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Scoda (Edra) Aeronautica

Super Petrel LS, manufactured by Scoda Aeronautica in Brazil and built by Super Petrel USA, a branch of the Brazilian company in Ormond Beach, Florida, is a unique and highly effective LSA seaplane. This biplane flying boat is well established with more than 20 years of history.

Some people look at Super Petrel LS and ask, “Why a biplane?” The facts become obvious on closer examination. A biplane offers an abundance of wing area without a wide span so it is easier to dock or beach, two common actions during water operations. More wing area means more wing working to lift you out of the water faster, a goal of every seaplane or floatplane. Plus, Super Petrel LS is a very handsome aircraft. The two sets of wings attach to a modern composite boat hull and aircraft fuselage. The Brazilian design has been flying for more than two decades and boasts several strong attributes.

Super Petrel LS is versatile handling easily on land or in the water. The design is straightforward to fly with very cooperative flight controls making it a preferred design for owners with less experience. Some seaplanes require plenty of time for acclimatization but new or veteran pilots can hop in Super Petrel LS and quickly feel comfortable. Thanks to those short wings with lots of square area working hard, she can takeoff or land in surprisingly short distances; the company reports a water launch occurs in less than 400 feet, an impressive feat for any seaplane.

Super Petrel LS has good safety qualities. The maintenance program devised by designers at Scoda (formerly Edra) Aeronautica combines with good flight and classroom training for pilots and adds to high quality construction to produce an impressive safety record. Recently, the U.S. FAA went to Brazil and audited the company’s design, its manufacturing system, and reviewed all its manuals in a very thorough evaluation. After poring over Scoda’s documentation, FAA accepted Super Petrel LS as a Special Light-Sport Aircraft. The airplane is friendly to its occupants offering a spacious cockpit with a nicely upholstered interior. It can carry two hand bags of approximately 50 pounds total.

Super Petrel LS enjoys a low operating cost. The aircraft uses the popular 100 horsepower Rotax 912ULS and also the new 912iS Sport with low fuel burn and reduced noise ... so operating on a lake surrounded by homeowners should cause no problems. Super Petrel LS has performance solidly in the LSA category with a climb rate of 1,000 fpm, a cruise speed of 100 knots, and a useful load of better than 550 pounds. Some of the design’s performance strengths come from watching its empty weight closely. Before fuel and occupants Super Petrel LS is just about 770 pounds; if you compare, you’ll see that is very low for an amphibious seaplane.

As seaplanes go, Super Petrel LS is a great performer at an exceptionally low price. Add that this is field-proven airplane with units operating around the world, and it’s little wonder the plane sells well.

Scoda (Edra) Aeronautica

Web Site:
Address: Estrada Estadual SP 191 - KM 87,5
City: Ipeuna, -- 13537-000 Brazil
Phone: (01155) 19-3576-1292
Fax: (01155) 19-3576-1392

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