Here is an early, quick look at Skytrek SLSA
by Triton... China's first FAA approval.
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  turned many heads when introducing its one-of-a-kind entry to Light-Sport Aircraft seaplanes. MVP, for Most Versatile Plane, justifies that phrase by doing more than flying off water. Here’s one to examine much more closely!

You may have seen an amphibious Light-Sport Aircraft, but have you seen a “triphibian?” On this page you are looking at the first such entry in the LSA space. Triphibian identifies MVP as capable of operating off water — using a carefully-designed boat hull with integrated sponsors (or lateral flotation) — off land, and off snow. Given the one-of-a-kind design is designed in northern Minnesota, the snow capability is easily understood. However, MVP’s good manners on all surfaces is only the beginning of interesting features to this fresh design.

The creators of MVP have so much in mind for this Light-Sport Aircraft that it might take a while for you to fully comprehend the meaning of its name: Most Versatile Plane. The videos you see below will give additional detail but the short answer is as follows.

First, regarding what makes MVP unique is the retracting components. Of course, its wheels get out of the way for water landings but the canopy also retracts. In the photo below you can hardly see the windscreen and surrounding structure because the pilot pivoted it above and behind the cockpit. He did so manually using a clever mechanically-leveraged control. The canopy sits securely in front of the engine, but in such a way that it does not block engine operation or prop spinning. As a pilot taxies to a dock or prepares to beach MVP offers wide open visibility with the canopy completely out of his or her way but he can continue to operate the engine to guide the aircraft.

In the image, sharp observers may also see the instrument panel has also been retracted (see the blue pedestal aft of the fisherman pilot). Not only does this give more access to the MVP’s deck area, but it keeps the delicate and expensive electronics completely out of harm’s way. Even an inconsiderate boater making waves nearby will not splash water on your EFIS, GPS, or other instrumentation. Did you read the reference to “deck?” Here’s a way MVP gets even more interesting.

MVP is made to do many jobs. Of course, it flies and moves around on water, land, and snow. You expect that much. What should further delight you is how you keep on using MVP after you’re done flying, docking, or beaching.

To become a fishing boat, the pilot retracts both canopy and instrumental panel, pulls his seat off its pedestal, and deploys the stowed “origami” deck elements to make broad, flat surface. As you can see fishing from the forward seat is easy and comfortable. Yet did you notice his companion relaxing in the hammock on the aft of MVP? She can walk along the sponson areas, with no fear of upsetting the craft, and relax in the sun while fish are being caught for dinner. In case you’re still not impressed, come evening, the couple can erect a tent over the front of MVP and spend the night comfortable and dry.

By now, the “wow!” factor should be starting to make you truly fascinated. So click the nearby logo link to be taken to where you can thoroughly explore this remarkable aircraft. Videos and articles below will provide our impressions.

Web Site:
Address: 1907 Wayzata Blvd East
Suite 140
City: Minneapolis, MN 55391 USA
Phone: (800) 273-8909

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MVP    Add to favorites list -- MVP (Most Versatile Plane)
One of the biggest splashes at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 came with the debut of the's new offering, their MVP that stands for Most Versatile Plane. The mockup was presented to a standing room only crowd of journalists and then placed on display in EAA's 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of Light-Sport Aircraft. All week long, it drew thick crowds anxious to ssee the many unique features of the coming SLSA model. Here some of the details in this video from founder Darrell Lynds.
  SPLOG MVP on Tour — Thunderbird Pilot Joins Team, 01/18/2016
SPLOG begins: SEBRING 2016 PREVIEW — Folks are headed to Sebring. I'm already here, residing about three hours north in Daytona Beach, and it is sunny and pleasant outside. To a Floridian, it seems a bit cool ... meaning mid-50s. Now, I know it's become quite
  SPLOG’s "Omniplane" Tour , 05/20/2015
SPLOG begins: You have to love the English language (or maybe hate it for the same reason): New words keep arriving in conversations. Team MVP used the term "triphibian" to mean a Light-Sport Aircraft seaplane entry that could land on runways, waterways, or snow. Of
  SPLOG MVP Traveling to Europe and Touring USA, 03/29/2015
SPLOG begins: In the first decade of Light-Sport Aircraft we saw a new model emerge nearly every month; some months brought more than one model. SLSA approvals reached 136 aircraft, most of them land-based aircraft (our SLSA list describes each type). To general aviation
  SPLOG Details and New Video about MVP’s Show Hit, 08/19/2014
SPLOG begins: Using the line "Your Passport to the Planet" (yes, that's the company name ... well, with an "Inc." on the end), this Minnesota company made a great big splash at AirVenture 2014. Not literally in the sense of a splash into the water but from
  SPLOG and Art of a Versatile New LSA, 07/27/2014
SPLOG begins: A standing room only crowd just walked out of the pre-opening Sunday press conference held by the folks. This airplane has been in the works for many months but principals have done a masterful job of what might be called the "Apple approach."
  SPLOG Versatile LSA Seaplane to Debut at AirVenture 2014, 07/14/2014
SPLOG begins: An entirely new Light-Sport seaplane will make its " global debut " at EAA AirVenture 2014 and this is one you'll want to see up close and in detail. As with a number of other persons, I have been briefed on this new entry and, like the others, I signed


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  SPLOG Post-AirVenture 2014 News Review, 08/08/2014
SPLOG begins: Summer's big show is over and most aviation business folks are back home having that love/hate affair with email that piled up while we worked the event. On whole, the success story is strong. Airplanes sold, crowds were good, accidents were few, and

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