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about the Sebring LSA Expo.
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World Aircraft Corporation

World Aircraft Company is Columbian design expertise joined to Canadian entrepreneurship based in Paris, Tennessee USA. Welcome to World Aircraft and a brand-new short takeoff and landing (STOL) Light-Sport Aircraft, the all-metal Spirit.

What sounds like a new company is only new in corporate organization. In fact, Eric Giles proved his manufacturing mettle by creating fully-built Special Light-Sport Aircraft under the name Skykits. He started in Canada but relocated to the rolling hills of Paris, Tennessee near the geographical center of America. Skykits took aircraft kits from ICP of Italy and completed them to ASTM standards. The company offered several variations on the STOL theme including the Savannah and Rampage and was successful enough to end up on the Top-20 list of LSA builders from a field of more than 80 manufacturers. Yet Eric had bigger ambitions.

Buying kits and assembling them is an honorable and useful function. Yet Skykits was motivated to do more and a new partnership was needed. Enter MIT aeronautical engineer Max Tedesco. "Spirit is the culmination of 45 years of aircraft design by Max," said Giles. Including Spirit, this accomplished designer shows wide versatility as we'll see.

"Spirit is fast, roomy, has a sumptuous interior, and carries a greater payload than any Light-Sport airplane on the market," observed World Aircraft Company or WAC. "While Spirit has a 260 foot takeoff, it is not an ugly box like some STOL airplanes. In fact, Spirit is a beautifully engineered masterpiece from its monoquoe fuselage to its unique, truly original, non-NACA wing." Utility including comfortable seating and a spacious baggage area comes not at a high price. Spirit arrives on the market for less than $100,000 even with a worthy list of standard features. Get more info about Spirit at World Aircraft Co. If your budget is smaller and you're up for a bit of work, a kit is available for less than $40,000 with the 912 mount package but not including the engine, interior, or a few other essentials.

Yet that's still not all. In addition to Spirit, WAC has three other models in the works, all relying on the designs of Max Tedesco. These are not three variations on Spirit, but very different airplanes including a low wing called Freedom aimed at the SLSA market, a high wing police version, and an open cockpit, tandem (or three) seat, rear-engined pusher aircraft. WAC may be a new business name but the experience behind the fresh company is well seasoned, born of decades of experience. Click the logo below to see more about all the aircraft WAC offers.

World Aircraft Corporation

Web Site:
Address: 1401 Diggs Road
Henry County Airport
City: Paris, TN 38242 USA
Phone: (731) 642-1995
Fax: (731) 641-9921

  World Aircraft -- Vision LT (2013)
World Aircraft continues its pace of rapid development in concert with Columbian designer Max Tedesco. Company boss Eric Giles announced that all manufacturing will now take place in Paris, Tennessee, and that includes their newest Vision LT. The LT model focuses on keeping the cost remarkably low, only $85,000 for a quite well equipped Light-Sport Aircraft. We speak with Dan Miller, rep' for World at Sebring 2013.
  World Aircraft -- Sentinel (Law Enforcement NEOS)
Law Enforcement and Light-Sport Aircraft. Sound dull? Sound like somebody else may be interested but not you? I understand. But UltralightNews and I came across a fascinating aerial observation system that is inexpensive and can easily be handled by LSA. Those two factors make for a compelling reason to check out this video. Plus the capabilities of the system, employing computer technology, is quite amazing.

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  World Aircraft Co -- Spirit
A new SLSA debuted at AirVenture 2011. Welcome to the World Aircraft Company Spirit, a product from a collaboration between Skykits manufacturer Eric Giles and longtime designer Max Tedesco. Giles is a Canadian now located in Paris, Tennessee and he's partnered with a Columbian engineer. Spirit is their first offering; it will be built in the U.S.
  SPLOG Oshkosh 2013 Elements, Part 3: Slide-Out Panel, 09/03/2013
SPLOG begins: Elements are basic components of nature. As in our first two parts, I see Oshkosh Elements as worthy ideas other than airframes or engines. One such is World Aircraft Company 's roller-bearing pull-out drawer instrument panel. Now, if you are like me
  SPLOG Pre-Sebring 2013 LSA News Wrap, 01/16/2013
SPLOG begins: Patty Wagstaff and LSA? This week brings the start of the Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo and excitement is high. Following are some news items to those who follow this event and the light, recreational aircraft space. On Friday, January 18th, Sebring
  SPLOG LSA & Lightplane Highlights at Oshkosh 2012, 08/06/2012
SPLOG begins: In the near future, we'll present fuller stories of some of the following short bits from Oshkosh 2012. With UltralightMews, we shot videos on most of the following, too, so watch for those as we can post them. Enjoy! CESSNA & PRIMARY CATEGORY Early on
  SPLOG World Aircraft Company Spirit Notches SLSA #120, 07/22/2011
SPLOG begins: Way over in Paris a new airplane has arrived just as large numbers of pilots head to Oshkosh for AirVenture. Only this Paris is in Tennessee as reviewed earlier . SLSA #120 Spirit comes from a new company but one whose leader earned his SLSA pedigree


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  SPLOG LSA Highlights from Sun 'n Fun 2012, 04/04/2012
SPLOG begins: Whew! It's over. Man, Sun 'n Fun can be the busiest six days of one's life... well, at least until the next one. In this survey article, I want to skim the very top of what I found interesting at the recently concluded show. Each highlight will get fuller

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