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Evolution Trikes

Evolution Trikes developed and continues to refine their Revo, an absolutely magnificent weight shift control aircraft (or trike). Rev is their new very affordable single place machine.

If you have checked out trikes, also called weight shift control aircraft (FAA's preferred term for the type) you may already understand the joy of highly simplified control input and great portability at less cost than fixed wing models. However, even pilots who presently like trikes may not have considered the stunning entry from Evolution Trikes. If you have any interest in trikes, Revo is definitely one you must examine closely to fully appreciate the depth of innovation it represents. In every detail of its construction, Revo is highly impressive. And it starts at well under $70,000 ... a lot of aircraft for that price.

See is believing. Revo is a ground-up fresh design that Evolution has refined to the highest degree among all weight shift control aircraft, worldwide. Read from the articles below to begin to appreciate the technical achievement of Evolution Trike guru and pilot extraordinaire, Larry Mednick. Their central Florida company, located at Zephyr Hills airport not far from Tampa, has been a solid player in the LSA world. An all-American design and production, Evolution Trikes can provide U.S.-based customer service that import trike suppliers can never match.

Rev is a single place machine and it boasts a starting price well below $20,000 ... but don't let the low price fool you. While no trike is more deluxe than the two-seat Revo, Rev is clearly of the same heritage with many nice refinements and a whole list of special, distinguishing features. Articles and two videos below tell some of the story but you'll want to contact Evolution to hear it all and get the latest updates.

Revo and Rev are easily the most evolved creations in the weight shift world, and that's saying a lot as some other machines have worked hard to be impressive. However, if you take the close look either machine invites, you should discover the incredibly detailed thinking that went into these best-of-breed flying machines.

Evolution Trikes

Web Site:
Address: 39440 South Avenue
City: Zephyrhills, FL 33542 USA
Phone: (813) 786-8290
(813) 810-9262

Links to Aircraft and Articles

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  Evolution Trikes -- Rev 2 of 2 (2015)
If you saw Part 1 on the Evolution Trikes Rev, you saw it assembled from trailer form to flight form in a few minutes. In this video, main developer Larry Mednick tells us more about his slick new single seater that sells for a mere $17,900 (base price, though many options can be added). Rev can make Part 103 in its basic form when equipped with a parachute, which it was. Get the whole scoop here.
  Evolution Trikes -- Rev 1 of 2 (2015)
The people behind the very impressive two seat deluxe trike called Revo introduced their first single seater called Rev. In this video, the first of a two part effort, we see developer Larry Mednick and his father Phil assemble the airplane from trailerable form to ready to fly in a claimed six minutes; you can watch and time for your self to see how transformative this is. Then see Part 2 for more details.
  SPLOG Is Rev for You? ...for Less Than $18,000?, 05/06/2015
SPLOG begins: UPDATE 5/10/15 – Rev Videos — Shortly after the following article was written, we posted two videos about Evolution's new Rev. Part 1 shows you how fast the setup from trailer to flight goes and Part 2 gives more information, both featuring
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  Evolution Trikes -- Revo VPR (Part 2 - details)
In this somewhat shorter video, Part 2 of 2 for our Evolution Trikes Revo Video Pilot Report (VPR), Dan shows you many of the well-considered details for their most deluxe trike. Evolution also makes a far lower cost, simpler trike called Rev (video also available here on Besides Dan's comment we bring in developer Larry Mednick to explain Revo's very sophisticated in-flight pitch trim. We also review costs and various ways you can buy Revo. TRT: 16 minutes
  Evolution Trikes -- Revo VPR (Part 1 - in flight)
Come on along as we fly the most deluxe trike you can buy. This is the Evolution Trikes Revo and it is really something. Aloft with designer and trike pilot extraordinare, Larry Mednick, he offers instruction -- as we prefer so you experience what it might be like to fly an aircraft you may never have flown. "Trike" is a generic abbreviation for weight shift aircraft. This one is a Special LSA version and it can blaze along faster than 100 mph. Don't believe that? Join us as we prove the point. TRT: 29 minutes (Part 1 of 2)
  Women in Aviation -- Amy Saunders
Videoman Dave and I decided we need to do several videos in support of increasing the number of women involved with flying. Amy is a darn impressive pilot. Her background included fixed wings but she made the jump to trikes flying the spectacular Evolution Trikes Revo. Join us as we start to interview more women pilots. You'll find Amy a fun interview and she's got both the enthusiasm and knowledge to be the good pilot she is.
  Evolution Trikes -- Revo (2013)
We have looked at the Revo trike before and I've come to love this handsome hotrod weight shift LSA. Yet developer Larry Mednick keeps on changing this aircraft, so much so that we have to keep taking another look. At Sebring 2013, we spoke with Larry to hear about the newest refinements to this deluxe rig that may be the most evolved trike in the world (not to say some others aren't great, but few update and upgrade as often as Evolution).
  Evolution Trikes -- Revo
Among many of the world's deluxe trikes, Evolution Trikes' Revo rises to the top of the stack. The all-American-made hot rod is loaded with custom-designed features that should attract the closest examination. Revo also performs like a winner with blazing top speed yet reassuring landing approach speeds. The sophisticated carriage handles rough fields with ease.
  $8.95 Evolution Trikes Revo
"All-American Revo Sets New Standard" by Dan Johnson. Published in Light Sport and Ultralight Flying, June, 2010.
Pilot Report begins: Behold the Revo, a new benchmark in weight-shift trike design. Look carefully and you'll see the Revo is not like any weightshift light-sport aircraft you've seen before. The Revo had to surpass impressive work by larger, more established companies to leap to the forefront. Any way you look at it, the Revo is simply extraordinary. I've been lucky to fly many trikes over the years. Every few years, one of the leading producers would make a remarkable step forward in the design of these flying machines
  SPLOG VIDEO — Video Pilot Report: Evolution Revo, 01/06/2016
SPLOG begins: Sometimes I am pretty darn sure I may have the best job in the world, or at least one of the best jobs. Other times, it seems like work, as does any job. However, when it's good, it can be ecstatically great, no question about it. One time I know this
  SPLOG VPRs & More at Copperstate 2015 (Part 1), 11/04/2015
SPLOG begins: Updated 11/5/15 with video at end ... We went. We flew (and flew). We shot video ... lots of video. Videoman Dave's dual hand held cameras got a workout as did our six Garmin VIRB cameras . We did more of our popular interviews but we also captured multiple
  SPLOG DemoVenture 2015 — Flying at Oshkosh, 08/20/2015
SPLOG begins: Shows like Sebring and Midwest LSA Expo are known for being great places to demo fly a Light-Sport or light kit you may be considering to buy. They earned that reputation because it is typically much easier to fly at those lower-key, less crowded events
  SPLOG Fixed wing or Flexwing; Take Your Pick, 07/04/2011
SPLOG begins: I am only aware of one company* in the USA that offers you a choice of a conventional three-axis fixed wing or a weight-shift control (WSC) flexwing. Why do this? Simple. Not all pilots want the same kind of aircraft and some of us like both kinds of
  Sidebar The Evolution of Revolution, 06/01/2010  
  SPLOG Judging Winners Sun 'n Fun 2010, 05/10/2010
SPLOG begins: I once followed judging at shows like AirVenture and Sun 'n Fun. In fact, an aircraft I helped inspire -- a modernized primary glider called the SuperFloater -- won Outstanding New Design at Sun 'n Fun 1995. Judges closely examined homebuilts, kit or


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  SPLOG Sun 'n Fun 2015: Part 103 Ultralights Are Hot!, 04/27/2015
SPLOG begins: Part 103 ultralight activity was not the news I expected to report from Sun 'n Fun 2015, certainly not as my first report. After an intense week shooting video interviews at Sun 'n Fun 2015, I am impressed to report that Part 103 is much more than alive

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