the S-6 high wing side-by-side.
Airdrome Aeroplanes -- WWI Replicas (Nieuport 17)Plenty of aviators are fascinated with nostalic aircraft and World War I airplanes hark back to the very earliest days of flying. Airdrome offers a surprising 21 models -- two of which can qualify as ultralight; the rest are experimental Amateur Built kits though all can be flown with a Sport Pilot certificate. More than 500 kits have been sold, 75 of which are completed and flying (the project is 300 to 500 hours). Two movies (Flyboys and Amelia) plus a TV show have employed Airdrome aircraft. Garmin -- G3X Touch EFIS (0414)Garmin is one of the most familiar brand names in Light-Sport Aircraft. Very popular devices include handhelds like the 496 (now aera) or iPad-like 796. For those who prefer permanently panel-mounted, a top choice is now the G3X with touchscreen capability. Garmin is a multibillion-dollar company but they've had to work to stay ahead of smaller but nimble competitors. Their G3X Touch is a very strong play to keep in the lead. Garmin's Jessica Cox walks us through some of the features of this grand new instrument. Remos -- GXRemos is an up and coming company that has taken the lead in FAA registrations and one reason is the new GX model that looks great and flies well. The interior was redone as was the wing construction making a nice upgrade from the G-3 that flew in Europe for many years. Pop its gull wing doors and see for yourself.
AirMax -- SeaMaxSeaMax is a Brazilian design that has sold well in Europe. After U.S. partner SeaMax USA helped earn SLSA approval, Americans became aware of this lovely little seaplane. It seems little and looks small, but holds two occupants in comfort and flies with great enthusiasm. Glasair Aviation -- Merlin LSA (2014)Glasair is the well-known company behind models of a similar name but now they have something very news. This is the Merlin, which may sound like a model by that name formerly of Canada but this one is a fresh start. In this video we sit in the mockup with company president Nigel Mott who tells us about the plan. In early 2015, the model took to the skies for the first time. We expect exciting things from this experienced producer entering the LSA space. Renegade -- Renegade Lycoming (04/11)Renegade Aircraft has been working hard, in conjunction with Lycoming engines, to prepare the Renegade (formerly known as the Falcon) for the first-ever installation of the lightened O-233 Lycoming powerplant. As this video is posted to, that engine install has been completed and final evaluation is proceeding. Hear more with proprietor Doc' Bailey in this video.
AirMax -- SeaMax (2012)We've seen SeaMax before from Brazilian designer Miguel Rosario. The lovely little amphibious seaplane is the only one presently (early 2012) that can boast full Special Light-Sport Aircraft approval. We speak to the new importer who has been working with the Brazil factory to make more changes to suit American buyers plus a number of good changes to the preceding design. As a treat, we also introduce you to the new boss of the Seaplane Pilots Association. Golden Avio -- F30Sebring 2013 Video - Italian designs are usually pleasing to view, from shoes to airplanes. Golden Avio's F30 is such an example and this one was created by a famous designer named Stelio Frati, creator of the handsome Falco F8L that is recognized around the world. Representative Luca Ferragatta explains the company's plans for SLSA approval and we have a quick look at the aircraft. Renegade LSA -- Lil' Rascal projectAs we spoke with Doc' Bailey at Sun 'n Fun 2013, we first hear about his new 71,000 square foot hangar at Fort Pierce airport. Then we focus on a new project from this ambitious company. The Lil' Rascal is based on the Pitts S1C but will be fully redone with extensive use of carbon fiber to make a LSA-capable aerobatic aircraft powered by the Lycoming AEIO-233 engine that permits such flight. Here more about their plans for the sporty bird.
Airsport (Melody Aircraft) -- Song motorglider 2014We've seen the Song but as the ULS, a pure-electric version of the same airplane as substantially modified by Randall Fishman's Electric Aircraft Corporation. This gasoline-powered original is offered by Melody Aircraft in Canada, represented by Gary Steadman. Song is built in the Czech Republic and imported to Canada by Gary. Listen to his advice on the video about how you can obtain one along with performance and other specs. Golden Avio -- F30 (04/13)Get an update on the very handsome F30 from Golden Avio, the very last design from aviation design legend Stelio Frati. To hear the latest we again interviewed Italian compmany representative Luca Ferragatta in the new and improved Paradise City of Sun 'n Fun 2013. He tells of U.S. distribution, some changes for the American market, plans to gain SLSA approval and more. Come on along and hear more about an airplane that generates strong reviews. Rotax 912 iS (injected) Engine on AirCamIn 2012, Rotax brought out their new fuel-injected 912 iS engine. The leading supplier of Light-Sport Aircraft engines worked hard on this computer-controlled engine as they prepared a replacement for the venerable carburetor 912 (which remains in production). We spoke with LSA guru John Hurst who flew a twin-engine AirCam from Sebring Florida to Oshkosh and he tells about flying one of each 912 engine versions.
AirVenture Airshow Volunteers -- Lee CrevierAnybody who organizes an airshow knows one irrefutable fact: you cannot offer these shows with a veritable army of volunteers. Indeed, the light plane area at AirVenture (almost exactly like Paradise City at Sun 'n Fun) has 225 volunteers, just in this one area of the giant EAA AirVenture Oshkosh event. We speak with Lee Crevier, the present chairman of the light plane area. He helps us pay our respect to that army of volunteers. Green Sky Adventures -- Micro MongWe speak with Jerry Olenick of Green Sky Adventures about his Micro Mong, a sweet little biplane that can meet Part 103. This one is powered by the HKS engine, another product Green Sky represents. Sold only a kit, this Ed Fisher design can deliver great savings in return for a little sweat equity. Even with the four-stroke HKS and instruments, Micro Mong costs barely over $20,000 in 2012. Rotax Aircraft Engines -- Award at Aero 2015Convincingly the most prolific and successful aircraft engine producer for the light, recreational aircraft segment, Rotax wins awards from readers of magazines that vote on the best powerplant. In this video shot at Aero 2015 in Germany two key executives, Marc Becker and Christian Mundigler, tell us about the award and more about the newest 912 iS Sport engine. You'll also get to see slides of many, many light aircraft that use the Rotax 912 series.
Allegro USA -- Allegro (2009)Allegro was the third aircraft certified under new SLSA rules back in April 2005. When the Czech manufacturer collapsed, the American importer worked to bring production to America. That's now complete and Allegro USA is building the Allegro 2007 in Oregon (alongside the Sadler Vampire). Let's catch up with this true composite. Guardian Avionics -- iPads mounts & moreGuardian Avionics made a name for themselves with carbon monoxide (CO) detectors to. well... "guard" against this deadly gas getting into your cockpit. However, the company has expanded into iPad and iPhone mounts that are among the slickest I've seen. In this video, I visited with Ash Vij to get the details about their new offerings that include a mount and more for every product Apple makes. If you are like almost every pilot and use an iPad in the cockpit, you need to check this out. Rotax Aircraft Engines -- Kodiak Warranty InfoRotax Aircraft Engines power more Light-Sport Aircraft than any other engine by a wide margin. Around the world, light aircraft of all types depend on the Rotax brand. Any new engine has a warranty but Kodiak, the distributor of Rotax brand to the Americas, has now extended the warranty for all their customers. RFSC rep' William Burgher also helps Rotax users contact Rotax Maintenance Technicans.
American Legend -- Amphib CubThe Legend Cub series -- the best-selling SLSA since day one -- is available in a variety of formats: regular land version, straight float version, amphib float version, and in kit-built form. Here we look at the Baumann float-equipped Legend Cub and we like what we see with these mechanically-actuated floats (no hydraulic weight). Heart of America -- LSA and light aviation eventThe first-ever Heart of America LSA and light aviation event plans to "end the season" for recreational aircraft shows, said principal organizer Doc' Bailey (who is known for being the man behind the Renegade LSA and the installation of Lycoming engines on his and other brands of LSA). A new location with support from the University of Missouri promises good things in the central U.S. Rotax Aircraft Engines -- New 915 Engine (135 hp!)At AirVenture Oshkosh 2015, Rotax Aircraft Engines made a special announcement ... that of their new 135 horsepower 915 engine. The new powerplant, due out on the market in the last half of 2017, features characteristics of the 912 iS Sport with its fuel injection and the 914 Turbo. However, the 915 with its more powerful turbocharger now also incorporates an intercooler. It weighs a bit more and will cost somewhat more, but can sustain a continuous 127 horsepower. In all, this is an engine many airframe producers will greatly anticipate.
American Legend -- CubThe American Legend Cub is... well, a legend in Special Light-Sport Aircraft. The iconic Cub look is well captured by this Texas company that has owned the #2 sales spot (#1 among American companies) since the first LSA flew in 2005. Legend has developed engine choices, offers floats, and even has a kit program. Hirth Engines -- All ModelsIn the world of two stroke engines, Hirth Engines of Germany remain as one long-term supplier. The company has a large range of two stroke powerplants and a lengthy history in the business. At AirVenture 2011, we asked U.S. boss Matt Dander to help us view the entire line. S-Wing VSLZ -- S-WingAnother entry from the Czech Republic is the S-Wing from a company of a similar name. S-Wing USA is the American representative and we looked over their exhibit airplane at Sun 'n Fun 2010. A newer design with 40 flying, mostly in Europe with a couple presently in the USA and more en route. Come inside with us to what may be the widest cockpit in Light-Sport aviation... a whopping 52 inches.
American Legend -- Legends in Flight Schools (2013)On our mission to debunk the idea that Light-Sport Aircraft will not hold up to flight instructional use, we spoke with Darin Hart of American Legend. He tells us of some impressive results from American Legend models being used in flight schools, including one with more than 20,000 landings on it while performing tailwheel instructions. This airplane has more than 2,000 hours and Darin relates that few parts have been replaced. Hear all the details. Huh? -- "SLSA, ELSA, & EAB" DemystifiedIn the Light-Sport Aircraft space, buyers are faced with several options... and not panel or engine options. In this video we explain the differences between SLSA (Special Light-Sport Aircraft), ELSA (Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft), and EAB (Experimental Amateur Built). The bad news? It's a bit confusing. The good news? Buyers have lots of choices. We demystify the different categories. SAB -- Vulcan 100MIDWEST LSA EXPO 2012 -- One of our series of many short videos from the fall show, this one on the new SAB Vulcan 100. Here is a fresh entry to the SLSA space, #127 on our popular SLSA List. We don't often see brand new entries away from the big airshows but here's one. Expected pricing on this all-metal aircraft is about $125,000. though kits may follow later. Hear more on this video.
American Legend -- on Legend Floats (Video Pilot Report)American Legend is one of the first entries in the Special Light-Sport Aircraft space and it remains and industry leader with a full line of models and variations including multiple power plants. One of the additions the Sulphur Springs, Texas company made over the years is adding amphibious floats, now of their own construction. At the first-ever DeLand Showcase, we flew the Legend Amphib for this Video Pilot Report with in-flight footage including a water landing. Total Run Time: 19 minutes Ibis -- Magic (04/11)The Ibis Magic is one we looked at earlier, when it had just come into the USA for the first time. By Sun 'n Fun 2011, the folks at Apollo Aircraft USA had finished the assembly and were well through the pursuit of Special Light-Sport Aircraft approval. In this video we spoke with Phil Mednick (of Apollo Fox fame) and he showed us around the impressively equipped Ibis (EYE-bis) Magic, designed in Columbia. Sadler -- VampireThe Sadler Vampire is a new-old design. It's new to those attending airshows today, but we saw this design as a single seater many years ago. For a while it found military applications but is now returning as a fully-built (or kit) aircraft with Special Light-Sport Aircraft approval in progress. Vampire has the most unusual and compact folding wing design of any LSA.
American Legend -- Super LegendAmerican Legend is, well... already a legend in the world of Light-Sport Aircraft. With this Super Legend, the Texas company has installed the new Lycoming O-233. At 115 horsepower, the Legend Cub will be much livlier, great if you also want to add floats. The new Lycoming is a multi-fuel engine so you don't have to use only 100LL avgas. To accommodate the greater weight of the engine, American Legend took numerous steps to lighten the aircraft. See what items in this video. Ibis Aircraft -- Magic GS 700The energetic folks behind the ApolloFox and the extraordinary Evolution Revo (weight shift trike) are now representing the Columbian-designed Ibis Magic. An all-metal LSA, the Apollo team has elected to fully load it with a large new glass display from MGL, autopilot, emergency airframe parachute, and more. Here's a new one you'll want to examine soon. Sam Aircraft -- Sam LSLooks like a Yak; flies like a Light-Sport. In this video we speak to Thierry Zibi of Canada who has been working on this design for more than five years. At previous Sebring events he had a booth and collected design input but at the 2013 event, he shows a full-size aircraft. A unique all-metal creation that is unique in its appearance, we asked some of the questions you might have.
Apollo -- Apollo FoxA Hungarian design from a company called Apollo built this familiar looking aircraft. But now, it is primarily assembled in the USA, in Florida. Apollo Fox may look like a familiar older design but in fact, Apollo Fox has experienced several changes. One of them for example, it a taller vertical tail that helps bring very cooperative handling. The wings fold, too. Icon Aircraft -- A5 (Video Pilot Report)Finally! I got to fly Icon's long-awaited A5 LSA seaplane. In a word: superb. Well done, Icon. In this 25-minute video join Icon Sales VP, Craig Bowers, and me as we run the highly-anticipated Light-Sport through its paces including a series of stalls that show the value of their hard work to create a spin resistant airframe. No airplane is perfect for every buyer but the California designer and manufacturer hit just about every correct note. We bet you'll really enjoy this one. Sam Aircraft -- Sam LS (now flying)We looked at the handsome Sam LS at Sebring earlier in 2013 but the update at Sun 'n Fun was that the Sam LS is now flying. The company earned approval under Canadian rules (slightly different than U.S. LSA rules). In this video he tells us some facts and thoughts about flying the new aircraft. Hear directly from the designer who finally flew his own creation; he quotes a few facts and figures.
Arion & Jabiru U.S. -- Two Related Companies (NOT ACTIVE DUE ERROR-1113)In Shelbyville, Tennessee, two LSA companies are located side-by-side. The two are Jabiru USA and Arion. The former builds a line of high wing composite LSA lead by the J-230. The latter created and builds the sleek Lightning LS-1. In our review shot in 2011, we cover both companies and the Jabiru engine that powers both plus some other brands. Watch (rather than listen) for the correct web address for all companies, or click the link above the thumbnail photo on the LSA Videos page. Icon Aircraft -- A5 Seaplane (2011)One of the biggest splashes - literally and figuratively - in the Light-Sport Aircraft industry was the entry of California's Icon A5. The super sleek LSA design is new nose to tail, wingtip to wingtip. In fact, no one ever saw anything quite like the A5. Mainstream media has fallen in love with the distinctive design. Join us for our LSA Insider view. SD Planes -- SD-1 MinisportWe have almost exclusively two place entries in the Light-Sport Aircraft space. And indeed, the SD-1 Minisport is not presently (in 2013) a LSA officially. For now it's sold as an Experimental Amateur Built aircraft. What sets this cute little apart from dozens of others is that this is a single place aircraft. On this video we spoke with Tyler Ives, the U.S. importer of this Czech airplane and he tells us what you want to know.
Arion -- Lightning ELSA (2010)At AirVenture 2010, we took a close look at Light-Sport Aircraft builder Dave Jilanti's Lightning LS-1, an early example of a sleek low-wing built as an Experimental LSA. This handsome quasi-homebuilt is one of three ways you can own the Lightning, an all-American, all-composite Light-Sport of impressive performance from Arion based in Shelbyville, Tennessee.(Note: I incorrectly referred to "Don" instead of Dave Jilanti as the builder.) Icon Aircraft -- A5 Seaplane (2012)Icon's A5 has been so shrewdly promoted that the Southern California company has gathered nearly 1,000 delivery position orders. Some folks wonder if it will make it to market. In this summer 2012 video, we speak with CEO Kirk Hawkins and ask him about a new development -- involving spin resistant airframe -- that may have delayed production but produced some very interesting results that those waiting owners should love. Enjoy many flying photos while we talk. Sea-Avio -- Risen (high performing Swiss microlight)One of the most eye-catching microlights at Aero 2015 was the Sea-Avio Risen. This may be the fastest aircraft in the world using a 100-horsepower Rotax 912 ULS. At the show, we were able to interview the developer to get his view of his machine. What you see in the video is the first production model while the prototype has acquired more than 300 hours of flight time. It's expensive, yes, but man!, does this bird fly fast. Get more detail in this video.
Arion -- Lightning LS-1 (2009)One of the newest SLSA is an all-American design, from Arion Aircraft and it's called the Lightning LS-1. Winning its approval just before Sun 'n Fun 2009, LS-1 was preceded by some 80 kit Lightnings the company has sold in the last three years; more than 40 are already flying. I found the Lightning great fun. You might, too.

CORRECTION: In this video, I refer to a "retractable" version of the Lightning in kit-built aircraft form, however, that is an error. The model was never designed with such equipment
ICP -- Savannah taildragger (Aero 2013)ICP gained brand name awareness primarily with their Savannah model, a short take off and landing airplane that sells for a modest price. We've seen it several times but always in tricycle gear. Now at Aero, everyone saw for the first time the new taildragger model from Italy's ICP. We spoke with company leader Loredana Arisio. We also take a look at their new light aircraft engine with questions answered by engine Andrea Caglio. Sebring LSA Expo (2011)The Sebring U. S. Sport Aviation Expo -- or simply Sebring LSA Expo, as many call it -- is the main event for Light-Sport Aircraft in the United States. Occurring in January in Sebring, Florida, the event has grown into the year-opening event for aviation and attracts nearly every producer and importer in the LSA industry. It's a must-go for thousands and we help tell you about the next event.
Arion Aircraft -- Lightning Kit with 160-hp (7/13)Arion Aircraft is well known for its very smooth and handsome LS1 that qualifies as a SLSA, ELSA, or Experimental Amateur Built kit. That's great versatility but more is possible. All you have to do is add more power, so that's exactly what Arion principal designer Nick Otterback is doing. In this video he shows us around the latest variation with a 160-hp Superior Air Parts Lycoming engine. IndUS -- ThorpedoMade in the USA, the IndUS Thorpedo is a storied American design (hint: the 1950s version was the predecessor to the Piper Cherokee). Now the Texas company builds it with the potent 120-hp Jabiru 3300 to make it a performer designer John Thorp never envisioned. This all-metal design has the mmost interesting wing structure among SLSA. Sebring LSA Expo -- Fast Tour 2010 (1 of 2)(Part 1 of 2) - At Sebring 2010, UltralightNews and Dan Johnson take you on a golf cart Fast Tour of the airplanes on display at the show. With each, we provide some teaser information and offer their website address for you to follow further. Alternatively, you can read more about all these aircraft right here on, and the odds are we have a video on each of these aircraft as well. All for free... enjoy!
Arion Aircraft -- Lightning, Improved (2012)Many of us have long admired the supersleek Lightning LS-1 and now it's better than ever. We spoke to co-designer and company leader Nick Otterback about changes to the aircraft and also about Arion's 2012 FAA very thorough audit. That's good reassurance for buyers but what's more fun is a newly enlarged tail. Nick tells us how this affects and improves an already great Light-Sport Aircraft (also available as a kit). IndUS Aviation -- Thorpedo (2010)One the most proven airframe designs in all of Light-Sport Aviation is the T-211 series from Dallas, Texas-based IndUS Avation. In this video of the Thorpedo -- the more powerful version with the Jabiru 3300 engine -- marketing man Scott Severin helps us visualize the changes to make the airplane better accommodate larger occupants. In addition, they have an instrument-training panel that flight schools might find compelling. Sebring LSA Expo -- Fast Tour 2010 (2 of 2)(Part 2 of 2) - At Sebring 2010, UltralightNews and Dan Johnson take you on a golf cart Fast Tour of the airplanes on display at the show. With each, we provide some teaser information and offer their website address for you to follow further. Alternatively, you can read more about all these aircraft right here on, and the odds are we have a video on each of these aircraft as well. All for free... enjoy!
Arrow Copter -- ArrowCopter AC20Do you think this is one handsome-looking aircraft? Many folks at AirVenture sure did and so did we. In this video we speak with Claudius Klimpt who tells us about the European gyrocopter under the brand name Arrow Copter. Because FAA can decide how to do it, you cannot buy a ready-to-fly gyrocopter but you can build a kit in a reasonably brief time. If it can look this good when you're done, perhaps you need to watch this video and see if you can become a "rotor-head." Infinity Powered ParachutesInfinity was the first company in the Powered Parachute field to win Special Light-Sport Aircraft approval. Today, they make a line of aircraft from the $11,000 Part 103 model to a deluxe, top-of-the-line two seater with the 100-hp Rotax 912S powerplant that sells for $31,000 (both numbers in early 2010). You can also build an ELSA kit. This video walks you through the company's entire line. Sebring LSA Expo Preview for 2013The Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo, or the affectionate short hand "Sebring LSA Expo," or even more simply "Sebring," is THE show for Light-Sport Aircraft. It was the best ever in 2012... how good you say? Watch this video and find out plus hear about plans for the 9th Annual event in 2013. We speak with new show director Jana Filip who will provide the details and forecast.
AutoGyro -- Calidus (gyroplane)"Wind is your friend" in a gyro. That means take off is faster when the wind blows down the runway. But neither is wind, like crosswind, a problem; commonly we see gyros operate in wind conditions that keep light fixed wings airplanes on the ground. Flying a gyro is more like flying a fixed wing than flying a helicpoter. In this video we get lots of info about gyroplane flying. Let's go! Interview with Patty WagstaffMost aviators already know the name Patty Wagstaff from her many aerobatic performances at major airshows while flying her powerful Extra 300. The three-time National Aerobatic Champion performed at Sebring 2013, which gave us the chance to conduct an interview with her. Come watch and see if Patty will consider doing a routine in a Light-Sport Aircaft. Sennheiser Aviation -- S1 Digital HeadsetsAs one who is lucky to fly lots of airplanes, questions about which aircraft I recommend are common (hint: try PlaneFinder 2.0 under the Plane Research tab). A close second is, "Do you have a particular headset you like?" The question is logical since I often use whatever is in the cockpit of the airplane I fly. It didn't take long before I recognized one of the very best is the Sennheiser S1. It performs well, but the main reason to recommend it? It is extraordinarily comfortable. Check this video to see why.
AutoGyro -- MTO Gyro AmphibianAt Sebring 2013, we found something that we haven't seen before. Oh, we know about gyros and have reported earlier on the AutoGryo company. Here we feature an amphibious float-equipped gyroplane or gyrocopter. Represented in the USA by Soaring Concepts, let's have a look at what UltralightNews has tagged the "gyrophibian." Lot's to learn here; join us. Ion Aircraft -- IonAt AirVenture 2012, we had a look at an aircraft that's managed to stay under the radar through its development. This handsome tandem-seating, twin-tail-boom aircraft is unique in the LSA space, especially with what the designers call a U-tail. We spoke with the two Steves (Martin and Schultz) about the creation, based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area. Sensenich -- Props for LSA & HomebuiltsSensenich (pronounced Sensen-ICK) is one of the best-known prop manufacturers in the world, long supplying Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines, but also airboat makers. In 2012 Sensenich came out with a line of props specifically aimed at the Light-Sport Aircraft community and they can serve Rotax and Jabiru as well as Lycoming and Continental. Join us while we visit with company president Don Rowell at AirVenture Oshkosh.
AutoGyro VPR -- Calidus tandem gyro (2014)In our first VPR (Video Pilot Report) on a gyroplane, we go aloft with Robert Snyder in the biggest selling brand, AutoGyro, flying their two place tandem Calidus. If you've ever thought about gyroplane flying, this video may answer some questions you always wanted to ask. Multiple in-flight cameras give you a good feel of being in the cockpit; Robert and I describe all aspects of flying a gyroplane. Come on along and enjoy. (TRT: 22 minutes) Itec -- MaverickThe Maverick is... well, a maverick among Light-Sport Aircraft. This unique flying car is one of the most unusual entries in a chock-full LSA field yet it stands out in numerous ways. And, amazingly, I-Tec's Maverick has already won Special Light-Sport Aircraft approval. It also leaped ahead of competitors by qualifying as a "kit car," which means it does not need to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Standards. It's so different you'll want to visit their website after you view the video. SkyCraft Airplanes -- SD1 MinisportThe SkyCraft Airplanes SD1 Minisport grabbed plenty of attention at Oshkosh 2012 but really took off the next year when the company announced a fully-built version that will later qualify as a Special LSA. If it wins acceptance soon enough it could be the very first ready-to-fly single seat LSA on the market. Regardless of that acchievement, the Minisport has many qualities to encourage your purchase and out interview will identify many of these points.
Aveko -- Gobosh 800 XPThe Gobosh company, which recently acquired new ownership based out of Denver, Colorado, established itself as an importer of two fine low wing designs. Many LSA enthusiasts already know about the Gobosh 700, an all-metal design. Now, our video camera takes a series of views of a sleek all-composite Gobosh 800 as seen at the Midwest LSA Expo in 2010. Come on along as we check out this low wing speedster. ITEC -- Updated Maverick (2013)One of the most unusual Light-Sport Aircraft in the fleet is also the most powerful, with its new 190-hp engine. ITEC's Maverick is both powered parachute and up to a four-seater car. More than just a sedan, Maverick is a hot rod that can truly dash around on the ground. Hear from factory representatives to hear what has changed and how novel this machine appears to be. Skykits -- RampageSkykits - formerly of Canada, now of Paris... Tennessee, that is - has offered a series of Italian STOL designs, which they assembled north of the border. These days a U.S.-based company, Skykits branched off with their own design, this gleaming Rampage. Not only does Rampage look terrific in navy blue over highly-polished aluminum, it offers short-field flying capabilities and more. Come inside and have a look with us.
Aviad -- Zigolo MG12 (electric motoglider 2014)How about an electric airplane you can buy for less than $20,000? Delivered as "almost ready to fly" Italy's Zigolo is offered in the USA at South Lakeland Airpark (where you see this aircraft flying). Proprietor Chip Erwin, originator of the SportCruiser, tells us how he added electric power to Zigolo and flew it cross country to Sun 'n Fun 2014. This is not a family travel airplane but for those who enjoy soaring or leisure flying, Zigolo represents an economical purchse. ITEC-Maverick (2014)Not many people have gotten to fly the ITEC Maverick, the flying car candidate that has arrived on the market. We interviewed Roy Beisswenger, publisher of Powered Sport Flying magazine, an expert powered parachute pilot, about his experience at going aloft in Maverick. His perspective is special and he tells us how the vehicle drives and more about how it flies and how these experiences are different from a conventional powered parachute. Skykits -- SavannahThe Italian design from ICP is the Savannah, one of the best performing STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) Light-Sport Aircraft. Skykits is a formerly Canadian company recently moved to Tennessee and they build major components from ICP into no less than four finished versions called the regular Savannah, VG, ADV, and Skykits special variation, the Rampage.
B.O.T. Hand-Controlled LSA -- Wounded Warrior ProjectSoldiers in our country's service too often sustain combat injuries that cost them the use of their limbs. What if they still want to learn to fly. Able Flight is one resource for such aspiring pilots. Another national project is Wounded Warriors and Renegade Light Sport Aircraft has worked with European LSA manufacturers B.O.T. Aircraft to create a hand controlled airplane for use in training such students. We interview Tommy Counihan about his experience in flying the B.O.T. Jabiru -- J-230D (9/16)Here's a flight review of the latest version of the J-230, the D model. This aircraft has been around for years but the Australian manufacturer upgrades the machine periodically. In this case the changes had to do with the shape of the tail and other subtleties but minor changes over enough time add up to a much better aircraft. Join Dan Johnson as you get exterior and interior views of the newest J230D at the Midwest LSA Expo in Mt. Vernon, Illinois in fall of 2016. (Run time is 9 minutes.) SkyLeader (Jihlavan) -- SkyLeader 600Do you feel like you never heard of SkyLeader? Well, actually you have but you probably know it better as the Kappa KP-5. After losing their early distributor some years ago, the airframe fell off the U.S. radar. Now, with a new distributor in the Jacksonville, Florida area, Americans can once again consider the design. Over those years of absence, the model has been greatly enhanced. Check out the appearance in this video
Bede Corp -- BD-17 kit aircraft (2014)Doesn't everyone know about the miniature BD-5 airplane including the jet-powered version many have seen at airshows? That was the beginning of a long and productive design career for famous designer, Jim Bede. At Sebring 2014, we spoke with engineer Tim Becker who gave us plenty of information about the Sport Pilot-eligible BD-17, a single seat design that meets all parameters of a LSA. BD-17 is one of the very economical choices to help you get in the air. Jabiru -- J230 (dealer Eric Evans)When people visit the Midwest LSA Expo, a popular LSA-oriented show in early September, those visitors will likely run into an expert airplane broker, Eric Evans. As you'll hear in this video, Eric knows his way around a wide variety of airplanes, including many used aircraft. Eric tells us his view of the LSA market as we speak about a beautiful 2009 Jabiru that most viewers would think is brand new. He also tells about his concept to offer LSA training where he goes to the customer's airport, a terrific idea. SkyReach (Aerosport) -- BushCatIf you've been saying that Light-Sport Aircraft are too expensive, here is an airplane that may force you to readjust your thinking. While some carbon fiber beauties are indeed rather costly, BushCat has always been one of the true bargains. True, it is simpler in construction but that also means it is lighter which helps it perform well. In early 2017, BushCat starts at just $65,000 ready-to-fly. By any measure that's a bargain. Find out more detail in this video from the Midwest LSA Expo 2016.
Belite -- Carbon & TrikeBelite Aircraft bought the design rights for the single place, Part 103 design formerly known as the Kitfox Lite. The Kansas company did more than simply rename the aircraft, however. They also moved from aluminum tubes and wood ribs to carbon fiber elements and made numerous small changes to keep the aircraft with Part 103 weights. The video explains a few of the new options now available. Jabiru Aircraft -- Lower Prices! (0714)Jabiru Aircraft has long done well with their line of affordable, speedy, and U.S.-assembled aircraft. Yet following the difficult recession years, owner Peter Krotje thought he could do even better, but lowering the price. How is that possible ... especially a $25,000 cut of retail price? See the video for more detail but basically the Australian manufacturer sells a kit to a South African company that is highly effective at building these kits. Afterward, Jabiru USA imports and finishes their work. Despite a lot of freight, you pay less. Buyers will enjoy big savings. SkyReach (formerly Rainbow) -- Bush Cat (2013)If you're looking for a Light-Sport Aircraft that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, you need look no further than the SkyReach Bush Cat. How does less than $49,000 sound? (This is actually better than we were expecting back in 2002, even without factoring in time value of money.) Known to Americans as the Cheetah, a few organizational changes have occurred and new choices are now available. Watch for the latest news.
Belite Aircraft -- Amphibious Float SystemJim Weibe is the brains behind the Belite aircraft, some of which meet Part 103 parameters. He also does Belite Electronic superlight instruments. This busy fellow is now also offering amphibious floats, for his aircraft but conceivable for any other aircraft up to 620 pounds. The great news here is that you can't find many other floats for truly light aircraft and Jim has labored to change that situation ... though larger floats will follow. Jabiru Engine -- 3300 Upgrade (0914)At the Midwest LSA Expo in 2014, we spoke with Jabiru USA owner Pete Krotje about some significant changes made to one of the popular powerplants in the light aircraft space. Used on Jabiru airplanes, the engines are also offered for many other airframes where Jabiru USA provides what is called a "firewall forward kit" offering a home builder everything needed to do an installation. Here the new features from this company, now celebrating 15 years serving the American market. SkyReach -- Bush Cat (2012)SkyReach is a new company that took over from Rainbow Aircraft that became known for their low-priced Cheetah. Bush Cat is a slightly changed model (5% different) including stronger undercarriage structure, tires, brakes and more. Hear what the other differences are as we speak to the company representative. Also get an explanation for the flashy wing decoration. And, no, they still maintain the bargain price. Check it out!
Belite Aircraft -- Belite Wonder BreadOne sweet little Part 103 candidate at Sun 'n Fun 2012 that turned lots of heads what what folks dubbed the "Wonder Bread Airplane" for obvious reasons (at least if you saw TV commercials before 1975). Developer James Weibe has done lots of development on his single place entry and he tells us all about it. Jabiru US -- J-230SPJabiru is the one company I know of that produces both the airframe and the engine under one brand. Jabiru US purchases a basic kit from Australia (along with the engine) and assembles the package in Shelbyville Tennessee. The company has enjoyed consider success at this venture. SkyReach -- BushCat with higher gross (2015)BushCat has long be both a very interesting design with features you will not find on other aircraft and it has a price point that most can consider. Prices changes so check with the supplier, but at $65,000 in 2015, BushCat deserves your examination. Now, it is even more capable with a new gross weight hitting the upper limit of 1,320 pounds meaning you can carry two 200-pound occupants and 65 pounds of baggage or other gear. Have we got your attention now?
Belite Aircraft -- SeaLite Floatplane (2013)Belite Aircraft has maintained a singular focus on single seat aircraft, many of which can meet Part 103 (meaning no license, medical, or N-numbers needed). Entrepreneur James Wiebe has been tireless in his quest to constantly update the design. To wit, he scrapped an aluminum float project and created the carbon fiber amphibious floats to squeeze even more weight out of them. At the time this video was made, he had not yet flown, but in December 2013, that benchmark was achieved. Jabiru USA -- J170The Jabiru J170 is the "little brother" to the larger J230 and J250 series also from Jabiru USA. While the larger models evolved from the four seater Jabiru (Australia) kit -- without the two extra seats, of course -- the J170 evolved from the original two seater kit. But it still has plenty of room inside and is easily pulled through the air by the four cylinder, 85-hp Jabiru 2200 engine. SkyRunner -- MK 3.2 Powered Parachute & Recreational VechicleA few years back the folks at I-TEC introduced their Maverick, a powered parachute but with such a substantial carriage that they drove if from Florida to Oshkosh. SkyRunner might be regarded as a similar package but on steroids. This rig is a full-on macho pulse-pounder that catches the interest of people like Maverick did not. Indeed the SkyRunner team has set out to make this an impressive vehicle and you'll find out lots of details on this video.
Belite Aircraft -- UltraCub 4-Stroke (2013)Belite Aircraft rarely sits still. This company,. operated by a man former in the computer industry, knows that constant development of an idea stimulates interest. The latest from James Weibe is the UltraCub and it has two main differences: (1) the main fuselage is of notably different construction and (2) it has a four-stroke engine up front. You can hear the engine and hear more about all the changes to the newest model from Belite on this video. Jan Fridrich -- LAMA Presidents Award (2012)Jan Fridrich is known to all readers as the man behind the LSA market share statistics that have proven so popular. But his many hours of work on those figures are but a small part of the total effort Jan expends on behalf of the LSA concept - not just in the USA, but all over Europe and with an impact felt around the world. We're pleased to tell you more about Jan Fridrich, a man we hope you appreciate. Solar Flight -- Sunseeker DuoElectric power rivets the attention of many pilots even while the development of this power to propel airplanes continues to progress. If one uses solar cells, a designer need not necessarily rely on batteries. Eric Raymond, an American soaring and hang glider pilot, has been exploring solar-powered flight for some years. In this video we look at his newest project, the high-span Sunseeker Duo in which he and his wife plan to fly across and around Europe.
Belite Electronics -- Tiny, Light InstrumentsJames Weibe has become well known for his accomplishments with his very light -- Belite -- aircraft. However, this energetic businessman, who cut his teeth in the high tech industry, has also applied himself to aircraft instruments. However, these aren't your usual round dials nor digital instruments. These unique instruments are incredibly durable and light. Hear about all of them in this video. John Moody -- Father of UltralightsNot many people can be called the "father" of anything. That unofficial title has to be limited in its use. Nonetheless, John Moody is widely ascribed to be the Father of Ultralight Flying and I have to agree. I saw John fly a bi-wing hang glider to which he'd added a tiny engine way back in 1975. Even hang gliders were fairly new then and it was years before FAA created the ultralight vehicles we know today. Hear his story in this video and see a couple vintage ultralights he flies. Sonex -- AeroVee engine and airframe modelsSonex is one the world's most successful kit aircraft producers and they do it all. Sonex makes several interesting airframes and we'll have a look at them. Yet first we'll have CEO Jeremy Monnett show us around their AeroVee engine. They sell kits, and the engine is also a kit, not that it takes too much time to assemble. Hear all Jeremy's advice about powerplants and airframes from the Oshkosh, Wisconsin company that does it all and very well.
Beringer -- Brakes and WheelsBeringer is a family company that has been deeply involved with wheels and brakes in the automotive and motorcycle world. But in 2006 the family focused on aircraft (they sold the automotive part) and dedicated its energy in this area. At Aero 2013 we spoke with Claire Beringer to ask about the family business. She shows us their impressive line of premium wheels and brakes and tells us how these have been improved even further. Just Aircraft -- HighlanderAn all-American design, the Just Aircraft Highlander is more than "just" an aircraft. Here's a rugged taildragger that can carry quite a load and can land on unimproved airstrips... or perhaps alongside that trout stream you always wanted to fish. Beyond its utility, Highlander is roomy to let you sleep in it. (Note: Contrary to my memory test on camera, I do have a pilot report on Highlander.) Sonex -- AeroVee engine and airframe modelsSonex is one the world's most successful kit aircraft producers and they do it all. Sonex makes several interesting airframes and we'll have a look at them. Yet first we'll have CEO Jeremy Monnett show us around their AeroVee engine. They sell kits, and the engine is also a kit, not that it takes too much time to assemble. Hear all Jeremy's advice about powerplants and airframes from the Oshkosh, Wisconsin company that does it all and very well.
Best Off -- NynjaYou may not know the Nynja, but you probably have heard of the Sky Ranger. They are almost the same but with some nice updates to the newer model. No, it isn't from Japan, instead having the French heritage it always had but with new U.S. representation from Tony Berman. Come with us to check out this modestly-priced kit that provides plenty of flying fun. Just Aircraft -- Highlander SUPERSTOLAn aircraft that grabbed everyone's attention at AirVenture 2012 was the new Highlander Superstol from the South Carolina company. Here's a video you want to watch as we show touchdown after touchdown to show just how that marvelous gear with the 20-inch range (measured at the spindle). In flight footage also shows the automatic slats in operation and our interview of Troy Woodland will tell you how they did it all. You'll enjoy this one! Sport Performance Aviation -- Panther (aerobatic)At Oshkosh 2013, we discovered the Panther, a single place aerobatic-capable LSA candidate. Company owner and designer Dan Weseman provides all the details you want to ask in this video. Pilots can expect a 1,500 fpm climb, fast takeoff, and enough strength for loops, rolls, and perhaps more (but check with the company's recommendations). Sold as a kit but meeting LSA parameters allows use of Sport Pilot certificate and the company will support many aircraft engine to the builder's desire.
BOT Aircraft -- SC 07 Super CruiserThe BOT Aircraft, represented by in the USA by Doc' Bailey's Renegade Light Sport Aircraft, is new to Americans but it may be embraced by Yankee flyers. Since new owners took over the German-based, they made numerous improvements to a formerly Poland-designed aircraft. Hear all the details on our video including the also-new-to-Americans D Motor, described as a lightweight, modern powerplant. Just Aircraft -- Highlander SUPERSTOL (2013)Just Aircraft's SuperSTOL was a major hit on the Paradise City runway at Sun 'n Fun 2013. In this video we continue our review of this amazing aircraft as we interview principal designer Troy Woodland. We go fly the aircraft; with cameras on the wing and even the tailwheel, you can verify its unusual performance that allows you to land with the joystick full aft. Watch the video to hear some of its secrets. Sportair USA -- Line of TL Ultralight LSAAt Aero 2013 in Germany, we ran into American Bill Canino owner of Sportair USA, the U.S. importer for TL Ultralights, maker of the Sting and the Sirius LSA. At Aero, the company offered their new tandem-seating Stream. Bill's company, Sportair USA, offers a wide range of aircraft and he gives us a view of his line, assembled through 38 trips to Europe. In this video we focus on all the offerings of TL Ultralights.
BOT Aircraft -- Speed Cruiser & D-MotorBOT Aircraft is the producer of the Speed Cruiser LSA, which we reviewed earlier. In this video shot at Aero Friedrichshafen, we explore the company's work with the D-Motor aircraft engine. As the launch customer for the powerplant, B.O.T. boss Reiner Tauern reviews with us why he chose the new engine and what buyers might expect of it. In addition, B.O.T. also supports hand controls for pilots who have special needs. Just Aircraft SuperSTOL -- Big Sky Aviation Builder AssistBuilding a kit is part of the American aviation dream but it isn't for everyone. However, it is something anyone can learn. In this video we interview a husband and wife team -- Hutch and wife Ann -- who went to Just Aircraft to build their SuperSTOL (they are seated in the airplane for this video). Now, for those of you who aren't sure you can dedicate the time, Big Sky has an answer for you: come visit them and they'll give you expert assistance. Sportair USA -- TL-3000 Sirius (full length pilot report 1 of 2)Another in our series of full-length video pilot reports focuses on the TL Ultralights TL-3000 Sirius, represented in America by Sportair USA. We provide background on the airplane in this first of two videos; later we'll take it up for a video in flight session and talk more about flight qualities. The Midwest LSA Expo is an ideal place for these video pilot reports and we did several of them. For more on this Sirius pilot report, see the similarly titled video "2 of 2."
Breezer -- ELSA Kit (2011)Breezer Aircraft now offers a kit version of their all-metal Light-Sport Aircraft. The German company relies on support from American importer Mike Z, who shows us around the new money-saving opportunity in the LSA space. Not too many kit LSA are available yet (with a few notable exceptions like the Van's RV-12), but here's another entry. Kitfox -- 912 iS engine & durable airframeWe spoke with John McBean of Kitfox Aircraft to hear first about his new installation of the Rotax 912 iS engine on a Kitfox flown from Idaho to Florida. But we also spoke about the durability of the Kitfox in a flight training environment. Hear about one airframe with more than 1,700 hours and more than 5,000 landings, all in flight instruction. At Sebring we examined several LSA to dispel the mistaken rumor that LSA can't hold up in flight instruction. Sportair USA -- TL-3000 Sirius (full length pilot report 2 of 2)This video continues from our full-length video pilot report on the TL Ultralights TL-3000 Sirius. In this second of two videos we go aloft and let you see for yourself some of the flight characteristics of the high wing entry from the Czech producer. Both videos were shot at the 2013 Midwest LSA Expo, an ideal place for such video pilot reports. For background on this Sirius pilot report, see the similarly titled video "1 of 2."
Breezer Aircraft -- Breezer II (2009)See the German-made Breezer sold by This all-metal Light-Sport Aircraft has already evolved into the Breezer II and is one pleasant flying machine you might like. General aviation pilots will like some of the new features of this second version. Kitfox Aircraft -- Kitfox LSAOne of light aviation's standard-bearers is the Kitfox. With more than 3,000 flying worldwide, this kit success story is now available as a ready-to-fly Special Light-Sport Aircraft than can be and is used in taildragger flight schools. This video looks at a very clean example of a Kitfox that does flight training for tailwheel and back country operations. We talk with company owner John McBean and the flight school operator, Paul Leadabrand. SportairUSA -- Broad line of LSAWe spoke with SportairUSA founder, Bill Canino, who represents a broad and varied line of Light-Sport Aircraft... all of which just happen to begin with the letter "S." We wanted to inform you about all these quality airplanes but we also wanted to ask Bill about all SportUSA's activities including their Arkansas FBO and a flock of interesting accessories items, some of which are available for other brands.
Breezer Aircraft -- Breezer II (2010)The first airplane to sell at Sebring 2010 was this Breezer II. What a fitting way to start off the new U.S. import and distribution operation handled by industry veteran Mike Zidziunas (everyone calls him "Mike Z"). Breezer is an German-built, all-metal SLSA that flies beautifully and has a new cockpit interior. Breezer Aircraft USA -- not the web name as mistakenly stated in the video -- will be based at Plant City, Florida, near the home of Sun 'n Fun. Kolb -- Mark III Nose WheelKolb is one of the most familiar brands to anyone involved with ultralight or light kit aircraft. Every model they created was a taildragger. They were easy to learn but some folks simply prefer tricycle gear. So, Kolb added a nose wheel, but they left the tailwheel. Welcome to the aircraft that goes both ways... a little differently. Storm -- CenturyStorm of Italy (represented in the USA by Air Elite Aviation) has designed and produces three very different aircraft. In addition to the high wing composite Rally, the company makes this all metal low wing Century. Storm also makes an amphibious Sea Storm though it is not being imported to the USA at this time.
Bristell (USA) -- Bristell Shares (fractional ownership) 2015Light-Sport Aircraft are awesome. Many pilots want one but not all can afford one. Now Lou Mancuso of Bristell USA has a wonderful program for partner ownership, sometimes called fractional ownership. Honestly, it sounds so good it seems almost too good to be true ... but it's for real. Presently available in three locations with more to follow, pilots living on the east coast can join the fun. Hear Lou describe his fascinating plan in this interview. (This video is updated from an earlier version.) Kolb Aircraft -- Firefly (0912)MIDWEST LSA EXPO 2012 -- One of our series of many short videos from the fall show, this one on the Kolb Firefly. In the very same month that FAA's Part 103 turned 30 years old, we look at a legitimte Part 103 fixed wing design. The Firefly is mated to a stable of other popular Kolb airplanes that you build as a kit (though Firefly can legally be factory assembled or built for you by anyone). Storm -- RallyStorm Rally is offered by Air Elite Aviation, who also recently certified the all-metal, low-wing Century from Europe's Storm Aircraft. The high wing Rally is a composite construction, showing the versatility of this Italian-design aircraft. Gull wing doors make for easy entrance to the comfortable interior.
BRM Aero -- BristellBristell is a new Light-Sport Aircraft name and a handsome bird it is. Our video will take you through some of the many carefully considered details but it's worthwhile to know that this is a fifth-generation design. Creator Milan Bristela was deeply involved with the SportCruiser/PiperSport and after leaving that company worked on other similar designs. Come have a look and watch for a mini pilot report on this website. Kolb Aircraft -- Firefly 103Kolb's Firefly, developed several years ago, is a true-blue entry to the Part 103 ultralight rule. It was purpose-designed to accommodate a more powerful engine to meet customer interest, but to do so while staying within Part 103 254-pound empty weight mandate. It does! And with the legendary good Kolb handling paired with a more potent powerplant, here's a low-cost option to keep you smiling after a day's flying. Sun 'n Fun Paradise City a Success! (2013)Meet the boss ... of the season-opening Sun 'n Fun airshow, John "Lites" Leehouts along with longtime Paradise City chairman, Dave Piper. These two men made the "new and improved" Paradise City area -- formerly the Ultralight Area and subsequently the Light Plane Area -- a major hit at the 2013 Sun 'n Fun airshow. Lites took a flight in a ultralight-like Light-Sport Aircraft and describes his enthusiasm for the new area. Hear it all on this video
BRM Aero -- Bristell IFR (0117)"You cannot fly IFR in a Light-Sport Aircraft!" Is that what you think? You might be wrong. In this video Bristell USA's John Rathmell and I discuss this situation. Indeed, a path does exist for IFR operation in a Bristell and we will provide some details. (More can be found elsewhere on this website in an article published March 19, 2017.) Beside discussing IFR capabilities, join us for a flight in the wonderful Bristell, an aircraft I loved from my first flight in it. Kolb Aircraft -- Firefly Ready-to-Fly (0413)When you want the final word, it's often best to go right to the top, to the boss. That we did with Kolb Aircraft boss Brian Melborn. In this video shot at the new and improved Paradise City at Sun 'n Fun 2013, we heard about the Kolb Firefly as a Part 103 ultralight vehicle ... but the best news is a factory available ready-to-fly model, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. Brian also tells about a few changes to the great flying light aircraft. Sun 'n Fun Paradise City Upgrade (2012)We speak with "Lites" Leenhouts, the new head of the Sun 'n Fun event and campus while we all worked the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh airshow. We asked specifically about the upgraded Paradise City area (formerly known as the Ultralight Area and then the Light Plane Area). In the interview "Lites" assures vendors and attendees that they can fly demo flights from Paradise City all day long, even when the main airshow is occurring. Come meet "Lites" and hear his year 'round plans for Sun 'n Fun.
BRM Aero -- Bristell Taildragger (2013)Milan Bristela is the man behind BRS Aero and his the company is recognized in America thanks to his new generation Bristell aircraft. However, at Aero 2013 we saw a new version, a taildragger model. In our video we speak with the designer and ask him about his family-run company and the newest model he is bringing to the market. Kolb Aircraft Line (04/11)Kolb Aircraft is one of the most successful of light aircraft or ultralights among all companies. Now under stable new ownership and management, the much-loved brand is ready for a revival following the economic downturn of the mid-2000s. To hear the latest, we spoke with Brian Milborn at Sun 'n Fun 2011 at the company's display in Paradise City. Superior Air Parts -- Gemini Diesel Engine (0415)The first major introduction of a diesel engine that will enter production, perhaps in 2015, came from Superior Air Parts at Sun 'n Fun 2015. This company makes a line of XP engines for Experimental and Vantage engines for certified aircraft. The Gemini Diesel is their first entry to the LSA market and may prove to be a game changer, especially overseas where avgas is frightfully expensive and where auto gas can be of question quality. Here the details of the new engine in this video.
BRS Parachute -- An actual save!This video is a bit longer (21 min.) than our usual fare and it's a bit different in that we are not reviewing an aircraft. In this case, you can hear a most compelling story of a man and his daughter who were literally saved by the use of his BRS parachute in his Cirrus SR22. You rarely get to hear one of these experiences explained so well. After he lost his engine over the ocean the pilot deployed his parachute. Listen closely and learn! LAMA -- Activities to Help Industry (04/11)In this April 2011 video, LAMA president Dan Johnson reviews some of the key activities of the association that shows how it assists the fast-growing industry of Light-Sport Aircraft. Hear about, a new website to help owners and mechanics find important safety information and much more. Superior Air Parts -- Gemini Diesel on Legend (0715)Only a few months earlier, at Sun 'n Fun 2015, we got our first glimpse of the Superior Gemini Diesel engines aimed at the Light-Sport Aircraft space. At AirVenture Oshkosh 2105, we saw an installation of the engine on an American Legend airframe. This rapid pace is helped by the close proximity of Superior Air Parts and American Legend, just 80 miles apart in the state of Texas. In this video Legend boss Darin Hart and Superior VP Scott Hays tells us when we can expect to see it flying plus other details of the development.
BRS Parachutes -- Boris PopovBRS Parachutes is the leading developer of emergency parachutes intended to save the entire airplane including all occupants. The company has saved more than 276 lives (the numbers seems always to increase so check their website for the latest count). At Sun 'n Fun 2012, we spoke with company founder and early developer, Boris Popov, about the range of BRS products. LAMA -- LSA Certification (09/11)In this video shot in September 2011, LAMA president Dan Johnson discusses the ASTM certification used to certify Light-Sport Aircraft. Specially, the industry organization is encouraging manufacturers to show evidence of their annual internal audit to openly demonstrate that not only are LSA fun and worthy aircraft but they meet a high level of quality. The subject is a little dry but very important. T and T Aviation -- Falcon LSOf all the bright, colorful airplanes in the LSA Mall at Sun 'n Fun 2009, the Falcon had a distinction that sets it apart from all other models and endears it to experience general aviation pilots: Falcon LS is powered by a Lycoming O-235, a brand familiar to many.
Bulldog -- AutogyroOne of the most eye-catching aircraft I saw in the immense halls of Aero was the Bulldog Autogyro, a superbly finished prototype almost too good to fly. However, developer Barry Jones says he will put it in the air in late July 2015 and his 20+ years of military helicopter flying are experience to back up the claim. Join us in this video to hear more about this beautiful autogyro exhibited with such style at the major German airshow. LAMA -- What Is LAMA? (2009)This video is not about a single aircraft but about the entire fleet of Light-Sport Aircraft ... and the business organization that supports the producers of such aircraft. In this presentation, UltralightNews interviews Dan Johnson, president and chairman of the board for LAMA. Go to the updated website to obtain more information including further details on membership and its privileges. Tapanee Aviation -- Pagazair (2013)We don't often talk to pilots of plans-built aircraft but here's a winner. Also available as a kit from the Canadian producer, we speak in this video with two builders -- one plans-built and the other kit-built -- about what are the marvelous capabilities of this STOL airplane. Each pilot speaks of his terrific experiences. We had fun interviewing the builder pilots and think you'll enjoying hearing their stories.
Cessna -- SkycatcherWith Special Light-Sport Aircraft #1 from the biggest general aviation producer, Cessna showed off Rose Pelton's very own aircraft that she flew to Sebring from Wichita. The wife of company CEO, Jack, this is Rose's own airplane and she was kind enough to let us show you around it. Jump inside with us as we show you around the 1,000+ selling Skycatcher. Larry Burke Interview -- LAMA Founder (0414)Larry Burke founded the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association back in the early 1980s when ultralight aircraft were zooming around the skies of shows like Sun 'n Fun. We took a rare opportunity to speak with Larry at the 40th anniversary 2014 edition of Sun 'n Fun and got his perspective on the industry as he saw it then and views it today. This is an important piece of history in the light aircraft community. Tecnam -- AstoreAt Aero 2013, Tecnam mounted a very large display with nearly every one of their many current aircraft. At center stage was the brand new Astore, their first new low wing Light-Sport Aircraft in many years, named to commemorate the company's 65th anniversary. In this video we interview Paolo Pascale, Tecnam's managing director. He doesn't often do media interviews, we're told, so enjoy his view of the new aircraft.
Cessna -- Skycatcher (2012)Cessna had a great 2011 with more LSA registrations than any other brand, by a wide margin and for the first time. In this video we speak with new Skycatcher Business Leader Tracy Leopold and regional sales manager Kelly Spaulding about the leadership changes, price changes, and more regarding the LSA entry from the world's largest airplane producer. Levil Tech -- Tablet Avionics & AeroGlass (0714)Our video with Levil's Joe Marszal starts out with something absolutely new at AirVenture 2014. You can see Dan Johnson modeling and using AeroGlass, which might be called "Google Glass for pilots." The developer had a blow-out event and Levil, makers of GPS and AHRS systems for iPad and Android tablets, partnered up with the AeroGlass folks to power a fascinating heads-up display that can be used in a Light-Sport or homebuilt aircraft. Some great info is contained on this video. Tecnam -- BravoTecnam has no less than five SLSA models, the most of any producer, now that they added their handsome P2008 to the fleet. Bravo is their high wing cantilevered version and it's a favorite among many for its enormous view, a full 360 degrees of vision and no struts to block the scenery. Bravo flies with the usual Tecnam natural feel and cruises toward the upper end of the LSA spectrum. In this video we'll show you around inside and out.
Cessna -- Skycatcher Discover Flying (0812)Meet the eight youthful-faced Cessna "kids" that served as ambassadors for Cessna as they flew eight distinctively-painted and numbered Skycatcher LSA around the USA promoting Sport Pilot, Light-Sport Aircraft... and, of course, Skycatcher. After we meet each ambassador pilot and their dispatcher to hear of their experiences, we speak with Tracy Leopold about Cessna's move into Primary Category certification so the company can more quick satisfy Skycatcher demand in Europe. Light Sport America -- Rally (Storm)You may think you know the Rally but what you probably don't know is the ambitious plans of Phil McCoy who "bought the company" he says. He also reported buying space at the Barstow, Florida airport and he plans to fully build the Rally and an all-metal model called the Century, both designed by Storm Aircraft in Italy. Both Rally and Century, currently approved as SLSA, will also be available as kits. Hear about all the plans. Tecnam -- EagletTecnam, one of the most successful manufacturers in the LSA industry, makes several models of which one of the newest is the Eaglet. Introduced in 2008, the Eaglet is an amalgam of their Echo Super and Bravo high wing models. Based on their natural handling, good performance, and long company history, Eaglet is worth a closer look.
CGS Aviation -- HawkThe Hawk series from CGS Aviation is one of our light aviation stalwarts. With more than 1,500 flying since 1983, Hawk is well established and enjoys a great accident record. It flies wonderfully but what may be Hawk's best sales feature in these days of $130,000 LSA is the l-o-w price. Check the video (near the end) to hear price info. Lisa Aircraft -- Akoya seaplaneOne of the most attention-getting aircraft at AirVenture 2012 was the Lisa Akoya, and no wonder. Akoya has design qualities and features not found on any other aircraft we've seen. After the airshow, the company announced new plans regarding financing so the future has some questions marks. Yet something this beautiful is going to emerge one day. Join us as we a tour of the eye-popping Akoya inside and out. Tecnam -- P2008The latest from top producer, Tecnam of Italy, is this super handsome P2008. First seen at the 2009 Aero show in Germany, Sebring 2010 was the coming-out party for the P2008 in the United States. In this new SLSA model, we see the marriage of Italy's all-metal skills to the composite capability of CAG, a Spanish company Tecnam bought to acquire their knowledge of such construction. And it worked! The smooth lines and Italian design make for one of the prettiest LSA in the fleet.
CGS Aviation -- Hawk with HKS PowerOne of the more successful "ultralights" is the CGS Aviation Hawk. Over the years, several different models were sold and approaching 2,000 of these aircraft have taken to the skies. At Sun 'n Fun 2013 current owner Danny Dezauche introduced the newest version of all: a 60-horsepower HKS 4-stroke-powered Hawk that is on its way to becoming one of the newest Special Light-Sport Aircraft. Here more about this iconic company in this video. Lockwood Aircraft -- AirCamThe amazing, incredible AirCam ... one aircraft you fly in ways you'd never fly in another airplane. How that? AirCam is an open cockpit twin engine airplane that can even take off with only one engine (though don't do this!). AirCam developer Lockwood Aircraft tested the new fuel-injected Rotax iS engine on one side with a carburetor 912 ULS on the other. How did that work? Watch this video while light aircraft expert John Hurst explains his experience flying this aircraft from Florida to Oshkosh. Tecnam -- SeaSky amphibian (7/13)Tecnam has likely built more variations on their Light-Sport Aircraft theme than any other company. One of the latest to show was the SeaSky, an amphibious float-equipped version of the P92 Echo Classic that has more than a 20-year history with the company. The floats are also a Tecnam product, a product of the Italian company acquiring a Spanish company with composite technology and equipment. Company rep Tristan Rabb shows us around the new model.
Colyaer -- Freedom S100Americans have formerly seen the Colyaer Freedom S100 amphibian Light-Sport Aircraft. The long-winged seaplane disappeared from the market after the first U.S. distributor left the business. Now with new representation that we'll meet, Freedom will call the Lakeland airport home along with the Sun 'n Fun organization. Spanish owner, Santi, will help us understand the Freedom better and we'll hear more about their plans. LSA America -- Allegro 2007 (2011)LSA America is now the builder of the #3 Light-Sport Aircraft to win approval as a Special Light-Sport Aircraft. Recently a new factory opened in Littleton, North Carolina (thanks to financial support from the state among other sources) and new Allegro LSA are starting to roll off the line. In this video we'll update the situation for the newest U.S.-based manufacturer of LSA. The video was shot just before the new factory opened. Tecnam -- Sierra P2002As a company Tecnam has several distinctions: they are one of the oldest light airplane producers, dating to 1948; they have more models of SLSA than any other company; and the Italian company has one of the broadest lines. Here we look at their sliding-canopy, low-wing Sierra P2002, a model with a great following around the world.
Comco Ikarus -- C42 (2011)Comco Ikarus has a long history in Europe dating to the early 1990s. The company believes it is the largest supplier of flight school aircraft in Europe's largest economy, Germany. Their current development is a higher gross weight edition of the composite exterior C42. New U.S. representation could reignite sales of this sweet-flying, light-weight LSA. LSA America -- Allegro 2007 (Full Length Pilot Report)Here is the second installment of our full-length pilot reports, by which we mean we give much more than a quick glance at an aircraft. This time we review the Allegro 2007, the model that is now 100% Made in the USA.

Near the start, some wind noise interfers but this improves.
Tecnam -- Snap (aerobatic LSA 2013)In early 2013 Tecnam acquired the design rights and tooling to produce Snap, the first aircraft in the LSA space aimed specifically at aerobatic flying. It uses a special version of the Rotax 912 and we spoke to Fabio Russo, the designer of the aircraft. He is also now the chief R&D engineer for Tecnam, so the company benefits from the designer and his design. It will be sold in the USA by SportairUSA.
Continental (ECi) -- Titan engineCubCrafters made the Titan engine well known to Light-Sport Aircraft enthusiasts when it added the 180-horsepower engine to their line of Cub-like airplanes. It made a rather docile flying machine into a macho machine and that appears to have helped the company increase their sales. However, now you can also find this engine in the American Legend Cub-type airplanes as well as Sportair USA's Outback model manufactured by Zlin. All three models now boast this impressive performing engine, and more airframe users are coming. LSA Maintenance -- Basic & OverviewWhen the Sport Pilot / Light-Sport Aircraft rule (SP/LSA) was released in summer 2004, it contained a provision for pilots (Sport Pilot certificate), for aircraft (LSA definition and ASTM standards), but also for mechanics (Light-Sport Repairman-Inspection or -Maintenance). The video contains some charts with more detail. In the video I mistakenly referred to the LSR-M rating as "Mechanic." I meant to say "Maintenance." Tecnam -- Tail Dragger (2012)Tecnam has many fetching models, no less than five of which have earned Special LSA approval. To that seemingly ever growing fleet the big Italian manufacturer now adds the Tail Dragger, dressed up in full retro look. At Sun 'n Fun 2012 we got a first look at the new model and are given the details by Phil Solomon, CEO of Tecnam North America.
Continental Motors -- O-200D LSA engine (2014)Continental is one of the most familiar brand names in all of aviation. The company's engines have powered more airplanes than most pilots could possibly name and their experience over 100 years (80 in aviation) is legendary. Pilots and mechanics around the world know Continental Motors and you can get service at virtually any airport. We speak with Ron Humphreys who gives us the details of the LSA-specific O-200D engine. We even touch on Continental's diesel engine. LSA Tour 2011 (Dallas Texas)The LSA Tour is an idea to bring the airshow to the visitor, rather than asking them to trek across the country to visit one of the major airshows. Following the success of the LSA Mall at events, the LSA Tour positions several top brands in close proximity to allow broad access to the representatives of these Light-Sport Aircraft. The LSA Tour has been all over the country; this video talks about the event in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Tecnam Eaglet -- Law Enforcement GearLight-Sport Aircraft may only be used commercially in two ways: for paid flight instruction and aircraft rentals. However, if a LSA is bought by a municipality, the U.S. government, or the military, it may be called a "Public Use Aircraft," and is then exempt from FAA's prohibition of other commercial use. The Tecnam in this video is fitted with a reasonably low cost, quickly attached camera system that might be used by law enforcement officials. Watch too see how the gear works.
Criquet -- StorchCriquet Storch is an unusual Special Light-Sport Aircraft... in many ways. It looks unusual, modeled as it is after the World War II-era Storch which achieved fame or infamy by rescuing Italian leader Mussolini from a mountain side during that conflict. The quite accurate replica is also unusual for its different flight characteristics. One look at the long, long gear legs tells you Storch is meant for another kind of flying. Our video provides some of the story. Lycoming -- Aerobatic O-233In the works for many months, the Sebring 2013 event saw the finished installation of the Lycoming AEIO-233 aerobatic-capable powerplant installed on the nose of the FK12 Comet (which itself can handle up to 9 Gs of positive loading). Aerobatic legend Patty Wagstaff is considering doing a routine in a Light-Sport Aircraft and it could be this one after a period of suitable trials. Watch this video and learn more about the project. Tenn-Air -- Jabiru-Powered CH-750If you like Zenith Aircraft's CH-750 STOL -- widely regarded as a "Sky Jeep" - you've been able to buy and build for some years, but you had to purchase a kit after a related company, AMD, ceased operations. Now, Pete Krotje explains how he formed a new company, Tenn-Air, to fully build the CH-750. Powered by the energetic 120-hp Jabiru engine, this bird performs (I flew it earlier and can attest to its performance). Here about Pete's plans to offer interested pilot a buy-and-fly model.
CSA -- PiperSport (01/10)An exciting announcement at Sebring 2010 brought legacy brand Piper Aircraft into the Light-Sport Aircraft fold. The Vero Beach producer of more than 90,000 airplanes reported it will now distribute the former SportCruiser and they renamed the model as the PiperSport (at the opposite end of their spectrum from the PiperJet). Watch the video to see what Plane & Pilot editor James Lawrence thought of his experience with the newest Piper. Lycoming -- O-233 LSA EngineLycoming is the storied aircraft engine brand name that even predates aircraft as you'll hear in this interview with the company's Mike Kraft. Lycoming has worked closely with Renegade Light Sport aircraft company in Lee's Summit, Missouri and that is now paying off with installations in more and more LSA. Optimized for use in Light-Sport, the O-233 has lost some 40 pounds and is raring to go even while sustaining its 2,400 TBO. Terrafugia -- Transition (09/11)Terrafugia -- a name that means escape from Earth -- is the creator of the "roadable airplane" called Transition. The New England company has attracted wide media attention for its unique effort in the LSA space. With a growing order book, Anna Dietrick helps us learn where the project stands as of AirVenture 2011. Come have a look.
CSA -- PiperSport (04/10)At the end of 2009, only a select few knew Piper was entering the LSA sector. They announced the PiperSport in January and said they'd deliver the first at Sun 'n Fun, only three months later. And they did... logging not only their first delivery on schedule, but taking seven more orders right at Sun 'n Fun 2010. With over 100 SportCruisers (the PiperSport's previous name) and expecting to sell 75 in 2010, Piper will move up the sales rank smartly. In this video, we check out the cockpit fully. M-Squared -- Breese 103M-Squared continues a tradition of simple but well-built open cockpit "ultralight" aircraft. I used quotation marks as M-Square now sells SLSA and ELSA models, but also continues to make the Part 103-capable single seater that you can fly without a pilot's license of any kind plus no medical and no N-numbers required. Freedom in flying was never so obvious or delightful. The Airplane Factory -- SlingYou should already know the Sling. The South African design set a new benchmark by coming off design and initial development to take an east-to-west trip around the globe. That showed the confidence of designers Mike Blyth and James Pittman. At Sun 'n Fun 2013, we spoke with reps from The Airplane Factory USA who answered questions about flight characteristics and future plans plus talk about the kit Sling they're assembling. Watch this video to get all the facts.
CSA -- PiperSport (2009)As evidence of how fast things move in the world of Light-Sport, as recently as the Midwest LSA Expo, Piper was not affiliated with the Czech Sport Aircraft Sport Cruiser (formerly built by Czech Aircraft Works). This video, shot in early October 2009, covers the airplane now known to Americans as the PiperSport. References to the CSA website have been updated but the facts about this attractive low-wing LSA remain accurate. M-Squared -- Breese 2 (2009)M-Squared earns top honors two ways. First, this is THE lowest-cost, fully-built, ASTM-certified Special Light-Sport Aircraft in the fleet. At $34,995 ready-to-fly, you can probably afford a Breese 2. Secondly, M-Squared is the first of the former ultralight companies to make the jump to full LSA approval. Congratulations, M-Squared! Titan Aircraft -- T-51 MustangEverybody loves the P-51 Mustang and not just pilots, but seemingly anyone who likes airplanes. However, affording one or being qualified to fly one limits any interactive fun with a Mustang to a very limited number of people. Titan Aircraft owner John Williams was another Mustang lover but he did something about it, creating the T-51, a very realistic kit that many can afford. We spoke at length with John about his favorite creation. We think you might enjoy it as well.
CSA -- SportCruiser Classic (2012)In this update to the SportCruiser, for a time known as the PiperSport, U.S. Sport Aircraft boss Don Ayers tells about the new Classic model. Using standard instrument analog gauges - often referred to a "six pack" - the Classic can be delivered for a modest cost ($120,000 in early 2012). A more deluxe version is available with many bells and whistles. M-Squared -- Breese with HKS power (2012)We literally shoot the Breese in this video as we examine a very special single seater from M-Squared. This owner built example has numerous unique features to it that we look at in detail. But the main ingredient may be the dual turbocharged HKS two cylinder four stroke engine that makes 80 horsepower, which in turn must make an extremely impressive performer out of the otherwise mild-mannered Breese SS. Titan Aircraft -- TornadoThe Tornado is one of a line of small-looking, hot-handling, tandem-seated light aircraft including one model that can still meet Part 103 for ultralight vehicles. Short spans of an all-metal wing and a racy fighter-aircraft look to the cabin area add to the appeal of the four Tornado models. We speak with developer and longtime company boss John Williams who tells about construction and much more.
CubCrafters -- Carbon Cub SS (Pilot Report-2012)Come along with us as we check out the potent CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS with its 180-horsepower engine. You fly right with us as we put the SS through its paces including the energetic climb, slow flight, stalls, steep turns, and finally ending with a three point landing. Both takeoff and landing, while exciting, were not challenging, at least for someone with taildragger experience. See for yourself and hear the dialogue between Ben Redman of Rare Aircraft and Dan Johnson. TRT: 33 minutes M-Squared Aircraft -- HKS turbo power (2013)Paul Mather is one of the most experienced proprietors in the light aircraft space. At Sebring 2013, we had a look at his impressive turbo-HKS-powered Breese II aircraft that is presently completing its Special LSA approval. We heard more about Paul's business which branches off in several directions of service to light plane enthusiasts. Gaining SLSA approval in 2013 and beyond is more involved than ever and Paul briefly tells us some of the tasks he's undertaken while fitting the Japanese engine. TL Ultralight -- Sirius TL-3000From the one company with both low and high wing all-composite Light-Sport Aircraft comes the new high wing Sirius from American importer SportairUSA. This Arkansas-based company is better known for the low wing Sting but the Sirius is the newest. We take you on a tour of the slick model with SportairUSA's Bill Canino and provide lots of descriptive information.
CubCrafters -- SportCubCubCrafters is a well-established company that retores vintage Cubs, makes the FAA Type Certificated Top Cub, and is one of our LSA market leaders with their SportCub. This may look like a replica Cub but is actually a thoroughly modern version as evidenced by significant use of carbon fiber to stay with the LSA empty weight limit. Magnaghi Aeronautica -- Sky Arrow (0712)Sky Arrow, now available in blue and white (you hear the humor about "Any color you like..." on the video) from Magnaghi Aeronautica, the large Italian aerospace company that took over the Sky Arrow design and manufacturing after the previous company failed. This beautiful flying Light-Sport Aircraft was in limbo for a few years but Magnaghi rescued it. Sky Arrow has often been used for training disabled persons thanks to hand controls. Here what changed after Magnaghi took over. TL Ultralight -- Sting S3In its next generation model, the Sting S3 brings new sophistication to a Light-Sport Aircraft that was already one of the sleekest and best equipped models available. A leading seller, Sting comes with more standard features than most LSA, including safety-oriented airframe parachute and seat belt airbags. Sting is an all-carbon fiber construction.
CubCrafters SportCub with Mead Amphib FloatsIf you've ever tried float flying, you probably love it. If you haven't tried it, do so ... soon! While the activity is great, it can be mighty expensive. Amphibious floats for a Cessna 182, for example, probably cost more than a brand-new LSA. So how does a company make this more affordable? Check out this video and get an education about a much more modestly price float set on a very popular airplane, the CubCrafters Sport Cub. Magnaghi Aeronautica -- Sky Arrow (0912)MIDWEST LSA EXPO 2012 -- One of our series of many short videos from the fall show, this one is the Sky Arrow. This Special LSA has been around for years but had a down period after the Italian manufacturer went out of business. It has since been acquired by a large Italian aerospace company -- Magnaghi Aeronautica -- and they are back in production with this smooth, great flying airplane. Here more on our short (3 min) video update. TL Ultralights -- Sting S4 (2013)Bill Canino has imported the TL Ultralights line of Light-Sport Aircraft for many years. The first of their modern line is the Sting and its a series of models that have evolved steadily. In this video we speak with Bill and hear more about this very handsome S4 Sting, which has enjoyed regular innovations. The company also makes the TL-3000 Sirius high wing all composite and Bill's company SportairUSA sells an entire line of LSA.
Czech Sport Aircraft -- SportCruiser PILOT REPORT (0913)Here we go again with another of our series of Video Pilot Reports or VPRs, this time in the Czech Sport Aircraft SportCruiser. Yes, that's the airplane for one year known as the PiperSport in the legacy company's short period in the LSA space. All the while it was represented by U.S. Sport Aircraft and that Texas-based company is once again the sole importer for the USA. In this video we take you along for a flight in the popular machine and provide you with a full cockpit review and a selection of performance numbers. Enjoy! Magnaghi Aeronautica -- Sky Arrow (2009)Sky Arrow was one of the early entrants to the Light-Sport Aircraft world. The Italian producer (abbreviated "triple I") ran into financial trouble, but thanks to steady importer Hansen Air Group, the all-composite Sky Arrow can still be obtained and service continues in the USA. While not as fast as some LSA, Sky Arrow still shows wonderful flying qualities. Tomark Aero -- Viper SD-4Tomark Aero's Viper SD-4 is a handsome all-metal low wing with a wide, distinctively-appointed cockpit. The new entry features conventional lines and familiar construction materials. Viper's back-swinging canopy brings huge visibility and the cockpit appears to be focused on comfortable cross country flying. Tomark uses CAD design and CNC precision cutting methods to make this well finished LSA. US distribution is handled by Tomark Aero USA, located in Frisco, TX.
D Motor -- LF39 LSA engineYou already know very well Rotax, Jabiru, Continental, and Lycoming plus a couple others including UL Power and Viking. Now, come have a look and listen to Doc Bailey telling us about the D-motor, a flat head engine. D Motor is a direct drive, horizontally opposed, gasoline engine with what Dac' said is only 35 moving parts. Here's 95 horsepower weighing only 124 pounds with a high torque, 250 newton meters' worth. Created by former race car drivers specifically for aircraft, D Motor has many of the features pilots want. Magni Gyro -- M24 OrionMIDWEST LSA EXPO 2012 -- One of our series of many short videos from the fall show, this one on the Magni Gyro M-24 Orion. Gyros have a special place in the hearts of some pilots... humorously called rotorheads; you know if you're one of them. We catch up with the new side-by-side, fully-enclosed Magni M2-24 Orion and hear how this kit is to build and fly. Triton America -- Skytrek (pilot report) 2016SkyTrek is a new design from Thomas Hsueh, a longtime aeronautical engineer with impressive credentials (he is also now the owner of the Adam Aircraft twin engine, six-seater). Thomas applied his extensive background to an airplane you may think you recognize but he made numerous improvements to it, among them a steerable nosewheel (the others are castoring) and beefing the structure for flight school use. If you've loved this design shape but wanted improvements, this might be your bird. (Run time: about 14 minutes)
David Clark -- Headset Line ReviewEasily one of the most recognized headset brands in all of aviation is David Clark. Their familiar shade of green ear cups are seen in movies and magazine photos around the world and have been for decades. This all-American company with design and production all happening in Worcester, Massachusetts has not only developed a full line of headset but they have better prices than other well-known brands. In this video Aviation Market Manager Dennis Buzzell gives us a tour through the whole line. Magni Gyro -- Two modelsWe speak with Greg Gremminger, the longtime importer of the Magni line out of Italy. Greg helps us understand the LSA rules for gyros (which have long been in contention) and shows us around his two birds at the Midwest LSA Expo in 2012. We look at the open cockpit, tandem seating M-22 Voyager model plus the newer side-by-side, fully-enclosed M-24 Orion model. These are kits but the build is modestly low. Have a watch and learn for yourself. TruTrak -- Autopilots & more for LSAMany Light-Sport Aircraft use autopilots these days because such controllers have dropped rather fantastically in cost from the days when only turbines and larger had such equipment. One reason for this proliferation is due to TruTrak, which made the Digify autopilot. The company is now owned by a 14-year employee, Andrew Barker, and he shows us around the latest in autopilot capability
DirectFly (Corbi Air) -- Alto 100 (2011)Some years ago, an all metal Light-Sport Aircraft made its American public debut at the Sebring LSA Expo; this is the DirectFly Alto 100 represented in the USA by Corbi Air. This low wing design with its forward sliding canopy has been tailored specifically to the U.S. market, fitted with many American components to make maintenance easier, faster, and less costly. Midwest LSA Expo -- 2013 preview & datesSebring kicks off the year with the granddaddy of LSA Expo events. Sun 'n Fun starts the flying season. AirVenture is the summer celebration of flight. In the fall, at least for the LSA crowd, the Midwest LSA Expo in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, is planning its fifth year of an event airport manager and event organizer, Chris Collins, calls "intimate." The name fits as you can get up close and personal with any LSA you want and go flying in mere minutes. Join us to hear more. TruTrak with Levil -- ECO Autopilot & AEPYou've probably heard of TruTrak, the leading autopilot maker for light aircraft of many descriptions. You've probably heard of Levil, certainly so if you employ and iPad or other tablet to assist your flying. Now consider ECO a new autopilot that boasts some great qualities: lighter weight, easier installation, lower cost ... but that's not all. ECO also allows something called AP or Automatic Envelope Protection and that's where Levil enters the autopilot picture. This video will provide many more details on this cutting-edge technological development.
DirectFly (Corbi Air) -- Alto 100 (2014)Some folks believe Light-Sport Aircraft cannot function well in a flight school environment. Certainly, while learning to fly, students make mistakes and some believe that means LSA are not built durably enough to withstand the rigors of instructional flying. In this video we speak to Ron Corbi to examine a DirectFly Alto 100 that has logged 500 hours of such flying in a single year. You can see for yourself that it not only endured student pilots but still looks mighty good. Midwest LSA Expo 2012 -- ALL Aircraft TourAnd now for something completely different -- For the first time in our 200+ videos we take you on a tour of the 2012 Midwest LSA Expo and cover every single aircraft on display... not just a few highlights, but every airplane. We cover all the LSA plus some kits and ultralights. Each aircraft segment is short, just 2-3 minutes, but here's a way to see it all in 1.5 hours of watching we hope you'll like. Later, we'll offer each aircraft video separately to make finding the ones you want easier. TRT: 90 minutes U-Fly-It -- Aerolite 103 (2011)Terry Raber has returned with his charming Aerolite 103. He left the business for a time and another man tried to replicate the creation. Now, Terry is back under his Streamline (as in add-on strut fairing) brand. Aerolite 103 is a remarkably well-equipped genuine Part 103 ultralight vehicle that you can buy and fly for about $15,000 though you'll want to get up-to-date information.
DirectFly (Corbi Air) -- Alto 100 with air conditioningThe very first Light-Sport Aircraft to adopt air conditioning was the Corbi Air Alto 100 from DirectFly. The U.S.-made air conditioning system is supplied by Air Management Technology (AMT) of Englewood, Colorado. When importer Ron Corbi brought his Fly-Cool equipped Alto to my home airport in Florida, I got an introduction to the airplane and I got to experience the value of that cooling system. Hear more about FlyCool and Alto in this video. Mosquito Ultralight HelicopterWe don't have a lot of ultralight helicopter coverage here on because not many exist. A few have been proposed and prototypes built, but one that's stood the test of time is the Mosquito. A couple examples flew regularly at Sun 'n Fun 2013 so we decided to get a static flight lesson on these affordable rotary winged aircraft. Join us on this video and you can learn what we learn as we ask questions of an expert. Plus, get this: Mosquito is available for a bit more than $40,000! U-Fly-It -- Aerolite 103 (2013)For years Aerolite 103 has been a charmer of the Part 103 class of aircaft. Needing no pilot license, medical, N-numbers, and being able to buy it ready to fly are desirable qualities. To this, Aerolite 103 adds great flying characteristics, features you might not think can be included to an aircraft that cannot weigh more than 254 pounds empty. Topping off this terrific package is a price tag of less than $20,000, ready-to-fly with electric starting, a an airfame parachute, and more. Whew ... that's a great value!
DJI Quadcopter -- Our first look at dronesLately the loud buzz in aviation is drones. Called UAVs, UASs, RPVs or other names, we'll just use "drone." Not our usual fare of reports on man-flown aircraft, we are just as intrigued as tens of thousands of others with this camera-carrying airplanes. They are radio-controlled (RC) but with autonomous flying capability should you lose radio contact or if some other interference happens. Come with us as we fly and witness the surprisingly smooth flight of the DJI drone. Murphy Aircraft -- Radical (07/16)You know the name Murphy Aircraft, from models such as their biplane Renegade or their all-metal Rebel. The Canadian company has built many variations on the theme over the years but they pulled away from the U.S. market when the Canadian dollar rose against the U.S. dollar, making their airplanes seem too expensive for Yankees. Now, they are back with their new Radical but also the other popular designs. In this video Dan interviews Darryl Murphy, the brains and boss behind this successful company. UL Power Engine -- 350is (and others)New engines come along rarely and even more rarely are accepted by the marketplace. One that has garnered early positive feedback is the UL Engine. Available in different sizes, it also offers different displacements and varying compression to delivery a variety of horsepower ratings. A modern engine the UL Power series even come with FADEC or Full Authority Digital Engine Control. As of fall 2011, some 300 engines have been delivered; 30 in the USA.
Dual Electronics -- XGPS190 (GPS, weather, traffic)Dual Electronics has been a leader in the panel-top devices that supply valuable information to iPads and other tablets that have become so popular in cockpits. Because they are not mounted in the panel, certified aircraft can use these receivers immediately. Light-Sport Aircraft and light kit aircraft have also warmly received Dual's devices as have pilots in other countries (Dual supports the Russian satellite systems as well.) On this video, Dual's Joanna Lukins reviews the entire product line. -- MVP (Most Versatile Plane)One of the biggest splashes at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 came with the debut of the's new offering, their MVP that stands for Most Versatile Plane. The mockup was presented to a standing room only crowd of journalists and then placed on display in EAA's 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of Light-Sport Aircraft. All week long, it drew thick crowds anxious to ssee the many unique features of the coming SLSA model. Here some of the details in this video from founder Darrell Lynds. UL Power Engines -- 2012 UpdateOne of the toughest things to do in aviation is bring a new engine to market. Pilots/buyers take time to gain confidence in new powerplants even moreso than with new airframes. We spoke to UL Power representative Robert Helms last year at the Midwest LSA Expo and this year he updates us on new engine options all the way up to 196 horsepower. All engines have FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), just like far more expensive FAA-certified engines.
Duc Hélices -- Carbon Props, Hubs, & moreDuc Hélices, a French company, has specialized in the creation of all-carbon fiber propellers in various configurations, to fit engines of different sizes and airplanes of differing performance. Not only are the props built of tough, long-lasting carbon fiber but this is only company we know that also makes carbon hubs. They also supply spinners and prop blade covers plus service. Based on comments from numerous users, Duc Hélices clearly provides impressive performance. MySky -- MS One (MS-1)Our first "performance tandem" joins a fleet of seven other tandems in the LSA space, but this One is meant to get up and be gone... in a hurry. Slim in frontal area and powered by the mightiest of ASTM-certified engines -- the 120-hp Jabiru 3300 -- MS One ought to hit the 120-knot limit of Light-Sport Aircraft. Designed and built in the USA near Daytona Beach, Florida, MySky expects first shipments in November 2010. US Aviation -- Denton Texas LSA-friendly FBOIn this video shot at the Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2012, we speak with Scott Severen of US Aviation. Based in Dallas, Texas US Aviation is one of the fastest growing fixed base operators in the USA and thanks to Scott, they have a sharp focus on Light-Sport Aircraft with an entire facility dedicated to providing factory-authorized service for many leading LSA brands. Scott is a longtime player in light aviation with a multifaceted background.
Dynon Avionics -- D1 Pocket Panel EFISHaving shipped their first product in 2003, Dynon has to some extent come first circle with the introduction of their D1 Pocket Panel. This tiny little device does more than the first instrument 10 years earlier but it is a powerful little package. Find out more about D1 in this video and see why general aviation pilots flying Type Certified aircraft are buying the pocket-sized instrument for use in their airplanes. Nando Groppo -- TrailNando Groppo is a European company in business for several years with more than one model flying. In this video we look at the Trail, a tandem-seating, aluminum, fabric-covered tail dragger. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Trail is a very simple and easy wing folding arrangement that can be done quickly by a single person without disconnecting any linkages. U.S. representatives expect to price the Trail modestly in the $85-90,000 range after they gain SLSA approval. A kit will also be offered. Valley Engineering -- Backyard FlyerValley Engineering does it all. They fabricate and build one and two seat airplanes, they carve their own props (under the well-known Culver brand), and they fashion their own four stroke engine (based on the Generac generator engine). Perhaps it is doing all this that allows the Smith family to offer unique, well-flying, and very reasonably priced airplanes. In this video we check out their Part 103 model, the Backyard Flyer.
Dynon Avionics -- SkyView 10-inchDynon Avionics has arguably become the largest supplier of LSA avionics in the form of computer screen displays of engine monitoring and flight instruments. At AOPA 2009, they introduced their impressive new SkyView synthetic vision system. In this video at Sebring 2010, we look at one of the first installations of this big-screen setup in the Flight Design CTLS. Nando Groppo -- Trail (2014)We've looked at Nando Groppo's Trail aircraft earlier, both in the USA and over at Aero in Germany. The aircraft remains an interesting modestly priced machine (mid-$80,000s in early 2014, subject to change) with folding wings and bush capability. Now the Trail has a new representative. Steve Bensinger has a long, illustrious history with the CGS Hawk ultralight and now offers the Trail. Get up to date on the airplane and Steve's business in this video. Valley Engineering -- Backyard Flyer with 110-hpAll-too regularly I hear people lament the high cost of Light-Sport Aircraft. Indeed, some with all the latest equipment do get up in price, but that does not change the fact that many lower priced aircraft are available. One company, Valley Engineering and their Backyard Flyer series brings several very agreeably priced aircraft to the market. They are kits but in return for some hours of labor you can have a very fun flying machine for a cost nearly anyone can afford. Check out their highest-powered example in this video.
Dynon Avionics -- SkyView HDXDynon Avionics has become the leading seller of glass screen instruments in Lihgt-Sport Aircraft and light kit-built airplanes. One way the company has kept their leadership position in a crowded field is by constant innovation, by always taking another step (often ahead of their competition). Now, here comes HDX, a new version of SkyView that makes operating this terrific instrument that much easier, especially in situation where the sky is delivering a few bumps. Get the update from Dynon guru, Kirk Kleinholz. (9 minutes) Nando Groppo -- Trail on tricycle gearWe reviewed the folding wing Groppo Trail at Sebring where it stood on conventional or taildragger gear. At Aero, we again spoke with the designer Nando Groppo and his associate who helps with language translation regarding the company's new tricycle gear version. For many pilots trained on tri-gear, this may be a better choice. Nando once again shows us how easily the wing can fold by a single person. Van's Aircraft -- RV-12 (0711)The biggest kit-aircraft builder of them all - Van's Aircraft and their incredibly line of RV airplanes - entered the Light-Sport Aircraft arena with their RV-12. Here we take a look at the kit and its costs while designer Dick VanGrunsven sits on the wing nearby talking to customers. No surprise to anyone, Van's is the biggest success story in Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft or ELSA.
Earthstar -- eGull (electric power)Mark Bierle is one of the most talented designers I have ever met. The modest, soft-spoken Californian makes a line of the best-flying and genuinely light aircraft in the USA. He's also worked in powerplant design and has now turned his agile mind toward electric power. We talk with him at some length about the advantages of electric-powered light aircraft and what Mark expects for the future. Nando Groppo -- Trail SLSA (04/13)We first looked at the Nando Groppo Trail from Italy at Sebring 2013. At that time, we spoke with the designer Nando Groppo and reviewed the airplane with its easy wing folding mechanism. Just three months later at Sun 'n Fun 2013, the Trail had won its Special LSA approval and is now available for sale. Speaking with U.S. representative Valter della Nebbia, we heard more about some modest changes to better accommodate the American market. Van's Aircraft -- RV-12 (0912)MIDWEST LSA EXPO 2012 -- One of our series of many short videos from the fall show, this one on the Van's Aircraft RV-12. Most LSA are factory built SLSA but here is the clear-and-away winner of te Experimental LSA race of kit-assembled Light-Sports. More than 350 of the RV-12 kits have reportedly been sold and many are flying. Here we take a quick look at the RV-12 and place it in the family of RV models that have proven so popular.
Edra Aeronautica -- Super Petrel LSThe Petrel isn't new but to Americans the Super Petrel LS is brand new. We speak with the designer to ask about the new-to-Americans model and we'll have more later after she's flown off her FAA-mandated 40 hours. Meanwhile let's have a look at the only biplane seaplane LSA and hear how it works, directly from the designer's point of view. The airplane is being offered by a dealer in the Daytona Beach, Florida area. North Wing -- Heated ClothingNorth Wing is widely known for its line of weight shift aircraft, or trikes, and for wings for trikes of many producers. Trikes being open cockpit aircraft, North Wing also has a line of battery-powered, heated clothing. Gloves, control bar mitts, and flight suits, all sure to keep you toasty warm even on cold days. How cool is that... er, how warm is that? Van's Aircraft -- RV-12 (Video Pilot Report 2015 -- Part 1 of 2)Video Pilot Reports are some of the most popular of our hundreds of videos. They take more work and they have longer running time; this one on Van's Aircraft's very poplar RV-12 is presented in two parts. When you count RV-12 in both kit and SLSA fully manufactured versions, it is one of America's most popular LSA even though it entered the scene a later than some. In this pilot report, we'll try to tell you and show you why RV-12 is such a hit.
Edra Aeronautica -- Super Petrel LS (2013)The Petrel is back now as the Super Petrel LS. A Brazilian-manufactured seaplane, the LSA candidate is represented by Florida Light Sport Aviation. We spoke with proprietor Brian Boucher about the flight characteristics of this handsome bi-wing LSA seaplane. Present in the Experimental class, SLSA approval is expected by AirVenture 2013 as Brazil uses the same ASTM standards as does FAA. Catch this video complete with on-water flying scenes. North Wing -- Maverick (2012)North Wing makes more trikes than you might think. We also have a video on the sweet little Solairus, a soaring trike. In this video we review the Maverick, a more deluxe single seater with a beefier engine from Kawasaki. Yet even with the additional features, Maverick still fits into Part 103 where no pilot license, airman's medical, or N-numbers are needed. Van's Aircraft -- RV-12 (Video Pilot Report 2015 -- Part 2 of 2)Here's Part 2 of our Video Pilot Report on Van's Aircraft's very poplar RV-12 is presented in two parts. In this second part, Dan Johnson recounts his experience flying Van's RV-12 filling in some details not presented during the in-flight portion of the evaluation. Although doing these VPRs is much more time consuming and take longer to watch, we hope you enjoy all the information they deliver.
Ekolot -- Topax (0414)Kris Siuba has represented the handsome Light-Sport Aircraft Topaz from Ekolot for several years but he wasn't a solo pilot until just before his 9-hour flight to Sun 'n Fun 2014. We speak with Kris and have a look around the Topax with its excellent finish work. For those seeking something a bit different or for those looking for an aircraft that shows great stye, this might move your spirit. (If you attend the Midwest LSA Expo at the beginning of every September -- an hour east of St. Louis -- come find Kris and Topaz). North Wing -- Scout XC (2012)North Wing builds, well... wings, as you might expect from their name. They do this for trikes, or weight shift aircraft, and for many producers of the carriage part of these aircraft as well as their own full aircraft. North Wing also builds hang gliders, which means just the wing, for those pilots. In this video we look at their Scout XC two seat model and visit with designer Kamron Blevins. Van's Aircraft -- RV-12 SLSA (07/13)Van's Aircraft needs no introduction to most aviators. The company has more than 8,000 aircraft flying. One of these is their RV-12 LSA models. Mostly that design, like all their models, has been built as a kit. Van's wasn't sure they'd make ready-to-fly models when they started. However, through a nearby company, Van's made arrangements to offer the RV-12 as a factory-built Special LSA. Here company rep' Gus Funnel updates us on the latest information about this popular airplane.
Ekolot -- TopazThe Topaz from Ekolot was viewed for the first time by Americans at the 2010 Midwest LSA Expo in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. We've seen this Polish company's Junior before but not their top-of-the-line Topaz. However, around 100 are flying in Europe so it is not a brand new design. Come with us and have a look at this handsome aircraft with the snazzy auto-style interior. North Wing -- Solairus (2012)Here's the sharp new Solairus (yes, that's the right spelling) from North Wing, the premiere American producer of weight-shift trike ultralights and Light-Sport Aircraft. Solairus easily qualifies as a Part 103 ultralight vehicle meaning no license is needed. The fresh design is a departure from the usual trike and the one we examine is powered with a four stroke engine with electric starting. You'll want to watch the video to get all the details. Vertical Power -- Electronic Circuit Breakers Explained-0714Vertical Power makes some of the useful products about which most of us don't know enough. We're all familiar with the common row of circuit breakers or fuses on our instrument panel but that is old fashioned ... so last century. Vertical Power has changed hands and the new company, Astronics, has interesting plans for these innovative and modern products. Join us as Chad Jensen explains what is happening today with Vertical Power. You'll surely learn something.
Electric Aircraft -- ULS electric motorglider (2013)Like many of you, we began admiring this handsome motorglider at AirVenture 2012 where it made a first appearance. How could you not like these lines? After realizing this was another in Randall Fishman's line of electric-powered aircraft, interest grew even more intense. You can watch our earlier video but in this version we find out more about flying the ULS and we see scenes of Randall flying in the new Paradise City at Sun 'n Fun. North Wing -- Solairus (Mini Pilot Report)Here's another in our growing series of mini pilot reports where you get some of the benefits of a full-length pilot report in a video format. This time it's the new Solairus from North Wing. Any weight shift enthusiast could love it but for those of us who enjoy soaring flight, here's a dream come true... even more so for those who don't live near mountains or an airpark where they can tow you aloft. Vickers Aircraft -- Wave LSA seaplaneAmong all Light-Sport Aircraft, some of the most intriguing new design qualities are emerging from LSA seaplanes. Icon's A5 has gained a ton of attention but here's a new entry from Vickers Aircraft of New Zealand. This aircraft is -not- yet flying (as of late 2016) but is such an innovative engineering exercise that we wanted to interview designer Paul Vickers when he was in the USA arranging aspects of Wave's debut in America. Stay tuned; we're sure to have more!
Electric Aircraft Corp -- Electraflyer ULSRandall Fishman is widely considered the pioneer of electric aircraft, having demonstrated -- and regularly flying -- his Electraflyer trike at Oshkosh 2007. Now in his fourth generation, Randall's Electraflyer ULS is the best yet, in my opinion. We get a chance to hear about its development and examine it closely. It's so new (summer 2012) that his website doesn't cover it yet but more will follow, he assures us. Opus Aircraft -- Super 2Super 2 was first seen as a British aircraft and indeed, that's where I first flew it. Now it is a Made-in-America design under the direction of Tony Dawson of North Carolina. His company is Opus Aircraft and this Special Light-Sport Aircraft won approval in February 2008. It's swept forward wings, aft hinging canopy, and reverse link nosewheel suspension are just some of the differences of this interesting aircraft. Viking's 110-hp EngineOne of the difficult things to do in aviation is to introduce a new engine. Everyone (rightfully) wants to be pretty certain the new powerplant can hold up to steady duty. Therefore, it is common for the Experimental Amateur Built community to experiment first and to provide valuable "field testing" that shows the merits. Viking Engine's Jan Eggenfellner shows us around the engine and answers some of the questions anyone would ask.
Electric Power -- Chip Erwin's new development (4/15)Electric aircraft are a major buzz with even aviation gian Airbus working on their eFan. That's still years away and will surely be expensive. However, SportCruiser developer Chip Erwin has an all-new motor with specially adapted battery. The details should impress you and he is also developing new single place airplanes -- that he calls PSA or Personal Sport Aircraft -- which will be powered by the new electric propulsion. Paradise -- P1 (2009)If you are a conventional general aviation pilot used to Cessna aircraft, you'll probably love the Paradise P1. It looks somewhat similar, has room to carry bulky items and flies like most pilots expect. Paradise's P1 is one of only a few Light-Sport Aircraft that use a yoke for primary control, but that will be familiar to legions of GA-trained pilots. Wasp Wing -- Powered Hang GliderOK, think you've seen everything? How about a twin-engine powered hang glider that uses a wing designed more than 20 years ago. Yup. Brought back to life by Keith Sharon to the delight of Oshkosh show goers in 2012, we watch the Wasp Wing launch and then talk about its illustrious history and how it is that Keith can fly his dad's wing design in such a singular way. You can't buy this aircraft but I'll bet you enjoy hearing about it.
Electric Power -- eLazair at AirVenture 2011A vintage ultralight from the 1980s, the Lazair, returns in the hands of original designer, Dale Kramer, who has now removed the two small gasoline engines and replaced them with electric motors and batteries. Our video provides the details of how Kramer reformed his design and how crowds at AirVenture 2011 responded to the surprise debut. Paradise -- P1 (2011)Paradise has found success from buyers to rise into the top 20 of LSA manufacturers. While the company has changed U.S. distributors, the Brazilian base for this attractive all-metal, yoke-controlled aircraft is healthy and growing. We spoke with the designer and learn more about the large-cabin airplane at Sun 'n Fun 2011. Wicks Aircraft -- Kits & SuppliesWicks Aircraft is one of the legacy catalog mail order companies in aviation. Operated by Scott Wick, the company is a fixture at all the major airshows. We caught up with Scott, working his booth as always, at the Midwest LSA Expo in September 2011. Scott talks to us about what products are causing Wicks Aircraft to be having a strong year despite economic weakness.
es-Electric Sports -- eLift electric propulsionSome of the very lightest aircraft at the huge Aero Friedrichshafen 2013 event were those for hang gliding or light trike flying. They were also electric powered, proving again the idea that lightweight flying machines can employ electric power today. In this video we look at several variations on the theme and hear about special features to make electric power work. Paradise Aircraft -- P1NG (01/15)Welcome back to Paradise, that is, welcome to Brazilian producer Paradise Aircraft to the tropical paradise of Florida where the southern hemisphere builder has set up a remote manufacturing operation. They also began bringing in the significantly-revised P1NG -- dubbed "Ping" -- although it actually refers to the Next Generation version of their P1 model we've seen in the U.S. for some years. In this video we hear about the company and the alterations in the model. Wipaire -- LSA FloatsWipaire is one of the country's or world's best known float manufacturers. Based at the South St. Paul, Minnesota airport, Wipaire has a long his of making floats for aircraft as large as the Twin Otter or Cessna Caravan. Now they are introducing a line of floats for Light-Sport Aircraft. We spoke with Chuck Wiplinger of the founding family and asked about the new project.
Evektor -- EPOS Electric SportStar (2013)Evektor's SportStar was the very first to win Special LSA approval and the company since established a long tradition of constantly updating the design (see all our coverage to follow this). The latest, which company designers thought was just a demonstration project, is EPOS, an electric powered version of SportStar. The idea was so well received, they sold 10 at the Aero 2013 show. Here you can see our interview about the details of the electric installation. Phoenix Air -- electric ePhoenix (2013)We know the elegant Phoenix, a sleek motorglider that also enjoys flying powered cross country flights (more on an especially long flight in another video). At Aero 2013 we had a chance to visit with Martin Stepanek about Phoenix Air's pure-electric aircraft called the ePhoenix. Martin helps us understand the details of electric power in a modern, efficient Light-Sport Aircraft. Women in Aviation -- Amy SaundersVideoman Dave and I decided we need to do several videos in support of increasing the number of women involved with flying. Amy is a darn impressive pilot. Her background included fixed wings but she made the jump to trikes flying the spectacular Evolution Trikes Revo. Join us as we start to interview more women pilots. You'll find Amy a fun interview and she's got both the enthusiasm and knowledge to be the good pilot she is.
Evektor -- Harmony and Sportstar (2012)Evektor is, was, and always will be the very first Special LSA to earn an FAA airworthiness certificate in the United States. But this company has not rested on those noteworthy laurels. Evektor and their U.S. representatives, Dreams Come True and AB Flight, have continually upgraded the airplane. In this video Art Tarola details some new offerings announced at AirVenture 2012 to help flight schools acquire and maintain the SportStar or Harmony. Phoenix Air -- Phoenix (motorglider)If you love long, shapely wings, here's an airplane to warm your heart. But it's more than an LSA airplane... in fact, it's a motorglider and a most impressive one at that. For soaring enthusiasts Phoenix is one of the most attractive choices among all Light-Sport Aircraft. But it can cruise fast and long while providing a huge safety measure of a very long glide in the unlikely event her engine should fail. See standard multiple wings and more in our video presentation of Phoenix. World Aircraft -- Sentinel (Law Enforcement NEOS)Law Enforcement and Light-Sport Aircraft. Sound dull? Sound like somebody else may be interested but not you? I understand. But UltralightNews and I came across a fascinating aerial observation system that is inexpensive and can easily be handled by LSA. Those two factors make for a compelling reason to check out this video. Plus the capabilities of the system, employing computer technology, is quite amazing.
Evektor -- Harmony LSAEvektor, the first ever Light-Sport Aircraft has been busy updating their Sportstar for years. In 2011 they brought their Harmony LSA to America with even more changes. This time the wing shape went from rectangular "Hershey Bar" shape to a tapered tip along with many other changes. Co-importer Art Tarola helps us understand all the differences. Pipistrel -- Alpha Trainer (0712)At AirVenture 2012, we got the chance to speak with Tine Tomascik, one of the expert design team from Pipistrel. Tine provides us with the company's thoughts about their newly-introduced trainer the Alpha, which was warmly embraced by visitors to their Oshkosh exhibit. Pipistrel is already active selling this sweetly-priced Light-Sport Aircraft in other countries. Watch and hear why. World Aircraft -- Vision LT (2013)World Aircraft continues its pace of rapid development in concert with Columbian designer Max Tedesco. Company boss Eric Giles announced that all manufacturing will now take place in Paris, Tennessee, and that includes their newest Vision LT. The LT model focuses on keeping the cost remarkably low, only $85,000 for a quite well equipped Light-Sport Aircraft. We speak with Dan Miller, rep' for World at Sebring 2013.
Evektor -- Harmony LSAFirst on the market way back in 2005 was the Evektor SportStar. This grundbreaking Czech design will always carry the distinction of being the first Light-Sport Aircraft to be accepted by FAA. In this video, Steve Minnick of Ohio-based family business, Dreams Come True, helps us better understand the newer, more advanced Harmony. This video was shot at the Midwest LSA Expo and promotes the DeLand Showcase, two great LSA-focused events. Pipistrel -- Alpha Trainer (0912)MIDWEST LSA EXPO 2012 -- One of our series of many short videos from the fall show, this one is one of the newest in the LSA fleet. This is Pipistrel's Alpha Trainer and it has already seen market success in the USA and around the world, thanks significantly to its excellent price: $85,000 (in 2012 and before expenses like shipping and FAA registration). Simple, yes, but Alpha has all a recreational pilot might want. World Aircraft Co -- SpiritA new SLSA debuted at AirVenture 2011. Welcome to the World Aircraft Company Spirit, a product from a collaboration between Skykits manufacturer Eric Giles and longtime designer Max Tedesco. Giles is a Canadian now located in Paris, Tennessee and he's partnered with a Columbian engineer. Spirit is their first offering; it will be built in the U.S.
Evektor -- Harmony LSA (Full Length Pilot Report)FULL-LENGTH VIDEO PILOT REPORT -- After well over 100 shorter-length video reports on Light-Sport Aircraft and other Sport Pilot-eligible flying machines, Dan Johnson and the Light Sport and Ultralight Flyer are pleased to offer our first full-length pilot report. Here you'll find 45 minutes of flying footage and detail commentary that can help decide which airplane you want to buy. Grab a beverage, sit back at your computer, mobile device, or TV and enjoy this ground-breaking review of the new Evektor Harmony LSA. (Run-time: 45 minutes) Pipistrel -- Electro (04/15)We first knew of this project as WATTsUP. That name was fun but as the project came to production, it was renamed Electro ... basically their Alpha but with electric propulsion. In this interview, Dan Johnson speaks with Light Sport and Ultralight Flying editor and longtime pro photographer, James Lawrence, about his upcoming visit to Pipistrel in Slovenia. James recently spoke to chief engineer Tine Tomazic who provided some operational details on matters like endurance, recharging, regenerative charging and more. Yunec International -- eSpyder electric airplane (2013)You might see the Flightstar ultralight in this aircraft and you'd be correct. Now owned by Yuneec International, the design has evolved into the eSpyder, a solely electric-powered aircraft and we believe it is the very first to win certification as an electric airplane (by the German-sanctioned authority called DULV). We speak with Flightstar designer Tom Peghiny about his creation and its systems.
Evektor -- Harmony LSA News (2012)Evektor has adhered closely to a principle called CANI... Continuous and Never Ending Improvement. The Czech company's aircraft have seen exactly that, a series of continuous changes. In this video, AB Flight's Art Tarola tells us about some changes that might please aircraft buyers. Art and Steve Minnich of Dreams Come True are the key representatives of all Evektor aircraft. Check it all out in this video. Pipistrel -- Interview with boss Ivo BoscarolDescribing the Pipistrel is interesting in three ways: the company name (a story by itself), the LSA industry's broadest line of composite airplanes; and Pipistrel's success winning three NASA efficiency contests. The factory in Slovenia is equally impressive. Our video cannot give all the details of this very active company celebrating 25 years in business, but we'll introduce you to the boss and U.S. importer Michael Coates plus we'll tell you how to find more. Zenith -- STOL CH 750Some have called this design the Jeep of the sky and one flight demonstration will tell you why. An examination shows the leading edge slats and an overall design intended for the shortest possible takeoff and landing (called STOL) and the second generation STOL CH 750 can provide that capability all day long. A well established design from a longtime supplier, about a kit a day leaves Mexico, Missouri including the company's low wing Zodiac CH 650 design.
Evektor -- Sportstar MaxWithout changing the model designation -- it's always been the Sportstar -- Evektor has steadily evolved their all-metal low-wing aircraft. The model was the #1 aircraft to win SLSA approval, a distinction it retains forever, yet it changed to address customer interests. In this video we review some of the changes to the Max version, with its much-smoother exterior; see our other Sportstar videos for more info. Pipistrel -- Sinus Many of us who enjoy soaring flight love the Pipistrel Sinus as it offers some wonderful gliding capability. Even the prop can "feather" to reduce drag. It works marvelously and can exceed 50 miles per gallon. U.S. representative Rand Vollmer shows us around the Sinus but then took us outside to see the "Flex" capability. Basically this refers to a variable wing span with extensions that remove in a matter of minutes. You'll want to watch the whole video to see this feature set. Zenith Aircraft -- CH-650 (2012)Zenith Aircraft CH-650 is the follow-on to the popular CH-601 with hundreds flying. Company pilot Roger Dubbert tells us about some of the differences between the predecessor and the '650 and he answers our questions on your behalf regarding flight controls, comfort, baggage and more. Come hear the details for this "sedan" of the line complementing the "Sky Jeep" CH-750.
Evektor -- SportStar PlusEvektor is the No. 1 brand in the LSA fleet, and it earns that title by being number one to earn SLSA approval back in April 2005. It's also one of the most well-used LSA in flight schools around the country. Now, they are selling their new Max model, with several desirable enhancements and features like toe brakes. Pipistrel -- Sinus (motorglider LSA - 04/11)Pipistrel has a wide variety of Light-Sport Aircraft from trikes (where they started long ago) to powered sailplanes to motorgliders to more conventional fixed wing aircraft. In this video we examine the Sinus (pronounced SEEN-us) in taildragger configuration - it is also available in tricycle gear. This impressive company earned SLSA status for three models earlier in 2011 and they are moving up the sales charts. Zenith Aircraft -- CH-750 CruzerWhen you think a company has wrung all it could from a design, think again and then once more. First came the CH-701 STOL, which acquired the nickname "Sky Jeep" for its great off-runway capabilities and short take off. Zenith improved that with the CH-750 that featured a wider cockpit among other changes. At Sun 'n Fun 2013 Zenith unveiled the Cruzer, a non-STOL version of the same airplane now offering faster cruising. We spoke with expert factory pilot Roger Dubbert about the newest variation on this successful theme.
Evolution Trikes -- Rev 1 of 2 (2015)The people behind the very impressive two seat deluxe trike called Revo introduced their first single seater called Rev. In this video, the first of a two part effort, we see developer Larry Mednick and his father Phil assemble the airplane from trailerable form to ready to fly in a claimed six minutes; you can watch and time for your self to see how transformative this is. Then see Part 2 for more details. Pipistrel -- Virus (motorglider)Pipistrel is a European producer of a family of airplanes with very smooth lines and handsome shapes. Winner of the NASA efficiency flight prize a few years ago, we have a look at the Virus (pronounced "veer-us") that won a big check but our review can significantly apply to the Sinus ("seen-us") motorglider. And the company also offers the Taurus, a powered sailplane... all are remarkably sleek birds in the LSA space. Zenith Aircraft -- CH-750 Cruzer PILOT REPORT (0914)Zenith has found a very ripe market with lots of buyers of their kit-only CH-701 or CH-750 models that some refer to as a "Sky Jeep." These are STOL models with short takeoff and landing. Plenty of people love it but prefer a higher cruise speed for cross country travel. Therefore, welcome to Cruzer. It dispenses with the slotted wings and fat tires. Wheelpanted and using only a single wing strut with a cleaner wing, Cruzer, well ... cruises. However, it keeps a very short takeoff and landing and retains the easy flying qualities of the Sky Jeep.
Evolution Trikes -- Rev 2 of 2 (2015)If you saw Part 1 on the Evolution Trikes Rev, you saw it assembled from trailer form to flight form in a few minutes. In this video, main developer Larry Mednick tells us more about his slick new single seater that sells for a mere $17,900 (base price, though many options can be added). Rev can make Part 103 in its basic form when equipped with a parachute, which it was. Get the whole scoop here. Pipistrel -- Virus SW (2010)Pipistrel, headquartered in Slovenia with U.S.-bound manufacturing done in nearby Italy, has a line of interesting models. In this video we examine the Virus SW, for Short Wing. We've previously reviewed the long wing version and the Sinus motorglider. In addition this company makes a powered sailplane and they started with weight shift trikes. Pipistrel has also distinguished itself with a string of victories in NASA efficiency contests, more recently winning an astounding $1.3 million. Zenith Aircraft -- One Week Wonder (CH-750)At AirVenture 2014, EAA hosted Zenith Aircraft in a major project in which 2,500 people gave some assistance to a central team that built an entire CH-750 from shipping container to FAA sign-off and test fly during the seven days of the show in Oshkosh. At the end Jeff Skiles (crew member of the famous airliner landing on the Hudson River) test flew the airplane. Here's a view of the furious effort to get the job done quickly and well.
Evolution Trikes -- RevoAmong many of the world's deluxe trikes, Evolution Trikes' Revo rises to the top of the stack. The all-American-made hot rod is loaded with custom-designed features that should attract the closest examination. Revo also performs like a winner with blazing top speed yet reassuring landing approach speeds. The sophisticated carriage handles rough fields with ease. Planet PPG -- Paragliders & ParglidingSome of the most intriguing aircraft that fly at major airshows like Sun 'n Fun are paragliders. These are not powered parachutes with wheeled carriages, but rather the sort of flying machine you "wear" on your back and run into the air. These are the lightest of all powered aircraft and you can literally put your entire aircraft in the trunk of an average sized car. We speak with expert Paul Czarnecki of Planet PG in southwest Florida who gives us kind of video lesson in flying these rigs. Zenith Aircraft Line -- CH-701, CH-750, CH-650We talked with Roger Dubbert about the whole line of Zenith aircraft, including the CH-701 STOL in kit form, the larger CH-750 in SLSA or kit, and the low wing CH-650. But we also looked at the UL engine that the Zenith folks fitted to their CH-650 design. See more about the engine HERE but listento Roger describe how Zenith regards this new entry.
Evolution Trikes -- Revo (2013)We have looked at the Revo trike before and I've come to love this handsome hotrod weight shift LSA. Yet developer Larry Mednick keeps on changing this aircraft, so much so that we have to keep taking another look. At Sebring 2013, we spoke with Larry to hear about the newest refinements to this deluxe rig that may be the most evolved trike in the world (not to say some others aren't great, but few update and upgrade as often as Evolution). Powrachute -- AirWolf 912 SLSAHow about a deluxe, ready-to-fly Special Light-Sport Aircraft that can carry more than 700 pounds of payload, climb at 700-1,200 feet per minute, yet sell for less than $40,000? (Seriously, the one in this video remarkably lists for $38,000!) Though some pilots may wonder if a powered parachute is for them, my experience says they are superb viewing platforms and when they are built this beautifully, you simply have to reconsider. Zlin -- iCub (Savage)You may know the Zlin Savage, now distributed in America by SportairUSA (the same folks that bring you the Sting, Sirius, and other cool light airplane gear). But iCub improves on the already great-flying Savage by adding the very latest of new technology. The primary instrument up front is an Apple iPad. Communicating via an onboard wireless system, the aft seat occupant has an iPhone 4 for smaller but otherwise nearly identical instrumentation.
Evolution Trikes -- Revo VPR (Part 1 - in flight)Come on along as we fly the most deluxe trike you can buy. This is the Evolution Trikes Revo and it is really something. Aloft with designer and trike pilot extraordinare, Larry Mednick, he offers instruction -- as we prefer so you experience what it might be like to fly an aircraft you may never have flown. "Trike" is a generic abbreviation for weight shift aircraft. This one is a Special LSA version and it can blaze along faster than 100 mph. Don't believe that? Join us as we prove the point. TRT: 29 minutes (Part 1 of 2) Powrachute -- Powered ParachutesPowrachute is one of the largest producers of powered parachutes, with more than 1,500 aircraft flying. They make a line of one and two seaters, some loaded with accessories and features and some simpler but with agreeably-low price tags. Powrachute also offers Part 103 version with two engine choices. Zlin -- Savage Cub-S (2014)Cub-S, as it is known in 2014, is a very powerful Cub-like airplane. It isn't actually a Cub and it probably outflies the original or those who closely copied the Piper Cub of old. Yet with 180 horsepower hauling it enthusiastically into the sky, the is one to watch. It will be renamed late in 2014 and announced at Sebring 2015 because the name "Cub" is owned by another company that is acting to protect their asset. This video is our Part 1 edition of our Video Pilot Report (VPR) on the Zlin Cub-S ... or whatever it will later be called.
Evolution Trikes -- Revo VPR (Part 2 - details)In this somewhat shorter video, Part 2 of 2 for our Evolution Trikes Revo Video Pilot Report (VPR), Dan shows you many of the well-considered details for their most deluxe trike. Evolution also makes a far lower cost, simpler trike called Rev (video also available here on Besides Dan's comment we bring in developer Larry Mednick to explain Revo's very sophisticated in-flight pitch trim. We also review costs and various ways you can buy Revo. TRT: 16 minutes Progressive Aerodyne -- SeaReySeaRey from Progressive Aerodyne is an all-American amphibian in the Light-Sport Aircraft segment. The U.S.-manufactured entry may follow several foreign designs, but is no newcomer. More than 400 flying aircraft worldwide have been created by home builders in a tight-knit community. SeaRey will be available as a fully-built SLSA soon. Zlin Aviation -- iCub Bobber (2013)We've reported on the Zlin Savage iCub in the past. At Aero Friedrichshafen 2013 we captured a video on the Bobber, a sort of custom version of iCub that deliberately lacks an exterior finish but has other special finishing touches. It can be customized in dozens of ways ... much like a "Bobber" motorcycle thereby explaining the choice of names. U.S. importer Bill Canino helps us understand the thinking behind Bobber.

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Jabiru USA assembles the spacious and speedy J-230 with new, more attractive pricing making the model one of the best values in Light-Sport Aircraft.

The Shelbyville, Tennessee company also offers the Jabiru engine line with new 3310 and 2210 models in 2016.

J230-D & J170-D

Aeromarine-LSA represents economical aircraft like Merlin PSA, fully enclosed and all-metal for less than $35,000; or Part 103 ultralights like Zigolo, a dual-purpose ultralight and motorglider with prices starting at only $12,000.

Vickers Aircraft has created one of the most distinctive new LSA seaplanes yet to emerge. Powered by the 180-horsepower
Titan IO-340CC by Continental Motors, their Wave model is like no other seaplane ever introduced with multiple features to set it apart from the crowd.

X-Air brings a return to reasonably priced Light-Sport Aircraft, with a ready-to-fly flying machine you can purchase for a genuinely low price. No new arrival, X-Air has a rich history in light aviation.

Sonex Aircraft is one of aviation's best-known brands offering exciting performance, easy building, prices to match the budgets of most pilots, and you will do business with some fine people. Taking years of success to new heights, Sonex debuted the "B" models with numerous upgrades.

Flight Design USA imports CT, the top selling Light-Sport Aircraft. CT is a 98% carbon fiber design
with superb performance, roomy cockpit, great useful load, and a parachute as standard equipment ... the market leader for 10 years!

Glasair Aviation became famous for their Glasair series. Today the Washington state company is focused on the newer Sportsman in several varieties and on Merlin LSA. Later in 2017, buyers can buy a Merlin in fully-ready-to-fly form from this much-admired company renown for its top-tier customer service.

Evolution Trikes developed and continues to refine their Revo, an absolutely magnificent weight shift control aircraft (or trike). Rev is their new very affordable single place machine.

Tecnam is the world's leading manufacturer of Light-Sport aircraft offering more models and variations than any other producer.

Besides the world's fastest-selling light twin and their new P2010 four seater, Tecnam offers these LSA: P-92 Eaglet, Astore, and P2008.

Many Light-Sport Aircraft & General Aviation models

Hansen Air Group represents recognized brands in the LSA
space: FK Lightplanes and their distinctive biplane Comet, FK9, and FK51 plus the great-flying Magnaghi Sky Arrow. Based in Atlanta, Georgia Hansen Air Group is an experienced player in the LSA space.
Multiple LSA

Super Petrel LS, manufactured by Scoda Aeronautica in Brazil and built by Super Petrel USA, a branch of the Brazilian company in Ormond Beach, Florida, is a unique and highly effective LSA seaplane. This biplane flying boat is well established with more than 20 years of history.

BushCat is the distinctive Light-Sport Aircraft within reach of almost any budget. With a solid heritage BushCat by SkyReach is fun, capable, and available as a kit, fully-built SLSA or ELSA.

The Airplane Factory (TAF) produces the Sling series of world-circling aircraft (literally) and now this fine-flying, all-metal beauty is available in the United States as a Special Light-Sport Aircraft. Here is an LSA to follow.

Arion Aircraft has designed and built one of the most beautiful low wing entries in the Special LSA and kit-built aircraft sector. The all-American designed and built aircraft is priced fairly and flies wonderfully ... need you search for more?

Lockwood Aircraft is the builder of two of light aviation's best-recognized flying machines: AirCam and the Drifter line. Most sport aviators already know the Lockwood brand, a leader in Rotax maintenance and aircraft services.

BRM Aero manufacturers the handsome Bristell all-metal SLSA. This highly evolved, next-generation Light-Sport was carefully engineered for luxury, comfort, excellent stability, and safety while being fun, fast, and easy to fly.

North Wing is America's leading manufacturer of weight shift LSA and Part 103 ultralight trikes. The company's wing designs are so good that most other trike manufacturers use them. Aircraft prices are highly affordable by all.

American Legend has been in the LSA space since the beginning, offering their iconic yellow taildragger. The Texas company offers a full line of LSA and kit-built aircraft including the 180-horsepower Super Legend HP.

Triton America started with a familiar-looking LSA model and significantly improved it, making it stronger while preserving the well-regarded flight characteristics. Welcome to a newcomer with lots of experience and their new Skytrek.

Aero Adventure offers what is likely the lowest cost boat-hull seaplane in the light aircraft space with a kit that, complete with engine, sells for less than $50,000. Add a long history to its credit and Aventura is a seaplane worthy of a close look.

Progressive Aerodyne designed and supplies the SeaRey series, arguably the most celebrated of all light seaplanes in America. A close community of hundreds of owners offers camaraderie few other brands can match.

Murphy Aircraft offers a wide range of highly capable aircraft from the light biplane RENEGADE to their newest RADICAL with many variations in between. Years of design and manufacturing experience combine with modern computer-based tooling to make solid, well performing aircraft kits.

Just Aircraft has delivered more than 300 kit aircraft since 2002, but in 2012 they electrified pilots with the awesome performance of their all-new SuperSTOL. It may look extreme and performs extremely well, but it is truly docile and forgiving to fly.

Aerotrek Aircraft imports the A240 and A220 tricycle gear or taildragger Special Light-Sport Aircraft. A finely finished aircraft at an excellent price, Aerotrek has wide, affordable appeal.

Remos AG is the manufacturer of the next generation GXiS. This beautiful composite design built by German craftsmen offers excellent performance, light responsive handling, and a deluxe cockpit finish to please any aviator.

SportairUSA imports the dashing and superbly-equipped StingSport S4 that has won a loyal following from American pilots. More recently, they introduced their TL-3000 high-wing LSA. SportairUSA is a full-line operation with maintenance and training, too.

Bristell USA distributes the highly-refined Bristell aircraft in North America. The Czech-built aircraft is a 5th generation design with excellent performance, wonderful handling, and a most appealing shape. Other airplanes may look similar but Bristell has gone far beyond.

SilverLight Aviation created the first all-American gyroplane with modern sophistication and equipment, built by a proven expert. Gyroplanes like AR1 fly much like fixed wings but with real advantages.

Evektor is Number One and always will be. The Czech company's SportStar was the number one SLSA to win approval but engineers have steadily improved the model far beyond that 2005 version that started the race.

Aerolite 103 is a remarkably well priced (way below $20,000), well-equipped, Part 103 ultralight that flies beautifully. Several hundred are airborne and production has never been more solid. Here is an airplane every pilot can love and afford.

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