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Next Sebring LSA Expo
January 24-27, 2018.

Join's team and other light and sport aircraft enthusiasts at Aero 2017 -- 5-8 April.
Sun 'n Fun is home to LSA Show Center hosted by LAMA. Come visit a new location in Paradise City -- and take a FREE RIDE directly to the LSA Mall, compliments of Rotax BRP
Next Sun 'n Fun
April 4 to April 9, 2017.

Next Midwest LSA Expo
2017 Dates: September 7-8-9

Second annual DeLand Showcase
2017 Dates: November 2-3-4
The Flying Musicians Association (FMA) provides entertainment to pilots at shows and scholarships to deserving recipients. They can use your support.
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Hansen Air Group

Hansen Air Group represents recognized brands in the LSA space: FK Lightplanes and their distinctive biplane Comet, FK9, and FK51 plus the great-flying Magnaghi Sky Arrow. Based in Atlanta, Georgia Hansen Air Group is an experienced player in the LSA space.

Not too many companies can represent more than one line of aircraft well. Yet Hansen Air Group has experience and very knowledgeable staff to do precisely that. Their two main brands, FK Lightplanes and Magnaghi, offer some top-notch Light-Sport Aircraft. Hansen also represents the Flaeming Peregrin.

FK-Lightplanes offers a surprisingly broad selection of aircraft. The Fk9 is their longest running success story with many hundreds flying and, like all their designs, steady evolution to a high state of refinement. Available in tricycle gear, taildragger, or on floats, the side-by-side seating Fk9 is a docile flying aircraft that works well as a trainer yet can satisfy the most demanding experienced pilot. Fk9's ingenious one-person folding-wing design lets the aircraft fit almost any hangar space with ease. Nearly 1,000 Fk9 models are flying in more than 20 countries.

Next from FK Lightplanes is the modern, fully-enclosed, folding-wing biplane called the FK12 Comet. Like Fk9, it is versatile with two tandem seats covered by a side-opening bubble canopy or dual summertime windscreens that allow open-air seats. Comet is a lively flying aircraft that comes standard with the Rotax 912 engine, but can also be fitted with the Lycoming O-233 that allows the strong design to be flown for aerobatics. Crisp, snappy handling makes such flying possible yet it is stable and secure for cross country flying.

FK Lightplanes seems never to rest and is now finalizing one of the most exciting models they have ever offered … the Fk51. This scale replica of the famous World War II American fighter is one of the most recognized aircraft in aviation and the version FK Lightplanes has prepared is exceptionally true to the original. Done with such exquisite design that even a P-51 expert can hardly tell the difference, the airplane nonetheless uses modern materials and is far easier (and more economical) to fly than the fighter version.

The Magnaghi Sky Arrow is a beautiful Italian design with a rich history. The tandem seating aircraft has won both Light-Sport Aircraft acceptance using ASTM standards and Part 23 approval. Sky Arrow has also been the popular choice of the highly respected Able Flight organization that has offered scholarships to many war veterans. The reason relates to the factory hand control option that allows disabled persons to learn to fly Sky Arrow. Flight characteristics are highly predictable and the airplane is often described as a joy to fly. Sky Arrow is now owned by Magnaghi Aeronautica, a large aerospace provider that assures the model will be available and well supported for a long time.

FK-Lightplanes and Magnaghi are fortunate to have the Atlanta, Georgia-based Hansen Air Group behind them. American buyers of any of these aircraft or the Flaeming Peregrin Hansen also represents can also buy more confidently knowing the Hansen team is ready to give them superior service.

Hansen Air Group

Web Site:
Address: Cobb County McCollum Airport (KRYY)
2600 Cessna Lane
City: Kennesaw, GA 30144 USA
Phone: (770) 427-6311
(619) 562-3086


Web Site:
Address: Trebacka 11
City: Korczyna, -- 38420 Poland
Phone: (011) 48-134-219-497
Fax: (011) 48-134-219-726

Magnaghi Aeronautica S.p.A.

Web Site:
Address: Via G. Ferraris, 76
City: Napoli, -- 80142 Italy
Phone: (01139) 81-597-7202
Fax: (01139) 81-597-7301

Links to Aircraft and Articles

FK12 Comet    Add to favorites list
  Lycoming -- Aerobatic O-233
In the works for many months, the Sebring 2013 event saw the finished installation of the Lycoming AEIO-233 aerobatic-capable powerplant installed on the nose of the FK12 Comet (which itself can handle up to 9 Gs of positive loading). Aerobatic legend Patty Wagstaff is considering doing a routine in a Light-Sport Aircraft and it could be this one after a period of suitable trials. Watch this video and learn more about the project.
  FK Lightplanes -- Fk12 Comet (mini review 09/11)
MINI REVIEW -- In what we expect to be the first of many more, we offer our first mini review of an aircraft. Longer reviews are available here on ...just click on the link above any video still image to see what content is available. Plus, we'll add more full-length video reports over time. Meanwhile, enjoy this short take on the much-admired Fk12 Comet biplane with aerobatic potential.
  FK Lightplanes -- FK12 Comet (08/11)
FK Lightplanes is known to Americans for its foldable high wing, the FK9. Now the German company and its importer Hansen Air Group is offering their unique folding biplane, the FK12 Comet. Popular in Europe for years, the FK12 offers aerobatic flying capability... but only after the Lycoming O-233 engine is installed. Catch the details on this video.
  Fk Lightplanes -- Fk12 Comet (01/11)
Germany's Fk Lightplanes is an unusually versatile supplier of Light-Sport Aircraft. This well established producer has a high wing (the Fk9), a low wing (the Fk14, with another one in development) and a biplane. The latter, called the Fk12 Comet is the focus of this video and the model has just landed on American shores. Get updated on the plans of importer Hansen Air Group as we speak with Mitch Hansen about a biplane available in various configurations.
  SPLOG Pre-Sebring 2013 LSA News Wrap, 01/16/2013
SPLOG begins: Patty Wagstaff and LSA? This week brings the start of the Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo and excitement is high. Following are some news items to those who follow this event and the light, recreational aircraft space. On Friday, January 18th, Sebring
  SPLOG Biplane Comet Hits 100 — Lycoming Coming, 03/06/2012
SPLOG begins: Fk Lightplanes in Germany celebrated the production of Number 100 of their fascinating model the Fk12 Comet . This snappy handling, steady flying, folding wing biplane has no competitors in the LSA space, even with 123 total models winning Special LSA
  SPLOG FK Lightplanes Earns SLSA #123: FK12 Comet, 10/29/2011
SPLOG begins: As they've done numerous times, Hansen Air Group — a team of dedicated pilots, nearly all of whom fly or formerly flew airliners for their day job — has helped shepherd another Light-Sport Aircraft through the ASTM standards process to get
FK9 B Mark IV    Add to favorites list
  FK Lightplanes -- Fk9 ELA
Germany's popular Fk9 from FK lightplanes is one of that country's most popular models, often flown in flight schools and by hundreds of recreational pilots. Around since the 1990s, the Fk9 has been continuously updated. In fact, this would be the Mark 5 version had not the company renamed it the Fk9 ELA, for European Light Aircaft. In the USA, FK Lightplanes is well represented by Hansen Air Group. Come on along as we look throughout this new version of a well proven light aircraft.
  5 LSA Brands -- High Wing Composite
At the Midwest LSA Expo 2010, we started something new using multiple aircraft and offering their differences and similarities. Here we look at five composite high wing LSA: Sirius TL-3000; Jabiru J-230; CTLS; FK-9 Mark IV; and Navigator 600. If you're in the market for a high wing, this video may help show your choices and help you make a purchase decision.
  $4.95 Fk9 B Mark IV
"FK Lightplanes' Feature-Laden Fk9 Mk IV" by Dan Johnson. Published in EAA Sport Pilot & Light Sport Aircraft Magazine, November, 2006.
Pilot Report begins: This airplane began life under B&F Technik Vertriebs GmbH, a name derived from partners Dirk Breitkreuz and Peter Funk, who started the commercial enterprise. Now, Funk operates the company on his own and has adopted the worldlier and less cumbersome name Fk- Leichtflugzeuge, its English translation being Fk-Lightplanes. U.S. distributor Tony Anderson named his enterprise Fk-Lightplanes USA. Based in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Fk-Lightplanes USA calls North Perry Airport home. The Funk name is
  SPLOG Germany’s Top 10 Ultralights by Aerokurier, 09/26/2014
SPLOG begins: Much of what we hear and know about airplane populations is centered on America. Yet in the world of sport and recreational aviation, the rest of the world equates to at least a 1:1 relationship, that is, for every American aircraft flying, many experts
  SPLOG FK Lightplanes Opens Second Factory, 12/24/2009
SPLOG begins: Two decades of hard work, sharp design and marketing vision , and keeping a high bar for quality production recently brought FK Group , German makers of three European "ultralights", an award from Aerokurier magazine for best manufacturer . FK beat out
  SPLOG Triple Play: Fk Lightplanes Is High, Low, and Bipe, 10/18/2009
SPLOG begins: Light-Sport Aircraft are nothing if not diverse. We have all manner of aircraft on our SLSA List of 104 approved models. Germany's FK Lightplanes illustrates diversity through their trio of models: high wing Fk9 series ; biplane Fk-12; and low wing Fk14.
  SPLOG FK Lightplanes New Model; Offsetting Cirrus Stall, 04/04/2009
SPLOG begins: Most American pilots don't recognize the brand FK Lightplanes , though many do know of one of their models. Cirrus Design based their celebrated entry into Light-Sport Aircraft upon the Fk14 Polaris . This lovely low wing looks enough like a Cirrus that
  SPLOG Dealmaking and Consolidation? New LSA Directions?, 03/11/2009
SPLOG begins: What to the following events have in common? ...Sebring LSA Expo, Heart of Texas LSA Expo, Midwest LSA Expo, Sport Pilot Tour... Answer: All are focused marketing shows generating keenly interested crowds to examine Light-Sport Aircraft. When that happens,
FK14 Polaris    Add to favorites list
  $4.95 FK-14 Polaris
"FK Lightplanes FK-14" by Dan Johnson. Published in Kitplanes Magazine, March, 2003.
Pilot Report begins: Meet the top model from FK Lightplanes. The frenzy over the FAA's light-sport aircraft (LSA) and sport pilot proposal continues. Pilots from ultralight to general aviation are discussing it, and the new rule may be released soon, according to those aware of FAA deliberations. We may be about to witness the birth of a new aviation segment. But unlike its predecessors, this one may come with aircraft ready to meet the need. An interesting twist on this American story is that European designs may dominate
  SPLOG Aero 2011 Pre-Show Attention Getters, 04/13/2011
SPLOG begins: The major European Airshow, Aero, opened this morning with the usual unveiling of new designs but one aircraft appeared to be the center of attention. Peter Funk had an idea five years back but shelved it for other projects. Now the time is right for
  SPLOG Triple Play: Fk Lightplanes Is High, Low, and Bipe, 10/18/2009
SPLOG begins: Light-Sport Aircraft are nothing if not diverse. We have all manner of aircraft on our SLSA List of 104 approved models. Germany's FK Lightplanes illustrates diversity through their trio of models: high wing Fk9 series ; biplane Fk-12; and low wing Fk14.
  SPLOG Getting Ready for Sebring's LSA Expo #4, 10/19/2007
SPLOG begins: Over January 17-20, 2008 every significant company in Light-Sport Aircraft will be in Sebring, Florida. The Sebring Expo preludes with an ASTM meeting. During the event LAMA hosts its annual member meeting and dinner plus its board will meet. EAA will
  SPLOG LSA's Newest Entry...Cirrus Imports a Beauty, 07/23/2007
SPLOG begins: EAA AirVenture is full of surprises. We all knew about Cessna's confirmed LSA entry (though we had to travel to Oshkosh to see its new Skycatcher). Plenty of other surprises are expected. But one that caught almost everybody unawares was the Cirrus Design
Sky Arrow    Add to favorites list
  Magnaghi Aeronautica -- Sky Arrow (0712)
Sky Arrow, now available in blue and white (you hear the humor about "Any color you like..." on the video) from Magnaghi Aeronautica, the large Italian aerospace company that took over the Sky Arrow design and manufacturing after the previous company failed. This beautiful flying Light-Sport Aircraft was in limbo for a few years but Magnaghi rescued it. Sky Arrow has often been used for training disabled persons thanks to hand controls. Here what changed after Magnaghi took over.
  Magnaghi Aeronautica -- Sky Arrow (0912)
MIDWEST LSA EXPO 2012 -- One of our series of many short videos from the fall show, this one is the Sky Arrow. This Special LSA has been around for years but had a down period after the Italian manufacturer went out of business. It has since been acquired by a large Italian aerospace company -- Magnaghi Aeronautica -- and they are back in production with this smooth, great flying airplane. Here more on our short (3 min) video update.
  Magnaghi Aeronautica -- Sky Arrow (2009)
Sky Arrow was one of the early entrants to the Light-Sport Aircraft world. The Italian producer (abbreviated "triple I") ran into financial trouble, but thanks to steady importer Hansen Air Group, the all-composite Sky Arrow can still be obtained and service continues in the USA. While not as fast as some LSA, Sky Arrow still shows wonderful flying qualities.
  $8.95 Sky Arrow
"Sky Arrow Special Light-Sport Aircraft" by Dan Johnson. Published in Light Sport and Ultralight Flying, November, 2006.
Pilot Report begins: Ultralight pilots may not believe the Sky Arrow has achieved Part 23 certified status the same as a Cessna or Cirrus, but it has done precisely that. This sleek Italian tandem 2-seater earned European JAR/VLA certification and, after careful review, FAA gave its approval under international reciprocity agreements. That makes the Sky Arrow something like the RANS S-7, which won approval under FAA's last new certification program, Primary category. As a side note, the Kansas company also received its
  $4.95 Meteor Sky Arrow
"Shooting Across the Sky" by Dan Johnson. Published in EAA Sport Pilot & Light Sport Aircraft Magazine, June, 2004.
Pilot Report begins: Italy's Sky Arrow makes its mark in the United States Just as it is home to many fine sports cars, Italy is also home to some beautiful light aircraft-the Sky Arrow being one. The tandem two-seat airplane is designed and manufactured there by Iniziative Industriali Italiane S.p.A (III). Formerly known as Meteor, the company was started in 1947 and also manufactures gliders, airplanes, and remotely piloted vehicles. Pacific Aerosystem Inc., of San Diego, California, is the United States importer of
  SPLOG The Gigantic NBAA Show… and LSA?, 11/02/2012
SPLOG begins: Strolling around 1,073 exhibitors at the National Business Aircraft Association's show in the Orlando Convention Center is something like walking on another planet, at least for a recreational / Light-Sport Aircraft enthusiast. The displays, while not
  SPLOG LSA & Lightplane Highlights at Oshkosh 2012, 08/06/2012
SPLOG begins: In the near future, we'll present fuller stories of some of the following short bits from Oshkosh 2012. With UltralightMews, we shot videos on most of the following, too, so watch for those as we can post them. Enjoy! CESSNA & PRIMARY CATEGORY Early on
  SPLOG Able Flight Adds to Scholarships: L-S Repairman, 03/06/2010
SPLOG begins: How can you do good for aviation and for a fellow American who wants to fly but has challenges? One organization shows the way. By any measure, Able Flight is doing good by enlarging the number of folks who learn to fly. That they do one better by helping
  SPLOG Able Flight Doing Good Work: Brad's New Ticket, 07/16/2007
SPLOG begins: We all know aviation needs more young pilots. And who can't like an organization that helps people with disabilities. Put those points together you get a winning piece of news like 22-year old Brad Jones earning his Sport Pilot certificate in the Sky
  SPLOG Flying a Hand Control Sky Arrow at Spruce Creek, 02/08/2007
SPLOG begins: Maybe you've heard about Able Flight , an organization formed to assist people with disabilities to fly. This worthy effort recently awarded its first two scholarships with more to come. Sponsors are lining up and this summer will see a special presentation
  SPLOG Newest SLSA (#18) is Italy's Sky Arrow, 11/05/2005
SPLOG begins: The count of Special Light Sport Aircraft rose another notch, to 18 certified models, with the addition on November 4th of the Italian Sky Arrow design built by Iniziative Industriali Italiane, or simply 3I. Hansen Air Group boss, Jon Hansen -- well known
FK9 Mark III    Add to favorites list
  FK Lightplanes -- Fk9
The FK Lightplanes company has released its new Fk9 ELA that more closely meets U.S. LSA regulations but its Mark IV version of the Fk9 is one of Germany's most popular light aircraft. See it in this video atop straight Baumann floats made in Minnesota.
  $4.95 FK-9
"Fk-9 Mark III" by Dan Johnson. Published in General Aviation News Magazine, January, 1999.
Pilot Report begins: Sleek composite microlight performs like a GA aircraft In the Dec. 11 Flyer, I wrote about the Albatros, which I call a hybrid ultralight because it bridges older tube-and-rag ultralights and new all-composite models. This month we look at the German-built FK-9 from B&F Technik. A new breed with an interesting history, it too emerged from an earlier design. In fact, the FK-9 shown in photos that accompany this story is the glass-fiber Mark 3. Its predecessors, the Mark 1 and Mark 2, used fabric skins,
  SPLOG Aircraft Spruce, WideBody FK9, Icon in Tijuana, 09/05/2016
SPLOG begins: Article Updated 9/7/15 — See new information at the bottom of this article. Coming up TOMORROW! — September 8-9-10, 2016 — is the Midwest LSA Expo. I'm on-site for all three days in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. More info: Midwest LSA Expo .
  SPLOG Ultralight Adventures (and More) in Downtown Miami, 03/19/2007
SPLOG begins: More than a decade ago, Tony Anderson started teaching students how to fly on floats. Today, his family enterprise spreads across three aviation businesses. In a recent visit I was most impressed to witness what the Andersons have built. From their home
  SPLOG FK9 Now Imported with Folding, Shorter-Span Wings, 10/17/2006
SPLOG begins: The feature of folding wings is credited with the sale of many aircraft by brands such as Kitfox and Kolb (among numerous others). Promoting the Sport Pilot certificate, I've visited flight schools at busy airports where one of the obstacles to growth
  SPLOG Bright Yellow Fk9 Was a Hit at Sebring's Expo, 02/11/2006
SPLOG begins: He could see the benefit for his company's sales, so Fk Leichtflugzeuge -- or FK Lightplanes -- president Peter Funk came from Speyer, Germany to support his new American importer, Tony Anderson of Fk Lightplanes USA . Tony brought his family operation
  SPLOG FK9 Wins SLSA Certification, 11/22/2005
SPLOG begins: FK Lightplanes FK9 Mk IV becomes our 21st SLSA since April 15 (a rate of 3 per month!). A longtime ultralight enthusiast with a list of FAA ratings, importer Tony Anderson has moved fast since securing distribution of Germany's FK Lightplanes. Since my
  SPLOG Germany's FK Lightplanes Gains a U.S. Distributor, 11/20/2005
SPLOG begins: For years, FK Lightplanes has been a leading supplier in Europe. Designs are created by Otto and Peter Funk, the father and son team that introduced the FK9 Mark IV (all-round use and trainer design), the FK12 Comet (enclosed, folding biwing), and the
FK11    Add to favorites list
  $4.95 B&F Technik FK-11
"FK-11" by Dan Johnson. Published in Kitplanes Magazine, October, 2000.
Pilot Report begins: Let's check out the FK-11 ultralight. How would you like to own a Mercedes-brand ultralight? Today you can't, and maybe you will never be able to, but you may be able to purchase a slick little ultralight called the FK-11 that is well known to Mercedes. And if you want a Mercedes-powered ultralight today, one is being sold. This month's "Light Stuff" again ventures across the Atlantic to look at another fascinating aircraft coming from the European sport aircraft community. The pictures accompanying


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