Here is an early, quick look at Skytrek SLSA
by Triton... China's first FAA approval.
Video sponsored by Continental Motors,
maker of the Powerful Titan X-340 Engine
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Continental Motors

Among the engines used in Light-Sport Aircraft or light kit-built aircraft, the most widely known is Continental’s O-200, for many decades a legend in aviation powerplants. Pilots are attracted to an amazing variety of airframes, but they all share one desire: to have their engine to perform in a dependable manner for hour after hour. While some new engines have worthy characteristics, they have to pass the test of time and it can take many years to truly establish a high level of trust. Continental has that history leaving no wonder why aircraft manufacturers consider the famous O-200 engine from Continental Motors.

Click graphic above to go immediately to the company's website...

FOR TITAN X-340 ENGINE INFORMATION go to this website...

Industry Support — One of the light aircraft industry’s most successful producers is Zenith Aircraft. The Mexico, Missouri builder has supplied thousands of aircraft kits that today are flying in countries wide and far. “We ship Zenith kits around the world and Continental engines are well known and supported in all the markets where we ship kits. Their engines have a great reputation among pilots and they are a popular choice with our customers,” reports Zenith Aircraft leader, Sebastian Heintz. “Our kit aircraft customers can choose which engine type to install in their Zenith kit, and many choose the Continental engine after researching all the different available engines. They work well, perform great, and represent good value!” Zenith is very excited about the Jet-A diesel engines from Continental because Jet-A diesel fuel is more readily available than avgas in many developing markets and the company says this helps them increase sales in new aviation markets. While many countries do not offer avgas like 100LL, diesel fuel is commonly available.

A Century of History — Continental Motors brings their 100-year history and millions of flight hours’ worth of experience to the Light-Sport and light kit aircraft market in a range of aviation gasoline and Jet-A diesel engine products with a focus toward the future and a global marketplace. A shining example is the company’s internationally certified Centurion diesel engine. Currently powering numerous aircraft, the electronically managed diesel engine starts at 135 horsepower, a superb performance level for ever more capable Light-Sport or kit aircraft.

Always Improving; Worldwide Service — Continental continues to investment in technology and manufacturing efficiency. With manufacturing facilities in the USA and Germany, a worldwide distribution and service network, factory service centers, and technical/sales teams spread across many continents; the company is positioned to meet the needs of pilots and owners around the world. Beside Zenith light aircraft companies using Continental include Kitfox Aircraft, American Legend, and Fisher Flying Products among others.

Are you interested in bigger bore engines? — To see a graphic for ALL kit-built aircraft using Continental Motors engines including aircraft larger or faster than Light-Sport Aircraft, please click here and scroll down the page. For technical support, contact the company here.

To find more information about Titan Engines (now part of Continental Motors), go to this website.

Continental Motors

Web Site:
Address: 2039 Broad Street
City: Mobile, AL 36615 USA
Phone: (800) 718-3411
(251) 438-3411

  Continental (ECi) -- Titan engine
CubCrafters made the Titan engine well known to Light-Sport Aircraft enthusiasts when it added the 180-horsepower engine to their line of Cub-like airplanes. It made a rather docile flying machine into a macho machine and that appears to have helped the company increase their sales. However, now you can also find this engine in the American Legend Cub-type airplanes as well as Sportair USA's Outback model manufactured by Zlin. All three models now boast this impressive performing engine, and more airframe users are coming.
  Continental Motors -- O-200D LSA engine (2014)
Continental is one of the most familiar brand names in all of aviation. The company's engines have powered more airplanes than most pilots could possibly name and their experience over 100 years (80 in aviation) is legendary. Pilots and mechanics around the world know Continental Motors and you can get service at virtually any airport. We speak with Ron Humphreys who gives us the details of the LSA-specific O-200D engine. We even touch on Continental's diesel engine.

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  SPLOG Continental Launches Fresh Website; Supports STEM, 12/14/2016
SPLOG begins: Continental Motors is known worldwide for its aircraft engines. It is also a true global company with operations bases in Hong Kong, Alabama, and St. Egidien, Germany. Most readers are aware that the longtime Alabama company is owned by interests in Hong
  SPLOG Continental Motors Absorbs Titan X-340 Production, 08/22/2016
SPLOG begins: Coming up in just over two weeks! — September 8-9-10, 2016 — is the Midwest LSA Expo. I hope your plans include going. Plenty of aircraft are available and taking a demo flight is no easier anywhere. I will look for you on site! More info:
  SPLOG Greg Koontz’s Crazy Flying Act in Titan Legend, 06/07/2016
SPLOG begins: Probably you've seen an act like this before. A crazy-acting farmer or a supposed drunk hops into a Piper Cub or similar aircraft after the regular pilot leaves it unattended for a few minutes. The crazy guy has no flying experience but somehow proceeds
  SPLOG Invasion of the Titan; More LSA Go Big Power, 05/18/2016
SPLOG begins: In my many years in aviation, I've learned this about light aviation pilots: If 80-horsepower is good, then 100-horsepower is better, and even more is best of all. It explains why interest was so high when Rotax announced their new 915iS that will provide
  SPLOG Early Preview of Aero Freidrichshafen 2016, 04/19/2016
SPLOG begins: The great show of Europe called Aero Friedrichshafen is about to begin. It starts officially tomorrow and runs through Saturday (April 20-23, 2016). I've lost count, but believe this is my 20th year of attending, far more than any other European show.
  SPLOG SuperSTOL Gets Superpower with Titan’s 180 Horses, 02/15/2016
SPLOG begins: Article updated 2/16/16 — In a freshly-edited video (see at end), Just Aircraft key fellows Gary Schmidt and Troy Townsend provide extra comments and we add additional footage of SuperSTOL climbing strongly with the Titan. Even before Continental
  SPLOG Continental's Titan Engine to Power Vickers Wave, 10/06/2015
SPLOG begins: Big power is not just for LSA taildraggers anymore. A few years back, CubCrafters surprised the LSA world with its installation of the most powerful engine in the LSA space. The western U.S. company mounted a Titan engine from ECi making the modest Cub-like
  SPLOG Touring Aviation Stalwart Continental Motors, 10/21/2014
SPLOG begins: Continental Motors is known to generations of pilots and not just in the USA. However, I'll bet most readers do not know that the storied company once produced a radial engine. The company started business way back in 1905 as a builder of truck engines
  SPLOG China Continues Making Deals Involving LSA, 08/26/2014
SPLOG begins: Many Americans know that other countries can adopt ASTM standards to gain approval for Light-Sport Aircraft. One of the first to enthusiastically do so was Australia. The down-under nation also has close contacts with China, which has been buying various
  SPLOG Sport Pilot-Eligible Ercoupes at Spruce Creek, 10/06/2013
SPLOG begins: Most of our attention is paid to either Light-Sport Aircraft, both SLSA and ELSA, or to light kit aircraft that Sport Pilots may fly. Yet another worthy category exists: Standard Category certified airplanes that can also be flown by someone with or exercising
  SPLOG The Year of Cub Love, 07/07/2012
SPLOG begins: In case you hadn’t heard, this is the Year of the Cub…the 75th anniversary celebration of that wonderful proto-LSA, the *** Piper J3 Cub . *** All aircraft have their special places in our hearts. But was there ever anything quite like the
  SPLOG Two From The Road, 04/21/2012
SPLOG begins: In the midst of a couple weeks away from home to marry off my firstborn daughter, I remain nonetheless able and willing to mine the LSA infoverse for newsworthy veins. *** Also, check out Aero Friedrichshafen going on right now in Germany. It's one of
  SPLOG Ugly Duckling, Roomy & Flies... well, like a Duck, 07/12/2011
SPLOG begins: Aviator opinion is widespread about CH 701 and CH 750 being ugly ducklings. Fortunately, plenty of pilots don't care about looks so long as an airplane flies well (750 does!) and for some the, ahem... distinctive look of 750 is a thing of pride. Think
  SPLOG Cessna Ships 50th Skycatcher, 11/17/2010
SPLOG begins: Here's an item we've all waited for: Cessna exercising it's production mojo by shipping its 50th production Skycatcher S-LSA. *** The company manufactures and ships the C-162 from its Shenyang Aircraft manufacturing site in China to the US final assembly
  SPLOG IFR and LSA: Much Ado About... What?, 09/04/2010
SPLOG begins: I was mighty busy last week, talking about my blog regarding IFR-IMC on LSA . Whew! Sometimes I had useful discussions. Some of what I got was hate mail; a few took the shoot-the-messenger approach. What's all the furor about, exactly? *** Among my many
  SPLOG Midwest School Gets First Skycatcher, 06/10/2010
SPLOG begins: Here’s a spot of welcome news for all those who've been waiting to get their hands on a Cessna 162 Skycatcher: Kansas Aviation, Inc. gets first honors for putting the long-delayed S-LSA into service for flight training and rentals. *** An interesting
  SPLOG Cessna's "First Lady" gets Skycatcher #1, 11/13/2009
SPLOG begins: For those who missed the announcement back in 2007 when the Cessna C-162 Skycatcher was first announced, the planned delivery of the very first production airplane will stay in the Cessna family, as the happy owner is none other than Rose Pelton of Wichita,
  SPLOG Prototype Skycatcher Flies; CEO Pelton Feted, 03/12/2008
SPLOG begins: A Russian business aviation website released early news of Cessna making their first Skycatcher flight in Wichita, Kansas. LSA news spans the globe...when it's about Cessna . *** Jets.RU correspondent Paul Richfield wrote, "Cessna's 162 Skycatcher prototype
  SPLOG High Wing, All-Metal, Continental? No, not Cessna., 08/15/2007
SPLOG begins: "We thank Cessna for getting people all excited about a high-wing, all-metal, Continental O-200-powered LSA," exclaimed John Degonia, sales director for AMD , seller of the Zodiac CH-601. The Wichita giant has confirmed LSA enthusiasm with more than 700

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