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Next Sebring LSA Expo
January 24-27, 2018.

Join's team and other light and sport aircraft enthusiasts at Aero 2017 -- 5-8 April.
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Next Sun 'n Fun
April 4 to April 9, 2017.

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2017 Dates: September 7-8-9

Second annual DeLand Showcase
2017 Dates: November 2-3-4
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American Legend Aircraft Company

American Legend has been in the LSA space since the beginning, offering their iconic yellow taildragger. The Texas company offers a full line of LSA and kit-built aircraft including the 180-horsepower Super Legend HP.

American Legend Aircraft Company is one of the most recognized and successful brands in the Light-Sport Aircraft sector. Their variation on the original Piper Cub has a great many improvements ... and that was in the very first model they debuted in 2005. Since then the Sulphur Springs, Texas company has branched out in various directions. You have several interesting choices including different models — open and closed cowl Classic Cub (closest to the original); Super Legend; Super Legend HP; AmphibCub; Combat Cub — and kits are available alongside fully-built Special LSA.

Introduced in 2015 Super Legend HP is the new top-of-the-line model for American Legend's corral of Cub-style aircraft. Debuted at the Sun ‘n Fun 2015, Super Legend HP features a potent 180-horsepower Titan O-340 engine. How potent? Consider this: Super Legend HP can break ground in only 35 feet and can climb at a stunning 2,000 feet per minute. The HP model can clear a 50-foot obstacle in 200 feet so you’ll be ready for the shortest of short fields. Legend added, “With the Titan O-340 Super Legend HP offers fast cruise speeds of up to 104 mph TAS at 2150 rpm. Pilots who have flown any of the Legend Cub models say things like this, “Those who have flown a Legend Cub consider it to the most gratifying recreational aircraft in the skies today.” That is saying a lot but the company makes a very coveted flying machine, one that turns heads where ever it flies. Plan some extra time when you stop to get fuel; others may want to look over your Legend Cub and ask you questions.

Features on all Legend Cub models include both right and left clamshell doors — the old Piper model had a single door. This provides a more open cockpit feel and allows easier float operation, for example, docking on either side. Legend Cubs are also three inches wider, which is a lot wider than it sounds. Twin 12-gallon wing tanks give increased range and by putting fuel in the wings center-of-gravity is improved so you can solo from either seat. An electrical system (Piper Cubs had none) enables safe, reliable engine starting and gives pilots the option of a well-equipped panel including glass displays, radios and the latest in electronics.

Beyond the features, American Legend has steadily been incorporated more carbon fiber to increase safety and useful load. Using the expertise gained with smaller components, the company added amphibious floats (LF1500A) certified with Kevlar and carbon fiber. Built purposely for the Super Legend, the company’s amphib floats use a manual gear retract or extension mechanism with watertight storage compartments. High-tech materials mean light weight with excellent strength and performance.

While celebrating its tenth anniversary, the company’s Super Legend HP has evolved into the quintessential Cub. If you love flying, you’ll love American Legend Cubs.

American Legend Aircraft Company

Web Site:
Address: 1810 Piper Lane
P.O. Box 1220
City: Sulphur Springs, TX 75483 USA
Phone: (903) 885-7000
Fax: (903) 438-9933

  American Legend -- Legends in Flight Schools (2013)
On our mission to debunk the idea that Light-Sport Aircraft will not hold up to flight instructional use, we spoke with Darin Hart of American Legend. He tells us of some impressive results from American Legend models being used in flight schools, including one with more than 20,000 landings on it while performing tailwheel instructions. This airplane has more than 2,000 hours and Darin relates that few parts have been replaced. Hear all the details.
  LSA Tour 2011 (Dallas Texas)
The LSA Tour is an idea to bring the airshow to the visitor, rather than asking them to trek across the country to visit one of the major airshows. Following the success of the LSA Mall at events, the LSA Tour positions several top brands in close proximity to allow broad access to the representatives of these Light-Sport Aircraft. The LSA Tour has been all over the country; this video talks about the event in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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  SPLOG Greg Koontz’s Crazy Flying Act in Titan Legend, 06/07/2016
SPLOG begins: Probably you've seen an act like this before. A crazy-acting farmer or a supposed drunk hops into a Piper Cub or similar aircraft after the regular pilot leaves it unattended for a few minutes. The crazy guy has no flying experience but somehow proceeds
  SPLOG American Legend’s Greg Koontz Truck Landing Show, 03/02/2016
SPLOG begins: In my years as a hang glider pilot — and for many friends who enjoy unpowered paragliders — the idea of what's called a "top landing" is something of the holy grail. Such a feat can now be rather commonly achieved, especially by a slower flying
  SPLOG Super Duper Legend Cub with 180 Horses!, 06/26/2015
SPLOG begins: Whoa, big boy! When you have huge power available, you need to ... well, go have fun! I've covered the Super Legend before ( article & video ), which had the multi-fuel, electronic ignition 115-horsepower Lycoming O-235 installed. Certainly that was and
  SPLOG Super Legend Gets SLSA Certificate #133, 11/15/2013
SPLOG begins: Available previously as a kit (more on that below), American Legend recently provided photos proving that the Sulfur Springs, Texas company has now won a Special LSA certificate for the Super Legend , topping our SLSA List at number 133. The model has
Legend Cub    Add to favorites list
  American Legend -- on Legend Floats (Video Pilot Report)
American Legend is one of the first entries in the Special Light-Sport Aircraft space and it remains and industry leader with a full line of models and variations including multiple power plants. One of the additions the Sulphur Springs, Texas company made over the years is adding amphibious floats, now of their own construction. At the first-ever DeLand Showcase, we flew the Legend Amphib for this Video Pilot Report with in-flight footage including a water landing. Total Run Time: 19 minutes
  Superior Air Parts -- Gemini Diesel on Legend (0715)
Only a few months earlier, at Sun 'n Fun 2015, we got our first glimpse of the Superior Gemini Diesel engines aimed at the Light-Sport Aircraft space. At AirVenture Oshkosh 2105, we saw an installation of the engine on an American Legend airframe. This rapid pace is helped by the close proximity of Superior Air Parts and American Legend, just 80 miles apart in the state of Texas. In this video Legend boss Darin Hart and Superior VP Scott Hays tells us when we can expect to see it flying plus other details of the development.
  DJI Quadcopter -- Our first look at drones
Lately the loud buzz in aviation is drones. Called UAVs, UASs, RPVs or other names, we'll just use "drone." Not our usual fare of reports on man-flown aircraft, we are just as intrigued as tens of thousands of others with this camera-carrying airplanes. They are radio-controlled (RC) but with autonomous flying capability should you lose radio contact or if some other interference happens. Come with us as we fly and witness the surprisingly smooth flight of the DJI drone.
  American Legend -- Super Legend
American Legend is, well... already a legend in the world of Light-Sport Aircraft. With this Super Legend, the Texas company has installed the new Lycoming O-233. At 115 horsepower, the Legend Cub will be much livlier, great if you also want to add floats. The new Lycoming is a multi-fuel engine so you don't have to use only 100LL avgas. To accommodate the greater weight of the engine, American Legend took numerous steps to lighten the aircraft. See what items in this video.
  5 LSA Taildraggers
Video viewers like collections of LSA where we look at several different models and review their differences. In this edition shot at the 2011 Midwest LSA Expo, we bring in representatives from each company to help with the details as we tour five models in a circle: Zlin Savage iCub; FK12 Comet; Rans S-7 Courier; CubCrafters CarbonCub SS; and American Legend Cub. Note that this video runs 25 minutes.
  American Legend -- Amphib Cub
The Legend Cub series -- the best-selling SLSA since day one -- is available in a variety of formats: regular land version, straight float version, amphib float version, and in kit-built form. Here we look at the Baumann float-equipped Legend Cub and we like what we see with these mechanically-actuated floats (no hydraulic weight).
  American Legend -- Cub
The American Legend Cub is... well, a legend in Special Light-Sport Aircraft. The iconic Cub look is well captured by this Texas company that has owned the #2 sales spot (#1 among American companies) since the first LSA flew in 2005. Legend has developed engine choices, offers floats, and even has a kit program.
  $4.95 Legend Cub
"Flying the American Legend Cub" by Dan Johnson. Published in EAA Sport Pilot & Light Sport Aircraft Magazine, October, 2006.
Pilot Report begins: Familiar...Yellow...Tandem...FUN! Many light-sport aircraft (LSA) aspire to a futuristic look, using exotic materials like carbon fiber with shapes that are sleek and finely contoured. Other designers chose another niche. American Legend Aircraft Company of Sulphur Springs, Texas, is one of three companies that have recreated the venerable Piper Cub, which has so captured the imagination of the general public that the words "Piper Cub" are used by the unknowing to describe almost any airplane without
  SPLOG Legend Cub Continues to (Slowly) Tear Up the Skies, 01/25/2017
SPLOG begins: At last fall's inaugural DeLand Showcase event, I got a chance to fly Legend Cub on their own Legend Floats. I've interviewed Legend folks about this model, but flying one was still on my to-do list. American Legend Aircraft Company was one of the very
  SPLOG American Legend Running On All (3?) Cylinders, 09/24/2015
SPLOG begins: We see and hear a continuing focus on electric airplanes including here at one of your (I hope) favorite websites. We'll continue to hear more about electric but the whirring motors are not the only innovation in powerplants. In true, another project
  SPLOG Opening Day Firsts: Icon, American Legend, Dynon, 07/21/2015
SPLOG begins: I promised to tell you what was under the blue wrap disguising the powerplant on the unnamed taildragger in my earlier article. Here it comes with other opening day news from AirVenture 2015. Icon Aircraft made their first delivery of an A5 after a tremendous
  SPLOG Cubs at the Creek Plus a Peek into the Future, 11/26/2012
SPLOG begins: On a lovely day recently at my home airflield — Spruce Creek Fly-in — local Cub afficianado Ron Bishop assembled quite a few of American Legend's handsome yellow Cub lookalikes. The affair, complete with the requisite hot dog lunch attracted
  SPLOG Super Legend — Lycoming Gains Among LSA, 06/21/2011
SPLOG begins: Since the beginning four brands of engines have powered Light-Sport. Rotax holds approximately a 75% share, Continental has about 15%, and Jabiru has about 10% with a couple entries using the HKS. Oh, and one more... Lycoming. *** The truth is Lycoming
  SPLOG LSA Before and After Sun 'n Fun 2011, 03/15/2011
SPLOG begins: It's a great thing when a plan comes together. Consider an extension of the LSA Tour that debuted after Sebring 2011. Then, five or six brands flew around to a half dozen Florida airports and showed their LSA to groups of varying sizes. It was a first
  SPLOG iCub, Meet Smart Cub, 09/02/2010
SPLOG begins: Those hard-working stalwarts at Legend , the number one U.S. producer of LSA, keep finding interesting things for folks like me to write about. • Trish Jackson is an Ohio native who flies Airbus freight carriers all over Europe. She learned flying
  SPLOG The Mid-Year View, 07/13/2010
SPLOG begins: I had some fun today talking with Jim Sweeney , guest host of Roy Beisswenger's Ultraflight Radio Show . *** Our first topic was the state of the LSA industry. I first picked my pal Dan Johnson 's satellite-view brain of the LSA Big Picture to glean we're
  SPLOG Winter Ops, 12/28/2009
SPLOG begins: I'm sitting at my desk, gloom and doom outside the window as the snow flakes fall , wishing I had one of these: a Legend SkiCub . *** I confess I succumbed to a nostalgic moment, remembering the wonderful trip I had with Darrin Hart and the boys from
  SPLOG Catching Up With The Legend, 12/03/2009
SPLOG begins: American Legend , makers of the popular fun flivver Legend Cub SLSA and Texas Sport kit version, aren't letting any bad-economy moss grow under their Cub-yellow tennies. *** First, the top-selling American LSA maker received ASTM certification and has
  SPLOG Pair of Floatplanes Announced: Legend and Remos, 10/09/2009
SPLOG begins: We've arrived at the end of the main float-flying season, but two of our largest Light-Sport Aircraft manufacturers just announced floatplane models. Welcome to the American Legend FloatCub and the Remos GX on floats. Each company contracted with float
  SPLOG LSA Attain New Plateau in Aviation World, 08/05/2009
SPLOG begins: Viewed from the LSA Mall, AirVenture 2009 was much more than the summer's big celebration of flight. Several important events tell a story of growing acceptance of LSA. Here's a short list: LAMA hosted a meeting of G10 (the 10 largest LSA producers) and
  SPLOG Strong Survive Tough Economy...Some Repositioning, 05/12/2009
SPLOG begins: We continue to see the effects of the last year of economic turmoil in Light-Sport Aircraft market shares. The chart accompanying this SPLOG tells the numbers as always presented, with total market share since the first deliveries in 2005 based on carefully-reviewed
  SPLOG Avemco Offers "Favored Rates" for Selected SLSA, 05/08/2009
SPLOG begins: REPORTING AFTER SUN 'N FUN --- Not as exciting as a perfect landing, insurance is nonetheless a vital component of flying. For the most part: no insurance/no flying . And, as we've seen play out on the national stage with AIG (though not the aviation
  SPLOG Heart of Texas LSA Expo Judged a Success, 03/09/2009
SPLOG begins: Exhibitor Chris Regis of Paradise USA (representing the P-1) reported "good visitor traffic" and "excellent organization" from the people behind the Heart of Texas LSA Expo . The new event, held over March 8 & 9 is one of two planned shows following
  SPLOG 2008 In Review; a Look at the Year for LSA Sales, 12/12/2008
SPLOG begins: With one month to go (and it's hard to imagine a big December), we have figures to report for this most extraordinary year. We're all (painfully) aware of the economic predicament, but how has this impacted light-sport aviation? Here's my observations.
  SPLOG Light-Sport Aircraft Mature--Legend's Celebration, 11/06/2008
SPLOG begins: Legend has good reason for celebration (and no, this has nothing to do with Obama's election) . In the lifespan of Light-Sport Aircraft -- the first deliveries reach their fourth anniversary next April -- Legend was an early success...a story that continues
  SPLOG Avemco Investigates LSA; Continues Insurance, 06/01/2008
SPLOG begins: Does FAA control aviation? They regulate it (sometimes well). True control may be in the hands of insurance companies. Just try to operate your airplane, your airport, your aviation business without insurance coverage. Insurance companies help keep airports
  SPLOG Floatplane Season Means Fun for LSA Enthusiasts, 05/10/2008
SPLOG begins: With summer just around the corner, floatplane flying regains its special appeal. In about a month, I'll have an announcement of a very exciting, ultramodern new seaplane that will make your jaw drop. But today, you can get an incentive at the opposite
  SPLOG U.S. Leading Manufacturer of LSA Remains a Legend, 03/12/2007
SPLOG begins: With the delivery of their 88th Legend Cub , the Sulphur Springs, Texas-based company handily confirmed its well-out-in-front leadership among American companies building SLSA. If fact, among the entire fleet, Legend is a solid number two behind Flight
  Sidebar Bringing the Legend Home, 10/01/2006
Sidebar begins: RICH GIANNOTTI I may be the only person who attended Sun 'n Fun and EAA AirVenture Oshkosh this year with my airplane without it leaving the ground. Why? Because my uncovered fuselage was on display at Sun 'n Fun in American Legend Aircraft's booth, and
  SPLOG Legend is First Cub to Sport a Jabiru Engine, 08/08/2006
SPLOG begins: Legend Aircraft 's Cub is one of the top selling SLSA, ranking up high with Flight Design's CT, Fantasy Air's Allegro, Evektor's SportStar, and TL Ultralight's StingSport. Both American-made Cub-like designs (Legend's and CubCrafters ') have been 100%
  SPLOG Cub Trio Aims to Fill the Sky with LSA, 09/06/2005
SPLOG begins: Triplet LSA Cubs entering the market show the popularity of this venerable design. First approved as an SLSA was the Legend Cub which offers many features desired by those who love J-3 Cubs. Shortly after Legend came approval for the Savage Cub and the
  SPLOG A Legend Makes An Appearance, 04/04/2005
SPLOG begins: As a new season of flying for fun starts the Legend Cub from Sulphur Springs, Texas made its first flight. Company founders Tim Elliott and Darin Hart say their new Cub lookalike (it isn't identical, for example, it's got a wider cockpit) is for "recreational


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  SPLOG Oshkosh Day 2, 07/27/2010
SPLOG begins: Recovering from the mud soup floods that crippled arrivals a few days ago (so many airplanes typically park on the grass), things began to dry out enough yesterday to bring robust opening day attendance, helped in large part by the beautiful weather.

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