Here is an early, quick look at Skytrek SLSA
by Triton... China's first FAA approval.
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X-Air brings a return to reasonably priced Light-Sport Aircraft, with a ready-to-fly flying machine you can purchase for a genuinely low price. No new arrival, X-Air has a rich history in light aviation.

Once upon a long time ago, X-Air was the Weedhopper, an early pioneer that saw immense success based on its absolute simplicity, and its low cost. Now only a distant relative to the ultralight, X-Air is more sophisticated and polished, but it retains both essential early qualities: elemental simplicity and a low price tag.

Starting as an American design today's X-Air was redesigned in France with a period of influence from Britain. Major components have long been produced in India by Raj Hamsa. After parts are shipped to Oregon, X-Air assembles the aircraft (about 60% of the task) giving the LS a "U.S. Built" definition. The circle is completed with American-led industry consensus rules used to certify to Special Light-Sport Aircraft.

Would you buy an airplane for a truly modest monthly payment? One of the most cost effective price tags in light-sport aviation puts X-Air's LS within reach of many budget-minded flyers and X-Air also can you finance the airplane for an affordable monthly expense. Put 20% down and with payments spread over 10 years, X-Air LS can be yours without biting you in the wallet. While some decry the high cost of Light-Sport Aircraft, X-Air is single-handedly brining down the sky-high figures. Plus, buyers get a design that has a track record measured in decades, albeit with steady innovation.

Fly X-Air's LS slowly (stall below 40 mph) or cruise 90 mph in a highly predictable aircraft. Keep it simple -- an iCom radio and electronic engine management system come standard -- or load it up with Garmin 496 and more to travel the country.


Web Site:
Address: 63326 Unit #3
Powell Butte Hwy
City: Bend, OR 97701 USA
Phone: (541) 388-5337
(859) 250-5240
Fax: (541) 388-8120

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  2 LSA Brands -- Very Low Cost
Price is important; no surprise. But you also want an aircraft that will deliver the enjoyment of flight. Lucky us; we have two models to show you that provide plenty of flying fun but do so at very modest cost. They're simpler, sure. But these airplanes cost today what we thought LSA were going to cost back in 2003... and that's pretty amazing. Come with us and take a look at the X-Air LS and the Rainbow Aircraft Cheetah.
  SPLOG Lower-Priced LSA Coming to Sun 'n Fun, 04/03/2010
SPLOG begins: After a tough winter in most parts of the USA, spring evidently arrived early with 80-degree temperatures as far north as Minnesota... all before Sun 'n Fun. More good news: After its coldest winter since the early 1980s Florida is extremely pleasant
  SPLOG X-Air Goes Factory Direct, 03/23/2010
SPLOG begins: Bend, Oregon's LSA builder X-Air , makers of the completely American-made X-Air LS - lowest-priced LSA out there at under $60,000 - is finding creative ways to keep the overhead low by selling the airplane directly out of its factory. *** The company
  SPLOG After Assessments, FAA Expresses Confidence in LSA, 02/22/2009
SPLOG begins: In FAA's official letter sent by John Colomy, Acting Manager of the Small Aircraft Directorate, the Federal Aviation Administration states, "The majority of facility assessments are now complete and the FAA is confident that LSA manufacturer's compliance
  SPLOG X-Air Captures SLSA (#78); A Low-Price Leader, 05/22/2008
SPLOG begins: Many pilots have complained about the high prices of Light-Sport Aircraft. Customers expected figures like $50,000 or $60,000 (and we had choices at that price in 2003). Now, double or more is common. Read why . But not always. X-Air LS comes in at a
  SPLOG Europe Takes a Major Step to Adopt ASTM Standards, 04/25/2008
SPLOG begins: If that headline didn't cause you to turn away in boredom, let me tell you why it's important: American producers of LSA could find a golden opportunity . Broader acceptance of ASTM standards is good for the global LSA producer community. But the main
  SPLOG High Priced Light-Sport Aircraft; What's Going On?, 03/15/2008
SPLOG begins: Lots of folks are wondering about, or complaining about, the seemingly high prices of Light-Sport Aircraft. Recently a prior editor-in-chief of EAA publications, Scott Spangler , wrote a blog on JetWhine . Scott focused on expensive avionics as one reason
  SPLOG X-Air's Return Brings Lowest-Cost SLSA, 02/11/2008
SPLOG begins: Upon seeing modern LSA, many aviators say, "Oh, these aren't 'those ultralights' at all." Truth be told, even those ultralights aren't ultralights any more. Today, a certified but ultralight-like aircraft will be either Special or Experimental LSA. ***
Xair H (LSA)    Add to favorites list
  $8.95 Randkar Xair H
"New Look for Xair Import; Xair H" by Dan Johnson. Published in Light Sport and Ultralight Flying, January, 2005.
Pilot Report begins: UPDATE 2008: The following article preceded the arrival of the X-Air LS offered by X-Air LSA , certified in 2008 as a Special Light-Sport Aircraft under ASTM standards. The article below appears unchanged from the original, but the airframe is essentially identical. So, while panel changes were made along with a few minor updates, flying qualities reported in the following article should largely match that of the new LSA version. It was Tax Day, April 15, and I prepared to fly an Xair H (N#929XH)
  SPLOG X-Air's Return Brings Lowest-Cost SLSA, 02/11/2008
SPLOG begins: Upon seeing modern LSA, many aviators say, "Oh, these aren't 'those ultralights' at all." Truth be told, even those ultralights aren't ultralights any more. Today, a certified but ultralight-like aircraft will be either Special or Experimental LSA. ***


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