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U-Fly-It (Aerolite 103)

Aerolite 103 is a remarkably well priced (way below $20,000), well-equipped, Part 103 ultralight that flies beautifully. Several hundred are airborne and production has never been more solid. Here is an airplane every pilot can love and afford.

Since 1982 FAA’s Part 103 for “ultralight vehicles” has been one of the most intriguing sections in the lengthy Federal Aviation Regulations. Why? Because you can fly one of these aircraft without a pilot license (though all sellers will require training or proof of skills), without FAA registration to obtain an N-number (none need be displayed), and the pilot requires no medical. It is one of the ways to fly an aircraft in America — and some other countries like Germany*, under similar rules — with hardly any interference from authorities. No wonder it has remained popular for more than three decades. The entire regulation for Part 103 can be printed on the front and back of a single page of paper. Remarkable!

* U-Fly-It's European dealer is Vierwerk.

You can also buy an ultralight vehicle ready-to-fly ... and that brings us to U-Fly-It’s terrific Aerolite 103. By any measure this is a singular aircraft (oops, FAA calls them a “vehicle” because they do not have to meet the hundreds of pages of regulation that apply to certified aircraft). Deland, Florida producer U-Fly-It offers a ready to fly Aerolite 103 for the modest sum of just $15,900. Yes, that surprisingly low price is good right now, and yes, the company can earn a profit on that so you know they can stay in business to serve your needs in the future. If you prefer an aircraft with an electric start option, Aerolite is available with the Hirth F-33 for just $16,700. No, those figures are not typos!

So, surely that means you get some super stripped-down aircraft with no features, both to save money and to stay within FAR Part 103’s demanding weight and flight envelope parameters ... right? Wrong! Aerolite 103 is surprisingly well equipped: Flaps, trim, conventional three-axis control with a yoke and rudder pedals, windscreen and nose fairing, steerable nose wheel with sturdy shock-absorbing main gear, four-point seat belts, 5-gallon aluminum fuel tank, Azusa brakes, fully anodized aluminum airframe and all basic instruments including airspeed, altimeter, slip indicator, tachometer, exhaust gas, and cylinder head temperature gauges. And, if you want, you can add a whole-airplane parachute (which itself will allow a few more pounds for other accessories or perhaps a more powerful engine). Is this for real ... at these prices? YES!

Listen, modern airplanes have become quite expensive. They may have every bell and whistle but if you can’t afford it, what’s the benefit? However, Aerolite lacks for nothing to give you a good time in the air and it won’t break your budget. Plus it flies so nicely that the smile you’ll have after your first landing may last you the rest of your life. Wonderful!

U-Fly-It (Aerolite 103)

Web Site:
Address: 915 Biscayne Blvd., Hangar B
City: Deland, FL 32724 USA
Phone: (386) 738-4444
(740) 407-4491

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  U-Fly-It -- Aerolite 103 (2013)
For years Aerolite 103 has been a charmer of the Part 103 class of aircaft. Needing no pilot license, medical, N-numbers, and being able to buy it ready to fly are desirable qualities. To this, Aerolite 103 adds great flying characteristics, features you might not think can be included to an aircraft that cannot weigh more than 254 pounds empty. Topping off this terrific package is a price tag of less than $20,000, ready-to-fly with electric starting, a an airfame parachute, and more. Whew ... that's a great value!
  U-Fly-It -- Aerolite 103 (2011)
Terry Raber has returned with his charming Aerolite 103. He left the business for a time and another man tried to replicate the creation. Now, Terry is back under his Streamline (as in add-on strut fairing) brand. Aerolite 103 is a remarkably well-equipped genuine Part 103 ultralight vehicle that you can buy and fly for about $15,000 though you'll want to get up-to-date information.
  $8.95 Aero-Lite 103 (1997)
"Aero-lite 103" by Dan Johnson. Published in Light Sport and Ultralight Flying, November, 1997.
Pilot Report begins: [UPDATE spring 2014] -- The Aerolite 103 is now manufacturered in Deland, Florida by U-Fly-It , the contact info for which is located at the end of this article. In addition, a new company is representing the product in Europe under the name Vierwerk . The design appears to be enjoying great interest and support at this time. [UPDATE summer 2011] -- Aero-Works, the company referred to in this article written in 1997, left the business several years ago. During its absence a different producer, Wings
  SPLOG World Ultralight Fly-In 2016; Hundreds Will Fly, 09/20/2016
SPLOG begins: "A Thousand Ultralight Pilots Sharing the Sky" the tagline used by the Dayton Ultralights group again sponsoring the World Ultralight Fly-In . However, what it is NOT is a fly- IN . The truth is that "sub-87" aircraft, as the segment is often called,
  SPLOG Aerolite 120 Launches in Britain and Ireland, 11/19/2015
SPLOG begins: Aerolite 103 from U-Fly-It has been on a tear for the last couple years, producing at capacity and stretching to produce even more for 2016. Some of those very attractively priced aircraft — way under $20,000 ready-to-fly! ... take that , sluggish
  SPLOG Sun 'n Fun 2015: Part 103 Ultralights Are Hot!, 04/27/2015
SPLOG begins: Part 103 ultralight activity was not the news I expected to report from Sun 'n Fun 2015, certainly not as my first report. After an intense week shooting video interviews at Sun 'n Fun 2015, I am impressed to report that Part 103 is much more than alive
  SPLOG Is a Four Stroke Part 103 Airplane Possible?, 12/31/2014
SPLOG begins: Some people have long believed that Part 103-legal weight shift trikes or single place powered parachutes may be possible but I've often heard the pronouncement, "You cannot make a legal three axis Part 103 airplane." I wonder if those folks are ready
  SPLOG Light Is Right In the Eyes of FAA and World CAAs, 09/15/2014
SPLOG begins: Evidently, a magic number exists to authorities in various civil aviation agencies around the developed world. That magic number — more correctly a range — is 115 to 120 kilograms, or 253 to 264 pounds. FAA led this charge way back in 1982
  SPLOG Surprise Star of the Show at Aero?, 04/12/2014
SPLOG begins: It depended on whom you asked. As in the United States some were skeptical at Aero. "Oh, this will go nowhere." "No one is interested" "We tried this and it didn't work." Maybe these naysayers are right, but the activity at one booth (or "stand" as they
  SPLOG March 2013 LSA News Wrap, 03/11/2013
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  SPLOG LSA & Lightplane Highlights at Oshkosh 2012, 08/06/2012
SPLOG begins: In the near future, we'll present fuller stories of some of the following short bits from Oshkosh 2012. With UltralightMews, we shot videos on most of the following, too, so watch for those as we can post them. Enjoy! CESSNA & PRIMARY CATEGORY Early on
  SPLOG Best Bargain in a Ready-to-Fly Airplane?, 08/12/2011
SPLOG begins: Many pilots speak of airplanes they cannot afford. Indeed, $150,000 Light-Sport Aircraft are priced beyond common budgets. One way to solve this is through a partnership or fractional ownership... and I will be writing about partnerships later this year.


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