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Watch a 2011 video
about the Sebring LSA Expo.
Next Sebring LSA Expo
January 14-17, 2015.

Join's team and other light and sport aircraft enthusiasts at Aero 2015 -- 15-18 April.
Sun 'n Fun is home to the LSA Mall hosted by LAMA. Come visit a new location in Paradise City -- and take a FREE RIDE directly to the LSA Mall, compliments of Rotax BRP
Next Sun 'n Fun
April 21 to April 26, 2015.

Next Midwest LSA Expo
2015 Dates: September 10-11-12
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Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) Video Reviews

Some of the most popular content on are videos, made available to you thanks to a collaboration with the Light Sport and Ultralight Flyer. We add new videos all the time and our library holds nearly 400 LSA and light aircraft videos. Shot at major airshows, these aircraft reviews and interviews provide info for the majority of all Special Light-Sport Aircraft plus many other light aircraft that Sport Pilots may fly. The best news... LSA Videos are free.

In summer 2013, we significantly changed how video navigation works. Now, you see the most recent 24 videos posted to the website on this main video page. Big arrows lead you to the previous 24 posted and this goes on for a few pages. On most of them a new "Return" arrow takes you back to the newer ones. So, if you are seeking the newest videos, we made it a lot easier.

However, we have a lot of videos now ... nearly 400 with more on the way. So, it can be hard to find the particular one you may want in chronological (date posted) order. To help, you can turn on the alphabetic index. Just click the link in the thick gray bar just above the navigation arrows. When you do, the long page will show every video in alphabetic order by brand name for aircraft or by topic (for videos about other than aircraft). As you move your mouse or cursor over the video title, a summary pops up.

ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS appear at the bottom of the page. Note that you can change the quality of the video by clicking on the "gear" symbol or button to the right of the CC (Closed Caption) symbol in the bottom control bar of the YouTube player. These symbols may appear only after you start the video.

Finally, to see all content on a brand and model of Light-Sport Aircraft, click the identification appearing above each video image. This feature is only available for airplane reviews.

We hope you enjoy watching our videos as much as we enjoy creating them!

Golden Avio -- F30

Sebring 2013 Video - Italian designs are usually pleasing to view, from shoes to airplanes. Golden Avio's F30 is such an example and this one was created by a famous designer named Stelio Frati, creator of the handsome Falco F8L that is recognized around the world. Representative Luca Ferragatta explains the company's plans for SLSA approval and we have a quick look at the aircraft.


Glasair Aviation -- Merlin LSA (2014)

Airsport (Melody Aircraft) -- Song motorglider 2014

Aeromomentum -- Suzuki Auto Engine Conversion

Glasair is the well-known company behind models of a similar name but now they have something very news. This is the Merlin, which may sound like a model by that name formerly of Canada but this one is a fresh start. In this video we sit in the mockup with company president Nigel Mott who tells us about the plan. In early 2015, the model took to the skies for the first time. We expect exciting things from this experienced producer entering the LSA space.We've seen the Song but as the ULS, a pure-electric version of the same airplane as substantially modified by Randall Fishman's Electric Aircraft Corporation. This gasoline-powered original is offered by Melody Aircraft in Canada, represented by Gary Steadman. Song is built in the Czech Republic and imported to Canada by Gary. Listen to his advice on the video about how you can obtain one along with performance and other specs.Most pilots seem to love engines. Well, no surprise as (except for gliders) it is a powerplant that allows us to go aloft and see the world from our unique perspective. In this video we look into the Suzuki engine conversion to an aircraft engine. Speaking with Aeromomentum proprietor Mark Kettering, we learn more about this Japanese auto engine and how you can use it on your kit-built aircraft. Lots of info here and we tell you how you can get even more.

DJI Quadcopter -- Our first look at drones

Czech Sport Aircraft -- SportCruiser PILOT REPORT (0913)

Zenith Aircraft -- CH-750 Cruzer PILOT REPORT (0914)

Lately the loud buzz in aviation is drones. Called UAVs, UASs, RPVs or other names, we'll just use "drone." Not our usual fare of reports on man-flown aircraft, we are just as intrigued as tens of thousands of others with this camera-carrying airplanes. They are radio-controlled (RC) but with autonomous flying capability should you lose radio contact or if some other interference happens. Come with us as we fly and witness the surprisingly smooth flight of the DJI drone.Here we go again with another of our series of Video Pilot Reports or VPRs, this time in the Czech Sport Aircraft SportCruiser. Yes, that's the airplane for one year known as the PiperSport in the legacy company's short period in the LSA space. All the while it was represented by U.S. Sport Aircraft and that Texas-based company is once again the sole importer for the USA. In this video we take you along for a flight in the popular machine and provide you with a full cockpit review and a selection of performance numbers. Enjoy!Zenith has found a very ripe market with lots of buyers of their kit-only CH-701 or CH-750 models that some refer to as a "Sky Jeep." These are STOL models with short takeoff and landing. Plenty of people love it but prefer a higher cruise speed for cross country travel. Therefore, welcome to Cruzer. It dispenses with the slotted wings and fat tires. Wheelpanted and using only a single wing strut with a cleaner wing, Cruzer, well ... cruises. However, it keeps a very short takeoff and landing and retains the easy flying qualities of the Sky Jeep.

Rans -- Raven S-20 PILOT REPORT (2014)

Aviad -- Zigolo MG12 (electric motoglider 2014)

Zlin -- Savage Cub-S (2014)

In our continuing series of Video Pilot Reports (VPRs), we review the latest Rans, designer Randy Schlitter's S-20 Raven. This is a delicious combination of the sweet-flying S-7 Courier and the S-6. The Courier is tandem and not everybody wants that plus the new model incorporates many new features that Schlitter knows his customers will enjoy. Come on along for a flight in the newest and greatest from the Hays, Kansas kit and SLSA builder. This a most enjoyable flying machine and we hope you like our perspective.How about an electric airplane you can buy for less than $20,000? Delivered as "almost ready to fly" Italy's Zigolo is offered in the USA at South Lakeland Airpark (where you see this aircraft flying). Proprietor Chip Erwin, originator of the SportCruiser, tells us how he added electric power to Zigolo and flew it cross country to Sun 'n Fun 2014. This is not a family travel airplane but for those who enjoy soaring or leisure flying, Zigolo represents an economical purchse.Cub-S, as it is known in 2014, is a very powerful Cub-like airplane. It isn't actually a Cub and it probably outflies the original or those who closely copied the Piper Cub of old. Yet with 180 horsepower hauling it enthusiastically into the sky, the is one to watch. It will be renamed late in 2014 and announced at Sebring 2015 because the name "Cub" is owned by another company that is acting to protect their asset. This video is our Part 1 edition of our Video Pilot Report (VPR) on the Zlin Cub-S ... or whatever it will later be called.

Vertical Power -- Electronic Circuit Breakers Explained-0714

Zenith Aircraft -- One Week Wonder (CH-750)

Larry Burke Interview -- LAMA Founder (0414)

Vertical Power makes some of the useful products about which most of us don't know enough. We're all familiar with the common row of circuit breakers or fuses on our instrument panel but that is old fashioned ... so last century. Vertical Power has changed hands and the new company, Astronics, has interesting plans for these innovative and modern products. Join us as Chad Jensen explains what is happening today with Vertical Power. You'll surely learn something.At AirVenture 2014, EAA hosted Zenith Aircraft in a major project in which 2,500 people gave some assistance to a central team that built an entire CH-750 from shipping container to FAA sign-off and test fly during the seven days of the show in Oshkosh. At the end Jeff Skiles (crew member of the famous airliner landing on the Hudson River) test flew the airplane. Here's a view of the furious effort to get the job done quickly and well.Larry Burke founded the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association back in the early 1980s when ultralight aircraft were zooming around the skies of shows like Sun 'n Fun. We took a rare opportunity to speak with Larry at the 40th anniversary 2014 edition of Sun 'n Fun and got his perspective on the industry as he saw it then and views it today. This is an important piece of history in the light aircraft community.

Jabiru Aircraft -- Lower Prices! (0714)

Jabiru Engine -- 3300 Upgrade (0914)

Levil Tech -- Tablet Avionics & AeroGlass (0714)

Jabiru Aircraft has long done well with their line of affordable, speedy, and U.S.-assembled aircraft. Yet following the difficult recession years, owner Peter Krotje thought he could do even better, but lowering the price. How is that possible ... especially a $25,000 cut of retail price? See the video for more detail but basically the Australian manufacturer sells a kit to a South African company that is highly effective at building these kits. Afterward, Jabiru USA imports and finishes their work. Despite a lot of freight, you pay less. Buyers will enjoy big savings.At the Midwest LSA Expo in 2014, we spoke with Jabiru USA owner Pete Krotje about some significant changes made to one of the popular powerplants in the light aircraft space. Used on Jabiru airplanes, the engines are also offered for many other airframes where Jabiru USA provides what is called a "firewall forward kit" offering a home builder everything needed to do an installation. Here the new features from this company, now celebrating 15 years serving the American market.Our video with Levil's Joe Marszal starts out with something absolutely new at AirVenture 2014. You can see Dan Johnson modeling and using AeroGlass, which might be called "Google Glass for pilots." The developer had a blow-out event and Levil, makers of GPS and AHRS systems for iPad and Android tablets, partnered up with the AeroGlass folks to power a fascinating heads-up display that can be used in a Light-Sport or homebuilt aircraft. Some great info is contained on this video.

Jabiru -- J230 (dealer Eric Evans)

Flight Design -- CTLS (Illinois dealer-0414)

Ekolot -- Topax (0414)

When people visit the Midwest LSA Expo, a popular LSA-oriented show in early September, those visitors will likely run into an expert airplane broker, Eric Evans. As you'll hear in this video, Eric knows his way around a wide variety of airplanes, including many used aircraft. Eric tells us his view of the LSA market as we speak about a beautiful 2009 Jabiru that most viewers would think is brand new. He also tells about his concept to offer LSA training where he goes to the customer's airport, a terrific idea.At the Midwest LSA Expo, we had a chance to speak with one of market leader Flight Design's midwestern dealer, Tom Baker. We wanted to hear Tom's comparison of the non-fuel-injected CTLS and the new Rotax iS 912 engine. So, we went flying and asked him for his thoughts ... about Flight Design and his history with it as well as the new CTLS and the latest in 912 engine technology. Tom provides a deeper view of this popular LSA that may help pilots in shopping mode.Kris Siuba has represented the handsome Light-Sport Aircraft Topaz from Ekolot for several years but he wasn't a solo pilot until just before his 9-hour flight to Sun 'n Fun 2014. We speak with Kris and have a look around the Topax with its excellent finish work. For those seeking something a bit different or for those looking for an aircraft that shows great stye, this might move your spirit. (If you attend the Midwest LSA Expo at the beginning of every September -- an hour east of St. Louis -- come find Kris and Topaz).

Garmin -- G3X Touch EFIS (0414)

Aerotrek -- A240 & trailer (0414)

Adventure Aircraft -- Electric Motor Glider

Garmin is one of the most familiar brand names in Light-Sport Aircraft. Very popular devices include handhelds like the 496 (now aera) or iPad-like 796. For those who prefer permanently panel-mounted, a top choice is now the G3X with touchscreen capability. Garmin is a multibillion-dollar company but they've had to work to stay ahead of smaller but nimble competitors. Their G3X Touch is a very strong play to keep in the lead. Garmin's Jessica Cox walks us through some of the features of this grand new instrument.Aerotrek supplies a popular and well-priced everything but, you know, having a nice airplane isn't enough. Why not have a traveling hangar and home to go with your great Light-Sport Aircraft? With the money you save buying Aerotrek (half as much as some high-end LSA), you'll have money left over for other great toys, like a custom trailer. Your savings might not also cover the motorhome in this video, but watching may motivate you to work harder to acquire such a nice rig. Come have a look.Adventure Aircraft may be a new name but you may know the man behind it. He's Brian Carpenter and with his wife and partner Carol has become the primary source for classes leading to attendees becoming LSA Repairman. In whatever spare time that allows, Brian has been working on the aircraft featured in this video. This is a pure-electric-powered motorglider in one and two seat options. As a one-place EMG it can qualify as a Part 103 ultralight vehicle; with two seats it must be Experimental Amateur Built. Watch for more info. -- MVP (Most Versatile Plane)

FK Lightplanes -- Fk9 ELA

Nando Groppo -- Trail (2014)

One of the biggest splashes at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 came with the debut of the's new offering, their MVP that stands for Most Versatile Plane. The mockup was presented to a standing room only crowd of journalists and then placed on display in EAA's 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of Light-Sport Aircraft. All week long, it drew thick crowds anxious to ssee the many unique features of the coming SLSA model. Here some of the details in this video from founder Darrell Lynds.Germany's popular Fk9 from FK lightplanes is one of that country's most popular models, often flown in flight schools and by hundreds of recreational pilots. Around since the 1990s, the Fk9 has been continuously updated. In fact, this would be the Mark 5 version had not the company renamed it the Fk9 ELA, for European Light Aircaft. In the USA, FK Lightplanes is well represented by Hansen Air Group. Come on along as we look throughout this new version of a well proven light aircraft.We've looked at Nando Groppo's Trail aircraft earlier, both in the USA and over at Aero in Germany. The aircraft remains an interesting modestly priced machine (mid-$80,000s in early 2014, subject to change) with folding wings and bush capability. Now the Trail has a new representative. Steve Bensinger has a long, illustrious history with the CGS Hawk ultralight and now offers the Trail. Get up to date on the airplane and Steve's business in this video.

INSTRUCTIONS --- Pick the aircraft video you want to watch and click the video image. Your choice will begin playing at the top of this screen. Once the video is playing, you can use video player controls below the main image to pause and restart, go to full-screen size, adjust the sound volume, and more.

To see all content on a brand and model of Light-Sport Aircraft, click the identification appearing above each video image.

NOTE: If you click on a playing video you will be taken to the YouTube website. If you select this option, modern browsers open a new window or tab showing the YouTube website. Go back to your original window or tab to return to where you can watch more videos or explore more of our 1,000+ pages of content.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy our video selections.


Arion Aircraft has designed and built one of the most beautiful low wing entries in the Special LSA and kit-built aircraft sector. The all-American designed and built aircraft is priced fairly and flies wonderfully ... need you search for more?

Hansen Air Group represents recognized brands in the LSA
space: FK Lightplanes and their distinctive biplane Comet, FK9, and FK51 plus the great-flying Magnaghi Sky Arrow. Based in Atlanta, Georgia Hansen Air Group is an experienced player in the LSA space.
Multiple LSA

Flight Design USA imports CT, the top selling Light-Sport Aircraft. CT is a 98% carbon fiber design
with superb performance, roomy cockpit, great useful load, and a parachute as standard equipment ... the market leader for 10 years!

Jabiru USA builds the spacious and speedy J-250 and more recently J-230 plus the training-optimized J-170, each certified as Special LSA. The Tennessee-based company also imports and services the popular Jabiru engine line.

Vickers Aircraft has created one of the most distinctive new LSA seaplanes yet to emerge.Powered by the 180-horsepower
Lycoming O-360, their Wave model is like no other seaplane ever introduced with multiple features to set it apart from the crowd.

Tecnam is the world's leading manufacturer of Light-Sport aircraft offering more models and variations than any other producer. Besides the world's fastest-selling light twin and their new P2010 four seater, Tecnam offers these LSA: P-92 Eaglet, Astore, and P2008.
Many Light-Sport Aircraft & General Aviation models

Just Aircraft has delivered more than 300 kit aircraft since 2002, but in 2012 they electrified pilots with the awesome performance of their all-new SuperSTOL. It may look extreme and performs extremely well, but it is truly docile and forgiving to fly.

North Wing is America's leading manufacturer of weight shift LSA and Part 103 ultralight trikes. The company's wing designs are so good that most other trike manufacturers use them. Aircraft prices are highly affordable by all.

The Airplane Factory (TAF) produces the Sling series of world-circling aircraft (literally) and now this fine-flying, all-metal beauty is available in the United States as a Special Light-Sport Aircraft. Here is an LSA to follow.

Kitfox is one of the world's best selling light aircraft kits with more than 5,000 delivered. With unrivaled name recognition, Kitfox is admired for crisp handling, excellent performance, easily folded wings, and more. The design is flown around the world.

U.S. Sport Aircraft Importing represents the popular SportCruiser, one of the best selling Special Light-Sport Aircraft among 130 models on the market. The Texas-headquartered importer has long represented this familiar model.

X-Air brings a return to reasonably priced Light-Sport Aircraft, with a ready-to-fly flying machine you can purchase for a genuinely low price. No new arrival, X-Air has a rich history in light aviation.

Evektor is Number One and always will be. The Czech company's SportStar was the number one SLSA to win approval but engineers have steadily improved the model far beyond that 2005 version that started the race.

Quicksilver Aeronautics is the world's largest producer of ultralight aircraft, selling some 15,000 aircraft. The company's designs are thoroughly tested, superbly supported, and have an excellent safety record.

BRM Aero manufacturers the handsome Bristell all-metal SLSA. This highly evolved, next-generation Light-Sport was carefully engineered for luxury, comfort, excellent stability, and safety while being fun, fast, and easy to fly.

BushCat is the distinctive Light-Sport Aircraft within reach of almost any budget. With a solid heritage BushCat by SkyReach is fun, capable, and available as a kit, fully-built SLSA or ELSA.

Aeromarine-LSA represents an economical Part 103 ultralight that is within reach of almost any budget. For local fun flying, or for those who enjoy soaring flight Zigolo is light enough to be lifted by even the most gentle thermals.

Corbi Air represents the Made-for-Americans Direct Fly Alto 100. Created in the Czech Republic, Alto 100 was upgraded for USA sales and the result is a comfortable, handsome low wing, all-metal LSA with features you want.

Lockwood Aircraft is the builder of two of light aviation's best-recognized flying machines: AirCam and the Drifter line. Most sport aviators already know the Lockwood brand, a leader in Rotax maintenance and aircraft services.

Phoenix Air USA imports the beautiful Phoenix Special Light-Sport Aircraft, a performance motorglider that can cruise swiftly and serve both functions with excellent creature comfort. Given its clever wing extension design, you get two aircraft in one!

Super Petrel LS, manufactured by Edra Aeronautica in Brazil and represented by Florida Light Sport Aviation, is a unique and highly effective LSA seaplane. A biplane design, this is well established flying boat with more than 20 years of history. turned many heads when introducing its one-of-a-kind entry to Light-Sport Aircraft seaplanes. MVP, for Most Versatile Plane, justifies that phrase by doing more than flying off water. Here’s one to examine much more closely!

Progressive Aerodyne designed and supplies the SeaRey series, arguably the most celebrated of all light seaplanes in America. A close community of hundreds of owners offers camaraderie few other brands can match.

SportairUSA imports the dashing and superbly-equipped StingSport S4 that has won a loyal following from American pilots. More recently, they introduced their TL-3000 high-wing LSA. SportairUSA is a full-line operation with maintenance and training, too.

Renegade Light Sport produces the sexy low wing, all composite Falcon in America. The Florida company has also established itself as the premiere installer of Lycoming’s IO-233 engine.

Aerotrek Aircraft imports the A240 and A220 tricycle gear or taildragger Special Light-Sport Aircraft. A finely finished aircraft at an excellent price, Aerotrek has wide, affordable appeal.

Aero Adventure offers what is likely the lowest cost boat-hull seaplane in the light aircraft space with a kit that, complete with engine, sells for less than $50,000. Add a long history to its credit and Aventura is a seaplane worthy of a close look.

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