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January 24-27, 2018.

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2017 Dates: November 2-3-4
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North Wing Design

North Wing is America's leading manufacturer of weight shift LSA and Part 103 ultralight trikes. The company's wing designs are so good that most other trike manufacturers use them. Aircraft prices are highly affordable by all.

In the business for many years, North Wing and its principle designer Kamron Blevins has climbed up the ranks to be the top American builder of weight shift control Light-Sport Aircraft (casually known as "trikes" because of their three-wheeled undercarriage). North Wing and Kamron also build unpowered hang glider wings for those enthusiasts and because of this concentrated knowledge and experience, North Wing is widely accepted as the supplier many other trike builders use for wings above their carriages. It may be a niche within the LSA and ultralight industry, but it's one North Wing convincingly owns.

North Wing makes two lines of weight shift aircraft. One group fits the Light-Sport Aircraft ASTM standards. These are two models of the Scout XC using the four cylinder, four stroke Rotax 912 engine and two models of the Sport X2 powered by the 65-horse two stroke Rotax 582. In the Part 103 ultralight space North Wing has four models. The Maverick 2 Legend and the Maverick 2 RT are comfortable single seat cruisers while the new Solairus and established ATF (Air Time Fix) trikes are soaring machines intended for launch and then shutting down to catch thermals. All these aircraft are available in ready-to-fly form and run from less than $20,000 to a shade over $50,000. Those aircraft and prices make for some wonderful bargains in fully-assembled aircraft. The Part 103-legal versions required no pilot license, aviation medical, or FAA N-numbers. Sweet!

Yet, as the late-night TV ads boast, that's not all. North Wing also makes an entire line of delta wings and some fine-flying wings these are. Kamron Blevins started his career making hang glider wings and those pilots are very demanding of smooth surfaces with the least drag and the most precise handling to allow extended soaring flights. Kamron has steadily refined his art of sailmaking — and this form of highly exact sewing is most definitely an artform — such that the wings his company produces today are wonderful flying constructions. With all North Wing has to offer and highly affordable prices as well, you surely should check out this Northwestern U.S. company. Their website is loaded with information and we have several videos to tell you more.

North Wing Design

Web Site:
Address: 103 Gala Avenue
City: Chelan, WA 98816 USA
Phone: (509) 682-4359

  North Wing -- Heated Clothing
North Wing is widely known for its line of weight shift aircraft, or trikes, and for wings for trikes of many producers. Trikes being open cockpit aircraft, North Wing also has a line of battery-powered, heated clothing. Gloves, control bar mitts, and flight suits, all sure to keep you toasty warm even on cold days. How cool is that... er, how warm is that?

Links to Aircraft and Articles

Solairus    Add to favorites list
  North Wing -- Solairus (Mini Pilot Report)
Here's another in our growing series of mini pilot reports where you get some of the benefits of a full-length pilot report in a video format. This time it's the new Solairus from North Wing. Any weight shift enthusiast could love it but for those of us who enjoy soaring flight, here's a dream come true... even more so for those who don't live near mountains or an airpark where they can tow you aloft.
  North Wing -- Solairus (2012)
Here's the sharp new Solairus (yes, that's the right spelling) from North Wing, the premiere American producer of weight-shift trike ultralights and Light-Sport Aircraft. Solairus easily qualifies as a Part 103 ultralight vehicle meaning no license is needed. The fresh design is a departure from the usual trike and the one we examine is powered with a four stroke engine with electric starting. You'll want to watch the video to get all the details.
  SPLOG Canada’s First Electric-Powered Ultralight, 12/12/2012
SPLOG begins: From the land of sky-blue waters comes ... no, not a beverage but Canada's first electric ultralight. And sky-blue waters aren't the point; instead, it's all about blue skies and getting up to them for a bit of soaring fun. Thanks to my journalist friend
Scout XC    Add to favorites list
  North Wing -- Scout XC (2012)
North Wing builds, well... wings, as you might expect from their name. They do this for trikes, or weight shift aircraft, and for many producers of the carriage part of these aircraft as well as their own full aircraft. North Wing also builds hang gliders, which means just the wing, for those pilots. In this video we look at their Scout XC two seat model and visit with designer Kamron Blevins.
  SPLOG Torture Testing …Let Freedom Wing!, 08/25/2016
SPLOG begins: Most pilots never probably have witnessed the testing a wing endures before designers and regulators will sign off on it, signaling that it has been adequately stressed so that pilots can depend on it. I've had the chance to see several such tests and
Sport X2    Add to favorites list
  SPLOG Think All Trikes Are Foreign? Think Again!, 01/14/2009
SPLOG begins: Weight-shift control LSA, affectionately referred to as "trikes," are often made overseas. That's a bit weird as the concept originated in the USA and spread around the globe. Tens of thousands are flying, despite their relative rarity in America. So
Navajo    Add to favorites list
  $8.95 North Wing Navajo
"Co-Developing the Navajo Trike" by Dan Johnson. Published in Light Sport and Ultralight Flying, December, 2005.
Pilot Report begins: A couple of years ago, TC's Trikes owner TC Blyth and North Wing owner Kamron Blevins joined forces in a cooperative arrangement. TC's Trikes would buy wings from North Wing (rather than continue to make their own), and could better represent North Wing on the Eastern Seaboard. North Wing, headquartered in the northwestern state of Washington, is far from TC's Trikes' Tennessee home. It seemed a marriage of convenience and more. Blyth has been particularly active in training and introductory flight
Coyote    Add to favorites list
  $8.95 North Wing Coyote
"TC's Trikes and North Wing Team Up on Coyote" by Dan Johnson. Published in Light Sport and Ultralight Flying, April, 2005.
Pilot Report begins: Two years ago, I flew and reported on the only model TC's Trikes offered. Though their line had little depth, the Tennessee company built their own wing and chassis. Many trike chassis builders purchase wings from other sources, much like happens universally in powered parachutes. TC's Trikes did it all based particularly on their needs as an active flight school operation. In today's light aircraft world, a wider product line addresses more pilots, which makes a more viable business. Given the pace
Apache Sport    Add to favorites list
  $8.95 Apache Sport
"North Wing Prepares the Apache Sport" by Dan Johnson. Published in Light Sport and Ultralight Flying, September, 2003.
Pilot Report begins: Trike and trike wing manufacturer North Wing Design has debuted a new trike called the Apache Sport. Developed for the proposed Light-Sport Aircraft category, this new 2-seater can also be operated as an ultralight trainer qualifying under the training exemption to FAR Part 103. Barely a year after the new millennia dawned, North Wing Design introduced their first new 2-seat trike to the ultralight community – the original Apache. In the last year of the old century, the Washington-based company
  SPLOG Heart of Texas LSA Expo Judged a Success, 03/09/2009
SPLOG begins: Exhibitor Chris Regis of Paradise USA (representing the P-1) reported "good visitor traffic" and "excellent organization" from the people behind the Heart of Texas LSA Expo . The new event, held over March 8 & 9 is one of two planned shows following
Apache    Add to favorites list
  R Apache
"North Wing Design — Apache" by Dan Johnson.
Mini Report begins: Everybody knows that trikes are composed of a chassis and a wing. Many companies specialize in one or the other for good reason; the two manufacturing skills are quite different. For years North Wing Design owner, Kamron Blevins, has built the wings that lift many trikes. Now his Washington state based company does it all. A couple years ago the company introduced their Maverick trike, notable for its clean, simple, white chassis and unusually strut-braced delta wing. Later Blevins introduced his
  $8.95 North Wing Apache
"North Wing Design's Loaded Apache" by Dan Johnson. Published in Light Sport and Ultralight Flying, February, 2001.
Pilot Report begins: North Wing Design has a history that stretches back into the mid-1980s when 23-year-old owner Kamron Blevins started making hang glider wings. After gaining experience with other companies and dabbling with his own ideas along the way, Blevins started North Wing Design in 1996 to provide trike wings. His timing was good. After years of work to encourage Americans to consider trikes, various suppliers - many from Europe - were pleased to see their efforts pay off. Trike numbers began to increase about
Maverick    Add to favorites list
  North Wing -- Maverick (2012)
North Wing makes more trikes than you might think. We also have a video on the sweet little Solairus, a soaring trike. In this video we review the Maverick, a more deluxe single seater with a beefier engine from Kawasaki. Yet even with the additional features, Maverick still fits into Part 103 where no pilot license, airman's medical, or N-numbers are needed.
  $8.95 North Wing Maverick
"Maverick" by Dan Johnson. Published in Light Sport and Ultralight Flying, September, 1999.
Pilot Report begins: All right, what is this? A trike with no upper support? What does the designer think he's doing, trying to be some kind of maverick? Well, yeah! Kamron Blevins runs the show at North Wing Design. When I first met him, I'd call him a mere lad, except that makes me sound old. So, Kamron was a "young entrepreneur" from the Seattle area who made hang glider sails for a living. (His mom probably thought this sounded like as odd an occupation as you think it does.) Funny thing, though. The kid grew up,
  SPLOG Wings from the North Lift Many Trikes, 05/14/2015
SPLOG begins: I've been writing about very affordable aircraft • , specifically about Part 103 ultralight vehicles . I know some readers prefer speedier or fully enclosed aircraft. Those people are fortunate as many choices are available and, of course, I will


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Links to Articles

  SPLOG Torture Testing …Let Freedom Wing!, 08/25/2016
SPLOG begins: Most pilots never probably have witnessed the testing a wing endures before designers and regulators will sign off on it, signaling that it has been adequately stressed so that pilots can depend on it. I've had the chance to see several such tests and
  SPLOG Electric Trike Soars (Literally) into Record Book, 06/27/2014
SPLOG begins: On Saturday, June 21 with a good crowd watching, an electric-powered trike took off and climbed into the FAI record book, or will after the organization's normal process is followed. Let me state right up front that this story was recently released on
  SPLOG LSA Highlights from Sun 'n Fun 2012, 04/04/2012
SPLOG begins: Whew! It's over. Man, Sun 'n Fun can be the busiest six days of one's life... well, at least until the next one. In this survey article, I want to skim the very top of what I found interesting at the recently concluded show. Each highlight will get fuller

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