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Flight Design USA

Since the beginning of Light-Sport Aircraft, Flight Design USA has built the largest LSA network in the USA. Sales of the CT series of Light-Sport Aircraft make it the uncontested best selling aircraft in this segment. The CT leads its closest competitor by almost double and has logged more sales than a combination of other manufacturers combined. Clearly this company is doing things correctly and well.

One reason for the company's success is the growing list of outlets to obtain flight instruction, rental, and maintenance for your CT aircraft. While many other good Light-Sport Aircraft are for sale, none can yet match the local assistance available from Flight Design USA. The importer has outlets across the country and, while not covering every state in the union, you can usually find Flight Design-brand services within a reasonable flight length. Plus, the company is working to expand its service and instruction network.

The following list is presented solely for Flight Design and the company's line of aircraft as Flight Design USA helps to sponsor the FIRM List ByDanJohnson. Thanks significantly to this company's sponsorship, the full FIRM List shows all qualified LSA outlets in the USA. But if you are interested in the CT or if you are a CT owner, the list below may be all you need.

FI.R.M.  Make  Company  Location  Telephone  Website  Email
FI.     Flight Design   5500 Feet Flight Training   Des Moines, IA   (515) 240-7153  
FI.R.M.   Flight Design   Advanced Aircraft Services   Lititz, PA   (717) 818-9063  
FI.R.M.   Flight Design   Aero-Tech, Inc.   Lexington, KY   (859) 254-8906  
  M.   Flight Design   Airtime Aviation, Inc.   Tulsa, OK   (918) 625-5442  
  M.   Flight Design   Americana Aviation   Miami, FL   (305) 338-7979  
FI.R.M.   Flight Design   Chesapeake Aviation   Chesapeake, VA   (757) 488-4825  
FI.     Flight Design   Cloudchaser LLC   Wilson, NC   (252) 281-3600   None  
FI.R.    Flight Design   Copper City Aviation Services LLC   Bisbee, AZ   (520) 266-0515  
FI.R.    Flight Design   East Hill Flying Club   Ithaca, NY   (607) 257-1313  
FI.R.    Flight Design   Fergus Falls Flight Center   Fergus Falls, MN   (218) 739-3733   NONE  
  M.   Flight Design   Flight Design West   Las Vegas, NV   (888) 566-3686  
FI.R.    Flight Design   Fly It Rental Corp   South Woodstock, CT   (860) 963-0722  
FI.R.M.   Flight Design   Hillsdale Aero, Inc.   Hillsdale, MI   (517) 437-4755  
FI.R.    Flight Design   Iowa Flight Training   Cedar Rapids, IA   (319) 373-3971  
FI.R.    Flight Design   JNM, Inc   Pell City, AL   (205) 529-2494  
  M.   Flight Design   Lockwood Aviation   Sebring, FL   (863) 655-5100  
FI.R.M.   Flight Design   LSA New England   Hampton, NH   (603) 379-6849  
FI.     Flight Design   Mauldin Aviation   Estancia, NM   (505) 440-8481  
  M.   Flight Design   Mid Island Air Services, Inc.   Shirley, NY   (631) 588-5400  
FI.R.    Flight Design   Mint Air   Greenville, SC   (864) 631-1626  
FI.R.M.   Flight Design   NorCal-LSA   Red Bluff, CA   (530) 517-0215  
FI. M.   Flight Design   North Florida Flight Training   Jacksonville, FL   (904) 642-3912  
  M.   Flight Design   Northampton Aeronautics   Northampton, MA   (413) 584-7980  
FI.     Flight Design   Ocala Aviation Services, LLC   Ocala, FL   (352) 861-7484  
FI.R.    Flight Design   Palm Coast Aviation   Palm Coast, FL   (386) 437-3874  
FI.R.    Flight Design   Paragon Flight Training   Fort Myers, FL   (239) 274-3170  
FI.R.M.   Flight Design   Pilot's Choice Aviation, Inc   Georgetown, TX   (512) 869-1759  
FI.R.    Flight Design   Premier Flight Center, LLC   Hartford, CT   (860) 724-2245  
FI.R.M.   Flight Design   Stanton Sport Aviation   Stanton, MN   (507) 645-4030  
FI.R.M.   Flight Design   TDB Aviation   Olney, IL   (618) 393-2967  
  M.   Flight Design   Virginia Aviation   Lynchburg, VA   (434) 237-8438  
FI.R.M.   Flight Design   Zone Aviation. LLC   Elyria, OH   (440) 322-3692  


Thanks significantly to this company's sponsorship, the full FIRM List shows all qualified LSA outlets in the USA.

Flight Design USA

Web Site:
Address: 91 Route 169
P.0. Box 325
City: South Woodstock, CT 06267 USA
Phone: (860) 963-7272
Fax: (860) 963-7152