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Next Sebring LSA Expo
January 24-27, 2018.

Join's team and other light and sport aircraft enthusiasts at Aero 2017 -- 5-8 April.
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Next Sun 'n Fun
April 4 to April 9, 2017.

Next Midwest LSA Expo
2017 Dates: September 7-8-9

Second annual DeLand Showcase
2017 Dates: November 2-3-4
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AeroSport, LLC

BushCat is the distinctive Light-Sport Aircraft within reach of almost any budget. With a solid heritage BushCat by SkyReach is fun, capable, and available as a kit, fully-built SLSA or ELSA.

More than just an affordably priced airplane, BushCat adds value in through its versatility. The very tough and light Dacron-Trilam fabric covered aircraft (with no paint weight penalty) is available in tailwheel or nosewheel format, offers a roomy cabin that is 47.5-inches wide (8 inches wider than a Cessna 172!), and offers an excellent useful payload of up to 670 pounds resulting in a generous 520 pound payload with full fuel (24.8 gallons). Additional features include sprung aluminum landing gear, hydraulic brakes, dual controls via a central stick, dual rudder pedals, pitch trim, and unique dual throttles at the end of each outside armrest that fold up out of your way for entry/exit. Plus, everyone can enjoy BushCat’s wide-open visibility. For those seeking water capability, AeroSport offers the amphibian BushCat that continues the low purchase prices of SkyReach with ease of maintenance and low operating costs.

BushCat is represented in the U.S. by AeroSport, distributor for SkyReach (Pty) Ltd., a company previously known to readers as Rainbow Aircraft, maker of the Cheetah. When SkyReach took over and professionalized the organization and marketing, they rebranded the aircraft as BushCat. They also made a series of positive improvements to an airplane that flew well and had singular features.

AeroSport represents BushCat from southeastern Wisconsin, offering a central location. AeroSport’s hanger and maintenance facility is located two miles north of Galt Airport (10C) on a private grass airstrip. Conveniently, this location has an available guest house for weekend demo flights or build assisted assembly projects. AeroSport is operated by Daniela F. Knoll (president) and Jeremy R. Knoll.

Working with SkyReach, the Knolls are bringing the promise of Light-Sport Aircraft that everyone expected in 2004 when FAA released the rule: they are supplying an affordable aircraft for less than $50,000 (though prices change; please contact AeroSport for the latest information). Such a modest price is actually less than anyone expected ten years ago. For that low cost you get a ready-to-fly airplane powered by the ASTM-compliant Rotax 582 engine. If you prefer a four stroke Rotax 912, the price is still only a bit over $60,000, a price equivalent to $50,000 in 2004. Yes, you can afford BushCat. The 51% airframe kit sells for a little over $20,000 and you can choose a powerplant to find total savings of half to a third of the fully manufactured price.

If you are seeking an affordable LSA that will give years of enjoyment without busting your budget, BushCat by SkyReach may be your flying machine.

AeroSport, LLC

Web Site:
Address: 198 Lynne Drive
Galt Airport (10C)
City: Twin Lakes, WI 53181 USA
Phone: (262) 448-1122
(262) 716-6025

  SkyReach (formerly Rainbow) -- Bush Cat (2013)
If you're looking for a Light-Sport Aircraft that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, you need look no further than the SkyReach Bush Cat. How does less than $49,000 sound? (This is actually better than we were expecting back in 2002, even without factoring in time value of money.) Known to Americans as the Cheetah, a few organizational changes have occurred and new choices are now available. Watch for the latest news.

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  SkyReach (Aerosport) -- BushCat
If you've been saying that Light-Sport Aircraft are too expensive, here is an airplane that may force you to readjust your thinking. While some carbon fiber beauties are indeed rather costly, BushCat has always been one of the true bargains. True, it is simpler in construction but that also means it is lighter which helps it perform well. In early 2017, BushCat starts at just $65,000 ready-to-fly. By any measure that's a bargain. Find out more detail in this video from the Midwest LSA Expo 2016.
  SkyReach -- BushCat with higher gross (2015)
BushCat has long be both a very interesting design with features you will not find on other aircraft and it has a price point that most can consider. Prices changes so check with the supplier, but at $65,000 in 2015, BushCat deserves your examination. Now, it is even more capable with a new gross weight hitting the upper limit of 1,320 pounds meaning you can carry two 200-pound occupants and 65 pounds of baggage or other gear. Have we got your attention now?
  SkyReach (formerly Rainbow) -- Bush Cat (2013)
If you're looking for a Light-Sport Aircraft that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, you need look no further than the SkyReach Bush Cat. How does less than $49,000 sound? (This is actually better than we were expecting back in 2002, even without factoring in time value of money.) Known to Americans as the Cheetah, a few organizational changes have occurred and new choices are now available. Watch for the latest news.
  SkyReach -- Bush Cat (2012)
SkyReach is a new company that took over from Rainbow Aircraft that became known for their low-priced Cheetah. Bush Cat is a slightly changed model (5% different) including stronger undercarriage structure, tires, brakes and more. Hear what the other differences are as we speak to the company representative. Also get an explanation for the flashy wing decoration. And, no, they still maintain the bargain price. Check it out!
  Rainbow Aircraft -- Cheetah (taildragger)
Rainbow Aviation hails from South Africa, a long ways away. But in Wisconsin, Midwest Sport Aviation represents the far-off brand with local service. At the Midwest LSA Expo 2011 they announced a new dealer (Aero Sport Planes) and we discussed kits and fully built plus taildragger options for this remarkably low-priced LSA ($35,000 to $60,000).
  2 LSA Brands -- Very Low Cost
Price is important; no surprise. But you also want an aircraft that will deliver the enjoyment of flight. Lucky us; we have two models to show you that provide plenty of flying fun but do so at very modest cost. They're simpler, sure. But these airplanes cost today what we thought LSA were going to cost back in 2003... and that's pretty amazing. Come with us and take a look at the X-Air LS and the Rainbow Aircraft Cheetah.
  Rainbow -- Cheetah
One of the simpler yet distinctive airplanes in the LSA category is the Rainbow Aircraft Cheetah XLS, which won SLSA approval in September 2009. Manufacturered in South Africa, Cheetah is sold in the USA by Midwest Sport Aviation of Wisconsin. The lightweight LSA offers eye-catching styling and unique features like fold-down armrests with a throttle handle at the end.
  SPLOG Video — BushCat Is Fun and a Bargain!, 02/12/2017
SPLOG begins: Are Light-Sport Aircraft too expensive? With yellow taildraggers from some companies exceeding $200,000, it certainly sounds so. Gorgeous and modern carbon fiber LSA run $125,000 to $180,000. So, yeah, if your budget is leaner or if you merely want to
  SPLOG The Age of YouTube & Video Pilot Reports, 09/18/2015
SPLOG begins: When this website went live a few months before the Sport Pilot & Light-Sport Aircraft rule was announced at Oshkosh 2004, it began life as an archive of several hundred pilot reports I had written for a number of print magazines in aviation. That launch
  SPLOG BushCat Available Several Ways, All Affordable, 06/07/2015
SPLOG begins: Let's move right to an important point. BushCat is most interesting aircraft with unique features of interest to many and you are much more likely to afford the South African airplane with its 2015 U.S. price of $65,000 . That figure covers the Rotax
  SPLOG Post-AirVenture 2014 News Review, 08/08/2014
SPLOG begins: Summer's big show is over and most aviation business folks are back home having that love/hate affair with email that piled up while we worked the event. On whole, the success story is strong. Airplanes sold, crowds were good, accidents were few, and
  SPLOG Sebring No-Show Bargains Will Attend Sun 'n Fun, 02/22/2014
SPLOG begins: Not long ago, I posted about Kitfox tending to business and expressing regret that they chose to stay home in Idaho versus making the trip to the Sebring LSA Expo 2014. Team Kitfox was not the only one, however. In addition, AeroSport didn't bring their
  SPLOG Post-Oshkosh 2013 Quick Review, 08/19/2013
SPLOG begins: At the big show EAA likes to call the Summer Celebration of Flight, we rove the grounds seeking new airplanes, new engines or propulsion systems, new panel gear, updated models and more. In this very fast tour, we'll zoom around AirVenture for a glance
  SPLOG Cheetah XLS Speeds through SLSA Approval -- #101, 09/18/2009
SPLOG begins: Reaching SLSA model number 100 produced loads of media attention and a feeling of pride in reaching such a benchmark in less than five years. How do you follow that act? With SLSA #101 , naturally. *** Welcome to the Cheetah from Rainbow Aircraft in South
  SPLOG Fast As a South African Cheetah, The Kit, 12/04/2007
SPLOG begins: We have many great airplanes among the 62 models in the SLSA fleet. But the price tag for some of these beauties could motivate you to consider a kit. Why not? Homebuilts and Ultralights proved many folks could manage the build effort. Organizations like


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