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Next Sebring LSA Expo
January 24-27, 2018.

Join's team and other light and sport aircraft enthusiasts at Aero 2017 -- 5-8 April.
Sun 'n Fun is home to LSA Show Center hosted by LAMA. Come visit a new location in Paradise City -- and take a FREE RIDE directly to the LSA Mall, compliments of Rotax BRP
Next Sun 'n Fun
April 4 to April 9, 2017.

Next Midwest LSA Expo
2017 Dates: September 7-8-9

Second annual DeLand Showcase
2017 Dates: November 2-3-4
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Sonex Aircraft LLC

Sonex Aircraft is one of aviation's best-known brands offering exciting performance, easy building, prices to match the budgets of most pilots, and you will do business with some fine people. Taking years of success to new heights, Sonex debuted the "B" models with numerous upgrades.

Price isn't everything. Most pilots know this. Yet every pilot, no matter how wealthy, keeps a focus on cost. A complete Sonex airframe kits is priced at $23,000. Even a quick-build B-Model kit sells for $30,900. That's less than average price for a new car these days. OK, so it's modestly priced. What do you get for the money?

Why are the B-models a move forward in the Sonex universe? They have more... room and comfort (Bs are wider and the seat is further aft); panel space (more room for big screens); fuel (now 20 gallons usable, up from 16); engine choices (a new Universal Cowl fits many popular engine options including AeroVee or turbo, Jabiru 3300, UL Power 350i, and Rotax 9-series) and Sonex provides engine mounts for all of those engine options; and, standard features (too many to list but, for example, fully assembled wing spars and more laser-cut, formed and machined parts to reduce fabrication time). On the other hand, B-models have... less build time.

One thing does not change. Sonex B models have the same great flight characteristics the brand has long properly boasted. Specs remain strong: empty weight 620 lbs; range 687 miles; cruise speed at Sea Level 130 mph (with 80-hp AeroVee) or 135 mph (with 120-hp Jabiru 3300); cruise Speed at 8,000 ft 150 mph (AeroVee) or 170 mph (Jabiru). As you can see, Sonex Bs do very well measured speed per dollar, too.

Put it all together with the AeroVee engine and Sonex said you can get airborne for $36,000, barely over the average price of new car but you'll fly twice as fast as the car drives and you'll have have ten times the fun. Add more money and get a SubSonex jet for even more airborne joy. In fact, Sonex has a line of models to satisfy most pilot interests:

  • Sonex-B and Waiex-B (discussed above)
  • Onex: Single-place folding-wing sport aircraft with a base completion cost of $28,699
  • Xenos: 2-place motorglider
  • SubSonex Personal Jet
  • AeroConversions: AeroVee Engines, AeroInjector carbs, AeroBrake hydraulic brakes, Throttle Quadrants, Trim Systems and more!

Sonex Aircraft LLC

Web Site:
Address: 511 Aviation Way
City: Oshkosh, WI 549032521 USA
Phone: (920) 231-8297
Fax: (920) 426-8333

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  Sonex -- AeroVee engine and airframe models
Sonex is one the world's most successful kit aircraft producers and they do it all. Sonex makes several interesting airframes and we'll have a look at them. Yet first we'll have CEO Jeremy Monnett show us around their AeroVee engine. They sell kits, and the engine is also a kit, not that it takes too much time to assemble. Hear all Jeremy's advice about powerplants and airframes from the Oshkosh, Wisconsin company that does it all and very well.
  $4.95 Homebuilts Under $40,000
"Budget Builds (Low Cost Homebuilts)" by Dan Johnson. Published in Kitplanes Magazine, June, 2005.
Pilot Report begins: Yes! You can build and fly a "real" airplane for the cost of a new SUV. Contrary to popular opinion, airplanes don't have to be outrageously expensive-at least not all of them. The Sport Pilot/Light-Sport Aircraft initiative is one program that promises to lower the cost of ready-to-fly aircraft. But many of these Special LSAs and Experimental LSAs will be priced well more than $40,000 and can run upwards of $85,000. One way to get airborne for less than $40K is to choose an ultralight, powered parachute
  $4.95 Sonex Aircraft Waiex (04/05)
"Sonex Aircraft's Y-tailed Waiex" by Dan Johnson. Published in Kitplanes Magazine, April, 2005.
Pilot Report begins: Pedal to the Metal The Y-Tail Waiex combines unusual style with refreshing speed. The airlines may be suffering and Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) has yet to coalesce into a coherent industry segment, but Sonex Ltd. is having a fine run of business. During my visit on a beautiful fall day in Oshkosh, Sonex said it was ready to break ground on a new hangar, the third building of what has become the Sonex campus on Wittman Field. At press time, it was nearly complete. Sonex is clearly ready for LSA, but
  SPLOG Sonex B, Now Available In Red!, 12/13/2016
SPLOG begins: Pardon a little fun in the title. I recalled the line long ago attributed to Henry Ford, "You can have any color [Model T] you want as long as it's black." Sonex Aircraft had so regularly brought bright yellow airplanes to airshows, folks could be excused
  SPLOG Sonex Roars, Purrs, & Glides; Factory-Built Van's, 04/19/2013
SPLOG begins: Two key members of AKIA stopped by the LSA Mall at the new & improved Paradise City last week. AKIA ? The Aircraft Kit Industry Association is a new group formed in July last year seeking cooperation between kit aircraft builders. Leaders include Van's
  Sidebar Flying the Xenos, 04/01/2005
Sidebar begins: Author Murry Rozansky did a fine job of evaluating the Xenos but since I had the chance to go for a late-in-the-day flight with Jeremy Monnett, I wanted to add just a few words on the company's motorglider. The soaring pilot in me just had to see how


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Links to Articles

  SPLOG Day Two: LAMA Award and New Rotax Engine, 07/22/2015
SPLOG begins: Here is more news from AirVenture 2015, coming from Tuesday, Day Two. The Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association gave a press conference to a full house. LAMA enjoyed a terrific opening day in its mission of advocacy for Light-Sport, light kit, and
  SPLOG A Jet You Can Actually Afford!, 04/03/2015
SPLOG begins: Be honest with yourself. You always wanted to fly a jet, didn't you? Having your very own jet to rocket around the sky would be so cool, right? C'mon ... who wouldn't love that? The trouble is affording one of the darn things and then paying through the
  SPLOG First Wrap-Up of Sebring 2014; Aircraft Debuts, 01/21/2014
SPLOG begins: It was cool but abundant sunshine provided good conditions for an excellent event at the tenth Sebring . Morning winds died down and allowed plenty of demo flying opportunities and even for those who didn't go aloft, the Manufacturer's Showcase allowed
  SPLOG Single Place Onex — Inexpensive Aerial Fun, 08/31/2010
SPLOG begins: People tried to call it Oh-nex, but the giveaway is the single seat. I got it... One-ex. The clever name is adapted from the company name and one of its models, Sonex , and fits with the Waiex and Xenos. All are variations on a very successful theme (1,600
  SPLOG Oshkosh Day 5, 07/30/2010
SPLOG begins: The Sleeping Giant Wakes... Big news from China: IndUS Aviation threw a big lunch bash today at Oshkosh to break word of its exciting new program to shift production of all its Thorpedo LSA to China , as part of a unique collaboration with the country's
  SPLOG Oshkosh First Day, 07/26/2010
SPLOG begins: Oshkosh has been deluged with a record downpour the last few days, which complicated arrivals because of the soggified grass fields...where most of the planes park and campers do their camping thing. *** Many airplanes were turned away over the weekend
  SPLOG Electricity In The Air!, 06/09/2010
SPLOG begins: All-electric airplane fans, this'll stand your hair on end! Next month's 2010 EAA Airventure at Oshkosh, WI - easily the biggest air show in America every year - will feature activities focusing on the most exciting developments in electric flight all
  SPLOG Sonex Electric Airplane & ElectraFlyer Trike, 08/23/2007
SPLOG begins: Green Tech is hot in Silicon Valley. Electric power-augmented and flex-fuel cars are selling well. Why not alternative energy Light-Sport Aircraft? Two companies showed electric airplanes at AirVenture 2007. *** Sonex revealed their own green technologies

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