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LSA Market Info

Market and Sales Information for LSA

Some of the most frequently read articles on relate to Light-Sport Aircraft market share information. This portion of the website was created to address requests from FAA, magazine and online writers, businessmen investigating market entry, analysts hired to help prepare business plans, and current owners or potential buyers of LSA.

We built "LSA Market Info" to gather all the market share reports appearing on plus selected business articles focused on the Light-Sport Aircraft industry.

For more information and to network with other LSA professionals Dan Johnson encourages all LSA businesses to join LAMA and ASTM. Collection of Market Info Articles
Newest Articles Are Presented at Top of List

Full year 2015 Light-Sport Market Share Report & Commentary -- April 21, 2016 -- Here is our full-year 2015 review of fleet SLSA market shares for the Top-20 producers plus information about the top performers for the year.

First half 2015 Light-Sport Market Share Report & Analysis -- September 9, 2015 -- Here is our mid-year 2015 look at fleet SLSA market shares for the Top-20 producers with information about the top performers so far in the year.

Revised: World Aviation Statistics with New Data -- June 1, 2015 -- This article updates the previous article from May 23, 2015 to reflect fresh date received. We recommend you first read the May 23 article and follow with this one.

Analyzing Statistics on Worldwide Aviation -- May 23, 2015 -- It is quite difficult to assess airplane fleets around the world as each country uses its own systems, some more reliable than others and some more easily comprehended. We recommend you also see the article above posted on June 1, 2015 as it further amplifies the message in this article.

2014 Light-Sport Market Share Report & Analysis -- March 22, 2015 -- We provide "fleet" SLSA market shares for the Top-20 plus a Calendar 2014 chart and discuss the full breadth of the Light-Sport Aircraft market in the USA and around the world.

Evaluating the Worldwide Impact of Sport Aircraft -- January 11, 2015 -- In this article, we look at the global impact Light-Sport Aircraft and other light aircraft types have had compared to traditional general aviation.

Germany's Top-10 Ultralights -- September 26, 2014 -- In this article, we present Germany's Top-10 Ultralights that are, for the most part, very similar to American Light-Sport Aircraft.

Forecast for the Second Decade of Light-Sport Aircraft Sales -- September 2, 2014 -- This article uses information from an AOPA eBrief survey to estimate potential aircraft sales for the period 2014 to 2024.

2013 Light-Sport Market Share Report & Analysis -- May 21, 2014 -- We provide SLSA market shares for all of 2013 and explain how our chart does not reflect the true size of the Light-Sport Aircraft market in the USA.

The "Real" LSA Market & Future Growth -- February 24, 2014 -- We attempt to demystify the greater Light-Sport Aircraft market and look into the promising future for LSA.

Update on the 2013 LSA Marketplace -- December 31, 2013 -- Nine months into 2013 finds the industry marking new sales with some slowed deliveries constraining FAA registrations ... yet 2014 and 2015 are looking better.

Why LSA Registrations are Down in 2013 -- October 15, 2013 -- The industry is recovering from the "Great Recession" but manufacturers are building more slowly after learning caution in the economic downturn.

Customer Survey Results -- September 16, 2013 -- Customers interested in Light-Sport Aircraft are surveyed on what qualities are most likely to cause them to purchase a LSA

Market Share Data through December 2012 -- February 8, 2013 -- Full Year 2011 Market Share Report including Second Calendar Year Report

Market Share Data through June 2012 -- September 5, 2012 -- First Half Year 2012 Market Share Report; Cessna and CubCrafters Continue to Shine

Internet Activity Suggests Business Is Up -- September 2, 2012 -- Internet Activity on Is Setting Records in 2012, Suggesting Global Aircraft Sales Activity Is Beginning to Strengthen

FAA's 20-Year Forecast; Focus on Light-Sport -- March 18, 2012 -- Examining FAA's Predictions as They Relate to Light-Sport Aircraft

Market Share Data through December 2011 -- February 8, 2012 -- Full Year 2011 Market Share Report including First Calendar Year Report

Market Share Data through September 2011 -- November 2, 2011 -- First Nine Months of 2011 Market Share Report; Cessna Leaps to Second Place

Market Share Data through June 2011 -- July 21, 2011 -- First Half Year 2011 Market Share Report; American Brands Are Rising

Market Share Data through December 2010 -- January 19, 2011 -- Irony in 2010 Market Share Report

Market Share Data through October 2010 -- November 20, 2010 -- Strong Survive, Even Thrive in Another Slow Year

Market Share Data through August 2010 -- September 6, 2010 -- New LSA Market Info; Here Come the Big Boys

Market Share Data through July 2010 -- August 18, 2010 -- LSA Sales Continue Slowly; Change Among Leaders

Market Share Data through May 2010 -- May 18, 2010 -- Challenging 2010 Reveals a Couple Surprises

FAA's 20-Year Forecast -- March 11, 2010 -- FAA Offers Their View for LSA (and GA) Growth

Comparing LSA to General Aviation -- February 27, 2010 -- Light-Sport Represents 20-25% of GA Piston Sales

Market Share Data through December 2009 -- January 17, 2010 -- Market Shares Through a Difficult 2009; Top Ten Brands for 2009

Market Share Data through August 2009 -- September 30, 2009 -- Market Shares Stay Steady in Tough Times; Some Up-and-Comers

LSA Avionics Market Presence -- June 6, 2009 -- First Estimate of Company Market Shares

Market Share Data through April 2009 -- May 12, 2009 -- Strong Survive Amid Down Economy

Avemco Offers "Favored Rates" for Selected SLSA -- May 8, 2009 -- Losses Improve; Avemco to Continue Insuring LSA

LSA Sales Success Continues at Sun 'n Fun 2009 -- April 29, 2009 -- Difficult Economy May Actually Be Helping

2009 Off to Surprisingly Fast Start -- January 29, 2009 -- Sebring LSA Expo (#5) Draws Good Crowds; Aircraft Sold

2008 Market Shares; Moving Forward Despite the Economy -- January 19, 2009 -- Market rankings for all of 2008.

FAA Keeps Assessing; LAMA Audit of 22 Producers -- December 18, 2008 -- Market Update; comparing 2007 to 2008

2008 In Review; a Look at the Year for LSA Sales -- December 12, 2008 -- Summing market share info through November 2008

Shifting LSA Market Share Positions in Tough 2008 -- September 30, 2008 -- Market share and registrations through August 2008

FAA Begins "Assessment" of LSA Industry -- September 16, 2008 -- FAA starts fact-finding tour of producers and importers

LSA Over the Years; Observing Trends -- August 27, 2008 -- Sales chart showing sales over a two and half year period

Strong Survive 2008; LSA Market Share Adjustments -- July 14, 2008 -- Market share and registrations through June 2008

LSA Industry's Fast Pace...Approaching Model #100 -- June 19, 2008 -- LSA share of overall airplane marketplace

Avemco Investigates LSA; Continues Insurance -- June 1, 2008 -- Insurance companies investigate LSA...list important qualities

Aircraft Sales through April '08 Reflect Economy -- May 14, 2008 -- Economy affects LSA sales; results through April 2008

Europe Takes a Major Step to Adopt ASTM Standards -- April 25, 2008 -- European Union moving toward acceptance of LSA

2008 LSA Sales Reflect a Stalling U.S. Economy -- March 24, 2008 -- Market share and registration results through February 2008

High Priced Light-Sport Aircraft; What's Going On? -- March 14, 2008 -- Explaining the causes of rising LSA prices

Year-End Market Shares; LSA Grows 98% in 2007 -- January 29, 2008 -- 2007 was a strong year of LSA registrations and deliveries

Last Look Before Year End; CubCrafters Rising -- December 13, 2007 -- Market share and registrations through November 2007

More than 1,000 SLSA Airplanes Registered with FAA -- November 7, 2007 -- Market share and registrations through October 2007

September Market Share Update: 1,192 Registered -- September 12, 2007 -- Market share through August 2007 including all LSA types

LSA Market Shares Stabilize But Change On Horizon -- August 9, 2007 -- Market share and registrations through July 2007

LSA Registrations Pass the 1,000 Mark! -- July 3, 2007 -- Market share and registrations through June 2007

Light-Sport FAA Registrations Continue to Rise -- May 21, 2007 -- Market share and registrations through April 2007

LSA Market Shares Based on FAA Registry -- April 10, 2007 -- First market share report, through March 2007

LSA Market Shares Based on FAA Registry -- November 18, 2006 -- First market share report, through September 2006




SilverLight Aviation created the first all-American gyroplane with modern sophistication and equipment, built by a proven expert. Gyroplanes like AR1 fly much like fixed wings but with real advantages.

Hansen Air Group represents recognized brands in the LSA
space: FK Lightplanes and their distinctive biplane Comet, FK9, and FK51 plus the great-flying Magnaghi Sky Arrow. Based in Atlanta, Georgia Hansen Air Group is an experienced player in the LSA space.
Multiple LSA

BRM Aero manufacturers the handsome Bristell all-metal SLSA. This highly evolved, next-generation Light-Sport was carefully engineered for luxury, comfort, excellent stability, and safety while being fun, fast, and easy to fly.

Sonex Aircraft is one of aviation's best-known brands offering exciting performance, easy building, prices to match the budgets of most pilots, and you will do business with some fine people. Taking years of success to new heights, Sonex debuted the "B" models with numerous upgrades.

Jabiru USA assembles the spacious and speedy J-230 with new, more attractive pricing making the model one of the best values in Light-Sport Aircraft.

The Shelbyville, Tennessee company also offers the Jabiru engine line with new 3310 and 2210 models in 2016.

J230-D & J170-D

SportairUSA imports the dashing and superbly-equipped StingSport S4 that has won a loyal following from American pilots. More recently, they introduced their TL-3000 high-wing LSA. SportairUSA is a full-line operation with maintenance and training, too.

Vickers Aircraft has created one of the most distinctive new LSA seaplanes yet to emerge. Powered by the 180-horsepower
Titan IO-340CC by Continental Motors, their Wave model is like no other seaplane ever introduced with multiple features to set it apart from the crowd.

Flight Design USA imports CT, the top selling Light-Sport Aircraft. CT is a 98% carbon fiber design
with superb performance, roomy cockpit, great useful load, and a parachute as standard equipment ... the market leader for 10 years!

Tecnam is the world's leading manufacturer of Light-Sport aircraft offering more models and variations than any other producer.

Besides the world's fastest-selling light twin and their new P2010 four seater, Tecnam offers these LSA: P-92 Eaglet, Astore, and P2008.

Many Light-Sport Aircraft & General Aviation models

Bristell USA distributes the highly-refined Bristell aircraft in North America. The Czech-built aircraft is a 5th generation design with excellent performance, wonderful handling, and a most appealing shape. Other airplanes may look similar but Bristell has gone far beyond.

Just Aircraft has delivered more than 300 kit aircraft since 2002, but in 2012 they electrified pilots with the awesome performance of their all-new SuperSTOL. It may look extreme and performs extremely well, but it is truly docile and forgiving to fly.

North Wing is America's leading manufacturer of weight shift LSA and Part 103 ultralight trikes. The company's wing designs are so good that most other trike manufacturers use them. Aircraft prices are highly affordable by all.

Glasair Aviation became famous for their Glasair series. Today the Washington state company is focused on the newer Sportsman in several varieties and on Merlin LSA. Later in 2017, buyers can buy a Merlin in fully-ready-to-fly form from this much-admired company renown for its top-tier customer service.

Lockwood Aircraft is the builder of two of light aviation's best-recognized flying machines: AirCam and the Drifter line. Most sport aviators already know the Lockwood brand, a leader in Rotax maintenance and aircraft services.

X-Air brings a return to reasonably priced Light-Sport Aircraft, with a ready-to-fly flying machine you can purchase for a genuinely low price. No new arrival, X-Air has a rich history in light aviation.

Aerotrek Aircraft imports the A240 and A220 tricycle gear or taildragger Special Light-Sport Aircraft. A finely finished aircraft at an excellent price, Aerotrek has wide, affordable appeal.

Evektor is Number One and always will be. The Czech company's SportStar was the number one SLSA to win approval but engineers have steadily improved the model far beyond that 2005 version that started the race.

Progressive Aerodyne designed and supplies the SeaRey series, arguably the most celebrated of all light seaplanes in America. A close community of hundreds of owners offers camaraderie few other brands can match.

Triton America started with a familiar-looking LSA model and significantly improved it, making it stronger while preserving the well-regarded flight characteristics. Welcome to a newcomer with lots of experience and their new Skytrek.

Remos AG is the manufacturer of the next generation GXiS. This beautiful composite design built by German craftsmen offers excellent performance, light responsive handling, and a deluxe cockpit finish to please any aviator.

Arion Aircraft has designed and built one of the most beautiful low wing entries in the Special LSA and kit-built aircraft sector. The all-American designed and built aircraft is priced fairly and flies wonderfully ... need you search for more?

Super Petrel LS, manufactured by Scoda Aeronautica in Brazil and built by Super Petrel USA, a branch of the Brazilian company in Ormond Beach, Florida, is a unique and highly effective LSA seaplane. This biplane flying boat is well established with more than 20 years of history.

Aeromarine-LSA represents economical aircraft like Merlin PSA, fully enclosed and all-metal for less than $35,000; or Part 103 ultralights like Zigolo, a dual-purpose ultralight and motorglider with prices starting at only $12,000.

Evolution Trikes developed and continues to refine their Revo, an absolutely magnificent weight shift control aircraft (or trike). Rev is their new very affordable single place machine.

American Legend has been in the LSA space since the beginning, offering their iconic yellow taildragger. The Texas company offers a full line of LSA and kit-built aircraft including the 180-horsepower Super Legend HP.

BushCat is the distinctive Light-Sport Aircraft within reach of almost any budget. With a solid heritage BushCat by SkyReach is fun, capable, and available as a kit, fully-built SLSA or ELSA.

Murphy Aircraft offers a wide range of highly capable aircraft from the light biplane RENEGADE to their newest RADICAL with many variations in between. Years of design and manufacturing experience combine with modern computer-based tooling to make solid, well performing aircraft kits.

The Airplane Factory (TAF) produces the Sling series of world-circling aircraft (literally) and now this fine-flying, all-metal beauty is available in the United States as a Special Light-Sport Aircraft. Here is an LSA to follow.

Aero Adventure offers what is likely the lowest cost boat-hull seaplane in the light aircraft space with a kit that, complete with engine, sells for less than $50,000. Add a long history to its credit and Aventura is a seaplane worthy of a close look.

Aerolite 103 is a remarkably well priced (way below $20,000), well-equipped, Part 103 ultralight that flies beautifully. Several hundred are airborne and production has never been more solid. Here is an airplane every pilot can love and afford.

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