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BRP-Powertrain (Rotax Aircraft Engines)

If you know light sport aircraft (or ultralight aircraft or many homebuilt aircraft), you probably consider BRP's Rotax aircraft engines as one of the most secure and established brands in aviation. Outside of the recreational segment, the brand is still being discovered but that is changing fast as word spreads about Rotax’s modern-technology aircraft engines and its network of highly qualified independent service and repair centers. Each is qualified by BRP and receives regular and thorough training by their respective distributor.

The Rotax 912ULS engine uses just 83 cubic inches to provide the same power (100 hp) as the 200 cubic-inch Continental O-200 engine. Along with liquid cooling, smaller displacement and reduction gear box keep the engines physically smaller but the Rotax 9-series powerplants also weigh significantly less than other popular light aircraft engines.

← Seen at left is the new fuel-injected 912 iS engine debuted in 2012. Read more about this powerplant or you can watch this video. To the right you see the 115-hp turbo-charged 914 version. →

In 2011, BRP achieved two major benchmark accomplishments: (1) the sale of the 40,000th 9-series Rotax engine, meaning one of the four-stroke models: 80 hp 912UL, 100 hp 912ULS and 115 hp 914UL Turbo; and (2) the turbo Rotax 914UL engine celebrated its 15th anniversary. With more than 160,000 engines produced since 1973, BRP's Rotax aircraft engines reported that their line of four-stroke aviation engines has logged more than 24 million hours, according to Christian Mundigler, Manager, Rotax Aircraft Engines and Kart Business for BRP in Gunskirchen, Austria. Since its creation, BRP has produced more than seven million engines, including engines for all BRP products, for several OEMs in the motorcycle industry and for karts.

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP), a privately-held company, is a world leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of motorized recreational vehicles. Its portfolio of brands and products includes: Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft and boats, Evinrude and Johnson outboard engines, Can-Am all-terrain and side-by-side vehicles and roadsters, as well as Rotax engines. BRP products are distributed in more than 100 countries.

Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Lynx, Evinrude, Johnson, Can-Am, E-TEC, Rotax and the BRP logo are trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., or its affiliates. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

The following list is presented solely for Rotax Aircraft Engines as Rotax/BRP Powertrain helps to sponsor the FIRM List ByDanJohnson. Thanks significantly to this company's sponsorship, the full FIRM List provides additional outlets in the USA. But if you are searching for Rotax engine service outlets, the list below may be all you need.

FI.R.M.  Make  Company  Location  Telephone  Website  Email
  M.   Rotax BRP   A & P Mechanix   Lancaster, NY   (716) 537-9079  
  M.   Rotax BRP   AB Flight Training   Allentown, PA   (610) 762-9909  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Advanced Aircraft Services   Lititz, PA   (717) 818-9063  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Aero Paradise, LLC   Reedsburg, WI   (608) 768-5549  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Aerovations Unlimited LLC   Longmont, CO   (303) 587-0174  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Air West Aircraft Engines   San Carlos, CA   (650) 593-8403  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Aircore Aviation   Arlington, WA   (360) 815-2512  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Aircraft Service USA   Greenbrae, CA   (415) 717-7503  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Alpha One Flight Services   Plymouth, MA   (508) 747-1494  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Americana Aviation   Miami, FL   (305) 338-7979  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Authentic Sport Aviation LLC   Punta Gorda, FL   (239) 292-5947   None  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Aviation Charters Maintenance, LLC   Robbinsville, NJ   (609) 259-0700  
  M.   Rotax BRP   AvSport of Lock Haven   Lock Haven, PA   (570) 748-3725  
  M.   Rotax BRP   B & B Sport Aviation   Cambridge, MD   (410) 221-8017  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Born to Fly   Seguin, TX   (210) 831-7123  
  M.   Rotax BRP   California Power Systems (CPS)   Corona, CA   (800) 247-9653  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Chesapeake Aviation   Chesapeake, VA   (757) 488-4825  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Dragonfly Aviation Inc.   Santa Rosa, CA   (800) 677-9626  
  M.   Rotax BRP   East Troy Aviation, Inc.   East Troy , WI   (262) 642-5008  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Erie Airpark   Erie, IL   (309) 659-2721  
  M.   Rotax BRP   First Landings Aviation   Apopka, FL   (407) 886-7612  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Flight Line LSA, Inc.   Sneads Ferry, NC   (803) 312-4304  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Fly-UL   Wrightwood , CA   (661) 609-5576  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Foothill Flying Club & Aircraft Sales   Upland, CA   (909) 917-5851  
  M.   Rotax BRP   FOX Aerosport, Inc.   Erie, CO   (303) 828-1066  
  M.   Rotax BRP   General Aviation Company, Inc.   Fullerton, CA   (714) 526-6611  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Green Sky Adventures, Inc.   Hawthrone, FL   (888) 887-5625  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Guardian Aviation Services LLC   Siler City, NC   (919) 663-3503  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Hayes Aero, LLC   Ortonville, MI   (248) 462-9338  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Heavenbound Aviation   Johnstown, OH   (740) 967-7459  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Hillsdale Aero, Inc.   Hillsdale, MI   (517) 437-4755  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Lakeshore Aviation   Manitowoc, WI   (920) 682-0043  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Lane's Lebanon Air Service, Inc.   Lebanon, OH   (513) 932-8848      
  M.   Rotax BRP   Leading Edge Air Foils, Inc. (LEAF)   Lyons, WI   (800) 532-3462  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Light Sport Aero Worx   Willows, CA   (877) 572-9679  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Light Sport Repair Services, Inc.   Plymouth, IN   (574) 948-0065  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Lockwood Aviation   Sebring, FL   (863) 655-5100  
  M.   Rotax BRP   LSA Services, LLC   Elizabeth, IN   (502) 649-8627  
  M.   Rotax BRP   M & R Aircraft Maint. Consulting L.L.C   Peculiar, MO   (816) 779-5504   None  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Michigan Sport Pilot Repair   Midland, MI   (989) 513-3022  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Mid Island Air Services, Inc.   Shirley, NY   (631) 588-5400  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Mill Pond Aero   Trenton, NJ   (609) 267-3558  
  M.   Rotax BRP   MorrowAire Services L.L.C.   Liberty, MO   (816) 781-7159  
  M.   Rotax BRP   North East Sport Aviation, Inc.   Wurtsboro, NY   (201) 906-3656  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Northeast LSA   North Hampton, NH   (603) 397-0367  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Northwest Aviation Center   Arlington, WA   (360) 435-3337  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Piedmont Aerosports   Advance, NC   (336) 558-6800  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Pilot's Choice Aviation, Inc   Georgetown, TX   (512) 869-1759  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Prairie Sky Engine Service   Hutchinson, KS   (620) 664-8254  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Precision Windsports   Lynchburg, VA   (434) 851-6804  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Roger's LSA Service   Tucson, AZ   (520) 574-1080  
  M.   Rotax BRP   SALSA Aviation   Boerne , TX   (830) 981-2345  
  M.   Rotax BRP   San Diego Sport Flyers   El Cajon, CA   (619) 258-2190  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Sea and Sky, Inc.   Fort Walton Beach, FL   (850) 974-5483  
  M.   Rotax BRP   SkyView Aviation, LLC   Tracy, CA   (209) 830-7666  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Southern Maine Aviation   Sanford, ME   (207) 324-8919  
  M.   Rotax BRP   St. Charles Flying Service Inc.   St. Charles, MO   (800) 447-6066  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Superior Aviation, Inc.   Kingsford, MI   (800) 321-1271  
  M.   Rotax BRP   TDB Aviation   Olney, IL   (618) 393-2967  
  M.   Rotax BRP   The Ultralight Place   Kankakee, IL   (815) 529-3000  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Under His Wings   Richland, MI   (269) 760-5380  
  M.   Rotax BRP   US Aviation   Denton, TX   (940) 297-6446  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Valters Aviation   Lake Elmo, MN   (651) 777-1399  
  M.   Rotax BRP   VSA/Vector Sport Aviation   Fresno, CA   (559) 801-3273  
  M.   Rotax BRP   West Coast Sport Aircraft   Watsonville, CA   (831) 234-1049  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Wings Aviation Services   St. Paul, MN   (651) 227-8981  
  M.   Rotax BRP   Wolfcreek Aviation Services   Plant City, FL   (727) 452-5938    


Thanks significantly to this company's sponsorship, the full FIRM List shows all qualified LSA outlets in the USA.

BRP-Powertrain (Rotax Aircraft Engines)

Web Site:
Address: Welser Strasse 32
City: Gunskirchen, -- A-4623 Austria
Phone: (01143) 7246-6010
Fax: (01143) 7246-6370