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January 24-27, 2018.

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Next Sun 'n Fun
April 4 to April 9, 2017.

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2017 Dates: September 7-8-9

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2017 Dates: November 2-3-4
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Glasair Aviation

Glasair Aviation became famous for their Glasair series. Today the Washington state company is focused on the newer Sportsman in several varieties and on Merlin LSA. Later in 2017, buyers can buy a Merlin in fully-ready-to-fly form from this much-admired company renown for its top-tier customer service.

Glasair said, "Whether your definition of flying fun is a cross-country flight, dropping into a back-country airstrip with a load of camping gear, or just punching holes in the sky with a light and nimble LSA, Glasair Aviation has an airplane to fill your needs." In order, the Washington state company refers to their highly capable Sportsman high-wing models, and their newest Merlin LSA. The SLSA is named for the smallest raptor, not the wizard.

Merlin first flew on April 7th, 2015 at Glasair's Arlington, Washington headquarters and was accepted by FAA as a Special Light-Sport Aircraft in March of 2016. The company, known for quality engineering, is still refining the Light-Sport Aircraft to ensure the best customer experience. "We will roll out the first production plane ready for pick up in June 2017," said Glasair's Rick Paul. "In the meantime we are constructing our beta models, allowing us to offer demo flights at our Washington state base beginning in February 2017.

Glasair Aviation engineers have been busy since first announcing Merlin LSA. Following its first flight in April 2015, refinements and testing-testing-testing have been ongoing while the company prepares their newest model for serial production and customer delivery.

Long a purveyor of complete aircraft kits (Glasair earlier and now Sportsman), the pioneering kitplane manufacturer is proud to bring Merlin to market as a fully factory-built, ready-to-buy-and-fly aircraft. Kits and fully-built are very different business models and Glasair Aviation is determined to achieve this with their customary professionalism.

"Production of beta-series Merlins continues apace as we continue our hard work to make the Merlin as strong, safe, light and enjoyable as can be," said Glasair. "In our minds, it is the perfect Light-Sport Aircraft for rusty pilots rediscovering the joy of easy weekend hops across the state."

New and experienced pilots will enjoy Merlin's stable, easy handling and forgiving landing gear. Occupants will appreciate its roomy 47-inch wide cockpit and excellent visibility, thanks partly to skylights that make it easier to observe traffic at busy airports. The company believe Merlin is "a great plane for sport pilots and flight schools alike."

Glasair Aviation

Web Site:
Address: 18530 59th Drive NE
City: Arlington, WA 98223 USA
Phone: (360) 435-8533

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  Glasair Aviation -- Merlin LSA (2014)
Glasair is the well-known company behind models of a similar name but now they have something very news. This is the Merlin, which may sound like a model by that name formerly of Canada but this one is a fresh start. In this video we sit in the mockup with company president Nigel Mott who tells us about the plan. In early 2015, the model took to the skies for the first time. We expect exciting things from this experienced producer entering the LSA space.
  SPLOG Glasairís Merlin LSA Coming to Sun Ďn Fun 2017, 12/23/2016
SPLOG begins: Glasair Aviation (previously Stoddard-Hamilton) is a storied aircraft company in the USA that has since 1980 manufactured aircraft kits. Previously, they achieved broad recognition for the Glasair II and III series of speedy retractables in several variations.
  SPLOG Two More SLSA Makes 140!, 04/01/2016
SPLOG begins: Predictions of a great thinning of the herd... of a consolidation of LSA producers to a handful of leaders never came to pass. No wonder, when the new Special LSA acceptances keep piling up. What I find quite fascinating is that the four newest SLSA were
  SPLOG Glasairís Merlin LSA Takes First Flight, 04/09/2015
SPLOG begins: What an amazing day! I heard of — count 'em — no less than three first flights . I don't ever recall getting that kind of news in such a batch, but hooray! More airplanes to report on and more for customers to consider for their flying enjoyment.
  SPLOG Glasair Shows Merlin Mockup; Will Build MVP, 07/31/2014
SPLOG begins: Although not previously known for any involvement in the Light-Sport space, longtime kit aircraft producer Glasair Aviation is jumping in assertively for 2014. At Sun 'n Fun, the Arlington, Washington company debuted their Merlin and to AirVenture 2014


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